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Top 9 WordPress Tips That Are Worth Knowing

You will be surprised to know that around 500 websites are created on WordPress every day. On Google, WordPress is being searched more than 37 million times in a month. Hope these stats are enough to describe the popularity and usefulness of WordPress. It rules over 35 percent of the internet and you can call it the ruler of the CMS (Control Management System). The credit for the popularity of WordPress mainly goes to its user-friendly nature. In this article, we are going to look at some important tips that are necessary for you to know if you are a complete beginner in WordPress.

Choose Your Hosting Plan Wisely

Without a hosting plan, you cannot go live on the internet. Prioritization of performance and prevention of crashes should be your main motto. There are a lot of hosting plans available but you must choose the one that can give your website ample amount of sources to generate traffic, before choosing any plan do detailed research of all the available plans and also do not forget to calculate the amount of traffic you want and the number of resources required to generate your expected traffic.

Select Proper Themes

For creating a visual identity, themes are very essential. Besides using the WordPress themes, many other ways are there using which you can customize the look of your website but for that, you require excellent coding skills. If you want you can also use the demo themes, as there you can try many themes before finalizing one. For checking the demo themes, you have to go to your dashboard, go to plugins, click on “Add New” and from there you have to search and install ‘One Click Demo Import’.

Keep Yourself Updated

WordPress receives frequent updates that fix bugs and changes its functionalities. Unlike minor updates, major updates are not that frequent. So, it will be beneficial if you make it a habit of checking those updates regularly, or else you will miss out on some important updates and will end up still having the old version with bugs. For viewing the updates, just go to WordPress Dashboard and go to the Updates page. Though WordPress checks for updates automatically but you can also check them manually by clicking the “Check Again” button. An important note, before updating do not forget to take a backup of your site.

Select a Proper Image

Images are the sole thing that influences a visitor to go through your website and check its content. Besides selecting a high-quality image you also have to make sure that the image is relevant to your brand and also professional. Before adding the image you have to keep one thing in mind that images increase the loading time of a website and visitors will surely not like a website that takes minutes to load. So, always compress the image before adding them. There are many free tools available online that will help you to compress images.

Manage the Comments

The comments on your website show your way of interacting with your customers and a negative comment can harm the reputation of your website. But thankfully using WordPress admin you can easily manage the comments on your websites, you can even decide the pages on which users can post comments.

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SEO Plugin

The success of your website lays in Search Engine Optimization. According to the Search Engine Journal, the primary source of website traffic is organic search. Do not forget to turn on the SEO plug-in for WordPress; this will help you to improve your website by providing recommendations after analyzing your content, backlinks, and keywords.

Integrate Google Analytics

Measuring progress and performance play an important role in growing a business. And for this reason, you will need an analytics tool and there is no need to say that the best and free analytics tool is Google Analytics which you can easily install by using plugins. Google Analytics will provide you all necessary information such as the number of customers visiting your website, the time of visits, pages visited, bounce rates, etc.

Security Is Important

WordPress provides security by giving timely updates for bug fixation but security is something that should not be compromised with and if there is a chance of enhancing it then it should be done. Some things that you can do from your side for extra precaution are taking regular backups, safeguarding the admin directory with strong passwords, getting an SSL certificate for encrypting sensitive information, etc.

Give Attention to Permalinks

Clean and short permalinks are very important for catching the eye of the visitors. So avoid making them complicated to encourage user-friendly access to your website.


These are a few WordPress tips that you must know especially if you are a beginner. Hope these tips will help you in building your dream website.

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