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Use These 5 Apps to Improve Your Writing

Regardless of what line of work you are in, you can benefit from better writing skills. If you are in marketing or sales, or if you are an educator, the pluses are immediately obvious, but even if you are just sending out an email every once in a while, better writing can help you get your point across and your ideas heard. And if you are a student, the best form of essay help, apart from getting in touch with writing professionals, is to actually practice writing until it becomes second nature to you.

Now, there are countless writing tools out there, so we are going to focus on those which can be helpful no matter who you are or what you do. In other words, those that will help you change your approach to writing. Here are five best ones:

1. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular writing apps out there, and for a good reason. Editing your writing can really be a drag sometimes, and Grammarly makes the entire process very streamlined, since it picks all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors on the fly, and provides the correct solution, along with an explanation. Another great thing about Grammarly is that it comes with a free plan.

Last but not least, you can easily integrate into apps Microsoft Word and Outlook, as well as Google Docs. It is also available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You can also use it on your iPad, as well as other iOS and Android devices.

2. Hemingway App

Ernest Hemingway was known for his stingy, economical style, and Hemingway App helps you get closer to that kind of writing. Of course, it’s not going to turn into the next Hemingway, but it will help make your writing more concise, and free of unnecessary adjectives, adverbs. and descriptions. The app also enables you to find simpler alternatives to your phrases. and to reduce your use of passive verbs.

The app also grades your writing for readability, so you can adjust your content to your target audience’s reading level. It is also available as a desktop download for those that don’t like to use it inside their browser.

3. Coffitivity

One of the hardest things about writing is that it requires your full attention and concentration. Now, for some people, that means absolute silence, while others seem to thrive on the background noise or even write while their favorite music is blasting. In both cases, your goal should be to make yourself more productive as a writer, and that’s where Coffivity comes in.

It’s basically a website that enables you to create the most pleasant environment for yourself as a writer. How so? Well, it comes with a selection of tracks that mimic some of the most common ambient sounds, such as your favorite cafe, or your university’s campus, so you can focus on getting your writing done as fast as possible, free of distractions.

4. 750 Words

Good writing requires regular practice, and 750 words is an app that pushes you to do just that. While 750 words a day might seem like a tall order, once you develop a daily routine, you will be able to do it in no time. And regardless of what you are writing about, you will get better because flexing your writing muscles daily.

To keep you motivated, this app has an award system that gives you points for meeting your deadlines and word count. It also sums up your word count automatically, so you don’t need to do it yourself. It also enables you to look at your writing from a statistical standpoint, so you can identify your weak spots as a writer and improve your productivity.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus

Finding the right word can sometimes be harder than it looks, especially if you are researching a topic in-depth, and you don’t want to repeat yourself by using the same words. With OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus (it’s a mouthful), you will never run out of the right words to use in your emails, essay, letters, or blog posts.

Basically, all you need to do is type in a concept that you are working on, and it will provide you with a list of words that are closely related to that idea, and which you are most likely to use, as well as the definition of the word you have just typed in. It will help you expand your vocabulary in a way that is not boring.

The Final Word

Writing is not just about having a knack for it, but also about developing it as a skill, as well as having the right tools for the job. We hope have helped narrow down your selection of the latter. Good luck!

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