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Where MOBA Games Fans Can Travel to This Spring

The competitive season will be very busy in 2023. Almost the entire year will be full of big events but spring stands out especially.

With the arrival of the first heat, the first top-tier Dota 2 and League of Legends will be hosted. The MOBA game by Valve will provide Dota 2 matches at two Major tournaments and we still have LoL.

If you schedule the vacation for the period from March to May and do not want to miss the main events of spring, you are in the right place. We have collected the main tourist direction of spring for the MOBA games fans.

The first stop is in Peru: The Lima Major 2023

MOBA Games

Lima, Peru, will be the first stop for esports tourists in 2023. The debut Dota 2 Major tournament in 2023 will take place there.

The Lima Major 2023 will sum up the first tour of the updated DPC season in 2023. The championship will begin on February 22 but the main event will be presented on the first days of March.

18 teams will be fighting for 500,000 dollars and 1,900 DPC points from February 22 to March 5. 4D Esports will be the organizer of The Lima Major 2023 but this is not the most interesting thing.

The Lima Major 2023 will be remarkable for becoming the first tournament in the history of the region. Before 2023, South America had not hosted Dota 2 tournaments of this scale but thanks to the rise of the scene over the past few years, especially in 2022, it deserved it.

From Peru to Europe: Berlin Major 2023 by ESL

the berlin major

Having enjoyed matches in Lima, we recommend booking tickets to the strict Berlin. The Berlin Major 2023 will be carried out there from April 26 to May 7.

We will see Dota 2 matches with the participation of the 18 best teams at The Berlin Major. Their names will become known from March 13 to April 2 – the winners of the regional leagues will be determined in this period.

At the Berlin Major, teams will compete for classic prizes: monetary rewards and DPC points. The material prize pool amounts to $500,000 and about 2,000 DPC points will be up for grabs.

The main part of the event will take place in Velodram Arena. The playoffs of The Berlin Major 2023 are scheduled for May 5-7.

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League of Legends is coming to Britain: Mid-Season Invitational 2023

League of Legends

The last stop in the travel guide for MOBA games fans in the spring of 2023 will be London. The capital of Great Britain will host the Mid-Season Invitational 2023.

MSI 2023 is the first international Major-level championship in League of Legends. It will start in London on May 2 and be over at the same place, Cooper Box Arena, on May 21.

13 teams from 9 competitive regions will play at the biggest tournament after the Worlds. Teams will be competing for the monetary reward of ~250,000 and the championship title.

This year, MSI will be special because the new format of the competitive League of Legends was revealed. All LoL matches will be hosted in the format of a Double-Elimination bracket for the first time in the MSI series.

Besides, the system of invitations for teams will change a bit at MSI this year. 2 teams from LCK, and also 1 team from LPL, LEC, and LCS will be invited directly to the playoffs.

The spring of 2023 will be hot, regardless of the temperature. Highlight the dates of the big tournaments in your calendars and prepare to visit the temporary esports capital from March to May 2023.

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