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6 Features You Should Look for In a Screenwriting Software

Software specialized for writing scripts for movies and screenplay for TV series are referred to as screenwriting software. These facilitate the creative process of writing without having to worry about text formatting, grammatical errors, etc.

Now, you might be wondering if there are so many other options where you can write your screenplays like notepad, Microsoft word, and the need for Screenwriting Software?

This software specializes in screenwriting formats your write-up in a way that matches the characteristics of the standard screenplay and saves your time editing it to fit the standard level.

We have made it easy for you by providing you with aspects and features you should look for while choosing screenwriting software. So just ponder upon the details given below and know all about it.

Features you should look for in Screenwriting Software.

1. Ready-made formats

You are a screenwriter who writes comedy, romantic, thriller, web series screenplay, and many more different screenplays. Each form has its unique format of writing. Isn’t it amazing that you get all these formats ready-made?

It allows you to choose the one you need from the ready-made formats. If you have a format ready, you have to write without worrying about formatting it. 

In top-quality screenwriting software, there is a vast library of ready-made formats for each type of writing. Therefore, you need to pick the correct format for your writing and start, and there is no need to start from scratch.

2. Story organizer

Writers often don’t write the story in the sequence of the scene in a series. If you are a writer, you can understand this thing very well. Whatever scene shows up, they write it down without worrying about the sequence.

Tedious job is to arrange those things at last, and even worse is to search which part you haven’t written. Screenwriting software has a panel to organize your story. There are different spaces to write different chapters.

For example, now you have the idea about the end part to write it in the space for the end chapter and then again continue from the start. This way, you can keep track of what you have written.

3. Grammar Checker

It’s pretty tiresome to correct all the grammatical errors and spellings after completing writing. And it’s tedious to correct them as you write, which could affect your creative thinking. So, The easy way is to let screenwriting software do it for you.

It has an inbuilt grammar checker that checks your spelling and grammar and suggests corrections while you are writing. Still, you check grammatical errors using tools like Grammarly, but this feature comes inbuilt with good quality script writing software.

4. Revision of Tracks

As a writer, you know that the complete screenplay is not written at once. Sometimes you have to rewrite some parts to fit in with other parts. For example, if you are using a generic pad to write, you would have to delete the written part to rewrite it again.

What if you think that the earlier version was better?

Screenwriting software provides you with a simple solution for this. It also allows you to rewrite the new version without deleting the older one.

It makes it easier for you to keep track of versions. It also makes it easier for you to revise the version to amending it becomes manageable for you.

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5. Cloud Syncing

Imagine that there is a power cut. It’s a terrible thing to lose all your written matter. Your content has been lost because your laptop didn’t have enough battery, and you forgot to save the content!

What if you were approaching the end of the screenplay and you lost all your data? You can understand the pain if you have faced it.

It’s better to store all your data on cloud storage that is procured by screenwriting software. It backs up your work locally when offline and automatically syncs it when you reconnect.

6. Writer Collaboration

Screenwriting is often a combined effort of a few creative minds. Multiple people work in the same script. What if all of them can write in the script at the same time?

What if everyone can have access to the entire written script at the same time? You can bring this into actual practice by using screenwriter software.

Screenwriting software allows writers to assess the script and work on it simultaneously, even at different places. So all can check the script progress and accordingly add their part.


If you are a new writer, you might have so many story ideas, but you don’t know how to put them down on paper. Then for you, screenwriting software is a real boon.

If you are not new to writing, you might have established the benefits of screenwriting over generic writing. Switch to screenwriting and save your time and lessen the obstacles of writing.

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