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Quality Drinking Water with Water Softener Technology

Hard Water is a common problem in every house when it comes to the quality of water. Furthermore, the hard water ruins the plastic buckets and steel appliances of the kitchen and leaves the layer of impurities produced by soap. At the same time, the hard water also affects the quality of your skin and hairs and makes them turn dry. Now, here the water softener for the overhead tank comes to your rescue.

More than 80% of the American household population uses hard water for their daily chores like bathing, washing, cleaning, and more. Now Installation of the water softeners avoids inevitable possible messes. It saves the time and effort that you could invest in cleaning the residues of the soap. Next, it also helps in preventing the replacement of the water heater that damages before time. Therefore, installing the water softeners saves you money, time, effort, prematurely, and unwanted damages.

What is Water Softener?

Water Softener is a water filtration system that removes minerals like magnesium and calcium from the water, making the water hard. This process is operated through the ion exchange. It targets the most common and severe problem of water that is the hardness of the water. However, the complex water treatment is essential as it decreases water pressure, the build-up of scales in pipes leads them to clog, etc. Hence, the scales formed will damage your appliances which include hot water appliances too. If the water temperature in the device is high, the magnesium and calcium will solidify to a greater extent and turn into solid particles inside the hot water appliance.

How Can The Water Softeners Use Be Beneficial?

At first, the hard water can lead to several problems. Now, the water softener can overcome those issues quickly. Thus, the use of a water softener becomes vital to avoid specific problems.

  • At some point, minerals like calcium and magnesium present in water are essential for human health. But a large proportion of minerals can shorten the lifespan of water heaters and faucets
  • With hard water, the dishes in the dishwasher will not be adequately cleaned and leave behind stained dishes
  • Next, if you are using hard water, then washing clothes will need more detergent to avoid the filthy look of clothes
  • Now, hard water is also bad for your skin and hair’s beauty. The bath with hard water will leave your hairs sticky and dull. Simultaneously, it also leaves your skin feel itchy and dry
  • Hard water can also spoil your shower curtain with the build-up of filmy scums. Also, your shampoo and soap will not lather enough
  • Also, the unnecessary build-up of hard particles and reduces take time and effort in cleaning. Therefore, the water Purifier can easily tackle such daily life issues you face due to hard water.

Components of the Water Softener:

  • Mineral Tank: Mineral tank is a chamber in a water softener where hard water is treated and softened. The water from the water supply line feeds the hard water into the water tank. Next, the water passes using layers of resin beads. This leaves behind the deposits of magnesium and calcium. The water then exits the tank and passes through the pipe, and reaches your appliances when needed
  • Control Valve: The next component of a water softener is the control valve or head valve. It sits on the top of the resin bank. Next, it measures the quantity of water that is passing using the mineral tank. The control valve comprises a meter that tracks the amount of water that enters the mineral tank. Control Valve is considered as the brain of every water softener that regulates the entire water softener system
  • Brine Tank: Brine Tank is a plastic tank that comprises brine saturated with potassium or salt. The brine tank is maintained and filled with salt or sodium. Thus, small concentrations of sodium are carried into the drinking water during the process of regeneration
  • Riser Tube: Riser tube is a distribution tube located in the center of the resin tank. It also directs water out of the resin tank towards the head valve. 

Specific issues that Water Softener cannot fix:

Water Softeners can remove the minerals like calcium and minerals but are not effective in eliminating other gases or minerals that can make drinking water unfit for drinking. A mineral like ferrous iron is found in water and is quite rusty. It spoils tubs, toilets, and sinks. At times you can experience the rotten egg type of slight smell. Thus, the scent containing hydrogen sulfide gas is dissolved in it, and the water softener cannot remove this smell. Hence, you will need an advanced water treatment system for eliminating minerals that water softener cannot do.

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