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What is Cloud Computing? Everything you need to know

Cloud computing is one of the important future technologies that has flourished recently and has become popular for use among individuals and institutions everywhere in the world because of the characteristics and advantages that have made it an urgent need for use, especially in the business world and its development.

It is a technology provided over the Internet to provide users with services, solutions, and products with the power of remote computing, allowing the user to reserve the computing resources he needs according to his requirements at a cost less than the costs of purchasing information technology resources on the ground.

The Most Important Advantages

  1. The customer enjoys self-service across the cloud service provider’s websites and on-demand
  2. It can expand and contract according to the needs of the business and its growth
  3. Wide network reach, allowing access to your cloud from anywhere over the Internet
  4. Flexibility to resize without any obstacles
  5. Low cost rather than buying expensive computing resources
  6. Ensuring the continuity of work without interruption for any reason


  • According to the nature of cloud publishing
  • According to the type of service provided by the cloud service provider


  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud
  4. Cloud community

Cloud computing is delivered via one of three main cloud service models:

  1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Infrastructure as a service is the provision of computing resources according to the needs of the customer and upon request.
  2. platform as a service (PaaS): the basic system as a service, which is to provide infrastructure, a platform, and an operating environment for the customer, and the customer needs to install his programs and applications in order to be able to develop applications and businesses via the cloud.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS): In software as a service, providing an infrastructure for computing resources, providing a basic system and an operating environment, as well as providing the applications and programs that the customer needs to work on, so the customer only needs to log in via the internet browser, log in to the cloud, start using programs and applications and develop his business.

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Service Providers

They are companies that provide services, solutions, and cloud products through their online platforms by taking advantage of their data centers and servers that are widespread in the world, and one of the most powerful computing companies that are a leader in this field is Amazon Web Services AWS, followed by fame without an order of strength: Google’s cloud platform And Microsoft’s cloud.


Due to the great development in the market, many important jobs have emerged in the cloud sector, and the jobs are among the highest in the technology sector, and in order to be able to enter the cloud computing job market, this requires obtaining a certificate in cloud computing in the job you wish to work.

Cloud computing certificates are provided by the largest cloud service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, and to obtain a certificate in a specific field in the cloud requires a training course provided by companies, and then an exam is taken to measure your skills in the required specialization and then obtain an internationally accredited certificate.

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