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4 Portable Home Appliances Every Student Needs in 2021

Being a college student comes with many responsibilities, few weeks into your freshman year, the buzz of gaining independence and having your own space away from home wears off. Now you have to figure out how to be an adult, manage cash, decorate your apartment and still have money left for other petty expenses. 

Most college students share rooms and apartments. If this is your case, you’ll need to figure out how to make the most out of your corner. The best way to do this is by buying portable appliances. 

There are lots of benefits that you can get from the use of portable home appliances. You can use these devices to increase efficiency while saving space at the same time. If you are a college student looking for ways to maximize your small space, then you should check out these portable appliances. 

1. Stand-Up Air Conditioner

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to cool your home during the summer months, then a stand up air conditioner could be perfect for you. Not only do they provide the function of reducing heat, but they are also portable too and suitable for your dorm room. 

The first significant advantage to owning a stand-up air conditioner would be that it is easy to use and install. Unlike the other air conditioners, this type does not require many things, such as an external cooling unit; instead, they just hook it up to your existing window through a long hose. The stand-up air conditioner will pull the hot air out of your home and pump it back into it. This simple process has proven to be very efficient compared to other cooling units that use a fan or even a blower.

When looking for a suitable stand-up air conditioner, you need to consider many factors. For instance, are you looking for a device that will be able to be moved from one room to another, or are you looking for a device that can be taken apart and transported easily? These types of units tend to be quite portable. Also, they are usually easier to assemble. 

2. Desk Lamps

As a student, you’ll need to study, sometimes at night. So a desk and a desk lamp are some of the essential home accessories you can have. A suitable desk lamp makes all the difference in how productive you can be during the night. They not only make your study space look better but also brighten up your mood whenever you sit at your desk. The best desk lamps use both LED and fluorescent lighting technology to create energy-efficient and stylish lights.

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The light they produce is about ten times brighter than incandescent bulbs. This means that you will be able to read or work on your computer for long hours without the need for extra light. The excellent quality of light that you get from desk lamps makes these lamps fun to use anytime you require a bit of additional light.

However, it is a bit difficult to choose which desk lamp to buy. You should look at what brand of a table lamp will work best for your specific needs so you can come up with an excellent decision. You can use the task lamp to illuminate a particular portion of a room or the area around your desk while working. 

3. Portable Electric Kettles

Electric kettles get hot water to a boil more quickly than regular kettles. This would be useful to you if you want to take a cup of warm chocolate before heading out of the house. All you have to do is add water, click a button, and you have hot water. However, the downside of an electric kettle is that it has no option to put your tea leaves in for steeping.

When you have an electric kettle with the shutoff feature, you do not have to worry about constantly having to turn the stove on in order to remove it from the heat source. Instead, when the water begins to turn to steam, you simply set the valve to the hot position and close the lid. 

4. Mini Toaster

The Mini Toaster is ideal for preparing limited counter space in the kitchen. Made with the same quality as their larger counterparts, the miniature Toaster provide the same fantastic tasting bread toast. 

A mini toaster is made with a durable stainless steel design. It provides optimal performance while saving space at the same time. The toasting tray remains cool to the touch while being covered with a non-stick coating. 

The advanced multi-rack design allows you to toast enough bread to feed two people. The built-in clock set with push-button controls keeps your time frame accurate. You can toast without wasting a lot of time, and each slice gets an evenly brown, crispy exterior. 

Slices can be easily separated with a spatula, and each piece gets its individual toast. Following the precise instructions, the toaster ovens are pre-heated. 

The standard model of Mini Toaster has a three rack extension along with twelve individual toasting racks. This allows you to cook different foods. The toasting racks can also be used in the slow-baking method. This is ideal for toasting bagels or even making raisin cinnamon toast.


These appliances are very versatile in terms of being able to provide you with the required function. However, this can only be achieved if you invest in a durable device and will last for a long time.

Therefore, do not settle for an appliance just because of its low price, as it might break after a few months of use. The best devices will have a warranty and will also come with a long guarantee. There should also be simple instructions along with clear diagrams on how to properly handle them.

Most of the companies that manufacture these products also have good reputations in the business and they can always guarantee you the best quality and performance.

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