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Most Effective Method of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error 

QuickBooks Desktop frequently experiences errors that can undoubtedly be fixed by restoring the backup; however, imagine a scenario in which you experience a blunder while restoring the backup file. This article will examine one such error that makes QuickBooks show an Error: Failed or QuickBooks Restore backup failed error while restoring the backup of the QuickBooks information record. Fixing failed errors can show up with various error messages in QuickBooks. Multiple reasons trigger this sort of error; further, in this article, we have talked about each reason that triggers this error in QuickBooks alongside some simple advances that you can take to determine the restore failed error. Follow the total article for itemized data. 

What does the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error mean?

Restoring a failed bug happens when a client attempts to restore the backup of a QuickBooks company file. The error shows four distinctive bug messages to the client. 

Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File

Error: Failed

Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove the log file

This file is set to read-only. Try again with a different name

You may likewise get the error message showing the name of the record that you are attempting to restore with .qbw extensions. Various reasons that cause the restore failed error are recorded underneath in subtleties. 

What Cause QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

  • QuickBooks doesn’t permit uncommon characters to be in the company file name, and on the off chance that your company file has any unmistakable person, it will trigger the restore of the backup failed bug. 
  • You may experience the error on the off chance that you attempt to save the restore record over a company file that, as of now, exists in QuickBooks. 
  • On the off chance that you are attempting to restore the backup of QuickBooks information from a USB drive to an organization drive. ( In such conditions, Error 6189, 816 is shown to the client) 
  • When you attempt to restore the backup made by a fresher form of QuickBooks into a more seasoned variant, on the off chance that you have made the backup document utilizing QuickBooks 2017, then you can restore it in 2017 or later form of QuickBooks. 
  • On the off chance that the backup document you are attempting to restore is under 6000 KB. (QuickBooks backup records are in every case more than 6MB in size, and most presumably, the document you are attempting to restore is certifiably not a genuine backup record) 
  • There is the harm in the company file that you are attempting to restore. 
  • The QuickBooks company file that you are attempting to restore is a perused just record. 

Step to Resolve QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

We propose you follow each investigating step in the provided request for a speedy goal of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error. 

Stage 1: Renaming QuickBooks Company file

  • Open Windows File Manager and find the organization record that you will discover in C:\ Users\ Public\ Documents\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\ envelope with .qbb expansion. 
  • Right-click the record and select Rename. 
  • Eliminate any unique characters from the record name like %#@!^&*()_+ and save the document. 

Stage 2: Save the backup document without supplanting the current company file

While saving the document on the off chance that you see a message, The record name exists. Might you want to Overwrite this file? Then, hit No and save the document with an alternate name at a similar area. 

Stage 3: Verify the form of your QuickBooks Desktop application 

Make a point to utilize a refreshed state of QuickBooks Desktop to make the backup record. For instance, the backup history that you have made in the 2019 variant of QuickBooks can’t be restored in QuickBooks 2018. 

Stage 4: Move the Company File to the Local Storage of the Computer 

Your company file is put away on an organization drive or an outside stockpiling gadget on the off chance that you have. Then, at that point, duplicate the organization record to the nearby stockpiling of your PC and have a go at restoring it in QuickBooks from this new area. 

Stage 5: Repair the harmed Company Data File 

For itemized directions on the most proficient method to fix harm in QuickBooks Company File, follow the investigating Step 1 Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor from our article on QuickBooks Error 6175. 

Stage 6: Create a New Folder to Save the Backup of the Company File 

  • Make another organizer and duplicate the company file in it. 
  • Take a stab at restoring the company file from this new envelope, as though the blunder is emerging as a direct result of a harmed organizer; then, it will be fixed by following this progression. 
  • Right-click the backup record and select Properties. If you see the record size is under 6MB, erase the document and make another backup record. 

Stage 7: Change the Properties of the backup record 

  • On the off chance that you are getting a blunder that says the record is a Read-just document while restoring the backup, then, at that point, right-click the document and select Properties. 
  • Unmark the Read-just checkbox from the lower part of the Properties window. 
  • Click Apply and afterward OK. 

In shorts

Ideally, the means referenced in the article will assist you with restoring the backup of your company file. We comprehend that QuickBooks is generally utilized by business persons and not by Windows professionals, and it may very well be hard for you to follow all the investigating steps. If you still face the problem, you can contact our support system. 

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