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Top 7 Defect Management Tools to Get Rid of App Bugs 

Defect Management Tools (Bug Tracking Tool) can help you achieve the highest quality standards and bring value to your clients. It is not only about tracking bugs and making reports but organizing the work within a confined time frame and streamlining the process.

Well, there is no surprise how keenly a test cycle project is monitored only to find an unbidden defect – a bug popping up from nowhere. 

But if a tester integrates the test cycle with an intelligent Bug Tracking Tool, half of the burden will whisk away in real-time.

Read about the following Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools that are built to maintain a scrum workflow and fulfill your business and client requirements:

Kualitee is one of the most trustworthy defect management tools that detect every hidden bug under the hood. It assists the annoyed team of testers in running multiple test cycles on a particular test case. Once a bug gets detected, Kualitee prepares a comprehensive bug report and lets the team decide what needs to be changed in the interface. Further, it views any recorded defects in various formats just according to the compliance of the corresponding test case.  

Key features include the information-rich format, interactive dashboard, role customization, and flexible notification helps most in scheduling the bug tracking and defect management processes.

Kualitee is referred to as the best bug tracking solution provided for testers by testers!

  • GitHub

GitHub is an expedient repository hosting bug-finder with GitHub issues as its major feature. Testers can label issue topics and connect them with the help of Milestones throughout the test project steps. 

It has a search engine that allows the team members to search any test case, milestones, members, and bug management schedules. 

GitHub allows the customization of roles, and a task can be assigned to more than two assignees. Moreover, any member can mention another member on the issue Dashboard to address any possibility or difficulty.

  • Trello

Talk about a multi-tasker and team collaboration tool, Trello would own the crown. 

Though it can also serve as a good bug tracking solution, it is quite flexible and lets a large team of testers function in a very collaborative and interactive platform. 

It will take only a few minutes to design a very understandable flowchart to run Trello like a pro bug tracing tool. 

  • BugHerd

It is a perfect match for any of your mega and complex software development projects. It allows a direct connection between the company and the client. The client can provide annotations regarding the desired changes and BugHerd reports it as a bug report which is later used to treat a defect or an issue.

Any large team of testers can manage, prioritize, and assign tasks via the visual task board. Further, it enables the testers to attach a screenshot to a bug report. Testers can enjoy intensified bug tracking facilities with excellent integrations like Jira, Zendesk, etc.

  • BugZilla 

Bugzilla is a widely used defect management tool. This tool is an open-source software system that provides some excellent features including E-mail notification for code changes, traceable reports, and charts, patch views, bug list generate in different formats, schedule daily, monthly, and weekly reports, detect duplicate defects automatically, prioritize bug based on customers’ feedback, & predict & record the time a defect takes to get fixed.  

  • Monday 

Monday is a bug management tool that allows you to analyze your team performance and manage their tasks staying on the same page. It provides an intuitive dashboard for easy data visualization & transparency. 

Features include people collaboration, automate your routine tasks, smart integrations, track your work status/progress, work remotely, Google calendar, Gmail, and, much more.

  •  TrackDuck

With TrackDuck, a tester can get an instant response from the team lead or client. Just like an efficient bug tracker, it records every bug report with an autonomous screenshot and meta information. 

It lets testers report bugs, clients can give feedback, and issues can be pinpointed and prioritized accordingly.  

More interestingly, it is quite a simple deal for amateur testers, they just must add in the required change to be made and the bug reporting system of TrackDuck will do the rest of the work on its own. 

Bug fixing does not happen on its own, some efforts have to be made and these tools are surely going to help a frustrated testing team out if they choose one.

Good Luck with bug fixing!

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