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What Are C Wire for Thermostats?

whenever you look to buy a thermostat for your home you try to buy a thermostat that is suitable for you according to your requirements, needs, and budget.  As we know smart thermostats are becoming more and more common these days. The smart thermostat includes features like it can be operated over wifi. It means we can control the smart thermostat remotely. Due to its features smart thermostat requires a continuous power supply to run smoothly. This power supply is carried by a C wire. You can learn more about Thermostats and Air Purifiers on extratechx.com

What is a C wire?

Common Wire is usually known as C wire. It is used as a power supply for thermostats to power the digital display, wireless connection, or internal processor. It is commonly known that C wire provides continuous 24V power to the thermostat. But in fact, the C wire provides a return path so the circuit can be completed, and the power flew without any disruptions. “R wire” is the source of power. Rh labeled wire is for heating and Rc wire is for cooling.

What color is C wire?

Usually, the color of C wire would be Back or Blue. But the color of C can be different as some of the manufactures of thermostats may have their own kind of C wire. The common color of the wires can be:

Black or Blue wire

A black or blue wire is called a C wire. It is known as Common wire. This wire completes the 24v electric circuit.it is connected to the C terminal in the new models of smart thermostats.

Red Wire (R & RC)

Red wire or “R” is the wire for power.

White Wire

White wires are used for heating systems.

Orange Wire

It is for reverse valve operation from hot to clod.

Green Wire

The green wire or “G” wire is for the fan of your furnace or air handler.

Yellow Wire

Yellow wire or “Y wire is connected to your compressor.

How do I know if I have a C wire?

To know if you have a C wire or not you can just check the labels of wires on your thermostat. When you open your thermostat, you will see the wires connected to the different terminals. If there is a wire connected to the C terminal of your thermostat then that means you have a C wire. If there is not any C wire connected to your thermostat so don’t worry because some old models of thermostats do not require C wire to operate.

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