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ClickAdilla: Ad Formats and Advantages

ClickAdilla is an advertising network with access to over 240 countries and more than 4.5 billion users from every corner of the world. There you can track campaign performance in real-time and instantly optimize them in a matter of seconds.

About the ad network

It is a good adult mainstream network with premium traffic. It has a large number of available countries, targeting, formats, methods of making a deposit, and the ability to use adult lending. Also worth noting is very detailed and convenient statistics, which are available to advertisers in the cabinet without using the tracker.

The network provides a large set of tools for optimization, covering advanced targeting and bid management options. As mentioned, this is a self-service network that allows advertisers to launch campaigns in a few clicks, change traffic size and measure performance characteristics.

The interface is quite clear, and as a consequence, there are no problems with setting up campaigns and creating ads in more than 13 formats. Whether you’re a small firm or a multinational company, ClickAdilla is sure to help you achieve your marketing goals.

The network offers its advertisers different ad formats for broader reach:

  • Popunder — a format of ads in which a browser window suddenly appears behind the currently opened window.
  • Banner — static ads (image and text) that are strategically positioned on a website to capture consumers’ attention.
  • Interstitial – ads that appear between screens as the user navigates the mobile app.
  • In-page push – system-like notification message that pops up when the user browses the publisher’s website.
  • In-app — format created especially for mobile devices. Ads are shown when the user opens up an application.
  • Web-push notifications can be sent to a user’s desktop or mobile device.
  • Notification Widget – a text banner over content that looks like a system notification.
  • Native — a format similar to banner ads but it looks like a part of a website that the user is currently browsing and not like an obvious advertisement.
  • Content feed – ads in a content feed that users scroll through.
  • In-stream – promotional videos are displayed before the videos the user clicked on.
  • Video slider — the ad that is displayed in a minimized video (usually in a corner of the page).
  • Out-stream — the format is shown in a special block on the website.

Popunder and banners are well-known formats, but few are familiar with video advertising. And yet its volume is steadily increasing every year. According to statistics, the profits of advertisers who use the video format are 49% higher than those who don’t.

It is one of the few ad networks that allow the use of video sliders and out-stream formats. With these formats, advertisers can insert their own video into the pre-roll and add interactive ads.


As one of the largest networks, it offers a lot of advantages to its advertisers:

  • Full-statistics;
  • Traffic chart (traffic volume calculation for each GEO and advertising format);
  • 24-hour support;
  • 240+ countries;
  • API and traffic tracking;
  • Easy start (thanks to the self-serve platform).

Top verticals are available for webmasters to monetize their content: mobile apps, software, products, games, and others.

Join and enjoy profit

In the current realities of advertising, you need to be as flexible as possible if you want to always stay on the wave. The fastest people earn a lot, so it’s important to be able to catch trends and master them as quickly as possible – test new formats, and buy traffic from the best ad networks first.

As for the latter, ClickAdilla today is a good example of an ad network where it is possible to get ahead of the big advertisers and buy out traffic at a price well below the market. Test it, optimize it, and earn more!

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