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123movies: Online Platforms Are the Best Way to Watch Movies

Change is something humans have got accustomed to for a long time. It is inevitable, whatever areas it occurs in. Embracing the change is the path towards fortune, and the cinema field is just another drop in the ocean. People used to stand in a queue for long, to get seated in a poky theatre room. Every desired good people had run to get, are now inside a well-packed cover or container, and are waiting on our doorstep once the order is confirmed. This business method eventually reduced the difficulties of theatre-goers. As the internet became a necessity, the possibilities of watching a movie on the online streaming media platform have significantly waxed. Parallelly, the way people viewed the media ultimately changed with the myriad of benefits offered by online streaming platforms like 123movies.

Benefits of watching movies Online

Some of the crucial benefits rendered by the online streaming media platforms have allured millions of people towards them, they are:

  1. It is not required to download content such as movies or TV shows. Online platforms like 123movies lift the pressure off the people about storage issues and complicated downloading procedures.
  2. Sites like 123movies cut the money the viewer has to spend on watching the movies. This is a vital factor that attracts multitudes of people all around. These streaming platforms help save the money spent on entertainment, additionally by providing the comfort of home. 
  3. Time, venue, content is dependent on the viewers, not on some third party. Viewers can avail the movies whenever they want; also, there is no restriction on showtimes. 

With the help of internet connectivity and developments in tablets or mobile phones, the accessibility of streaming platforms has been made effortless. A viewer with a good internet facility can get to watch movies in a few steps.

  1. Another crucial merit is the freedom to watch the content as many times as one wants. The online streaming platforms place no barriers in the number of times a movie must be watched. If a viewer likes to replay a scene, then they have every right to do so. Also, the viewers can pause the video and can continue them anytime they want. For instance, if the viewer gets an urgent phone call, they can pause the ongoing movie and continue it once the call is over. This is a significant problem in the case of conventional theatre rooms; once the content is missed, it is impossible to re-watch the scene. This had agitated viewers for a long until the introduction of online streaming platforms. 
  2. The quality of the movie is also never compromised. Platforms like 123movies provide different qualities which a viewer can select according to their network speed and requirement. 
  3. Finally, the comfort. The ease with which a viewer can watch movies just with a click is appeasing. With a wide range of directories, online movie platforms lured loads of people around the world.

Online movie platforms have been in existence since the inflation of the internet bubble. The advocation for such platforms among people has been in a quandary for a certain period. However, when the pandemic shook the world by shutting down businesses, cinemas and restaurants, people got no choice but to be locked inside their houses. This, fortunately, raised the interest towards the online platforms to watch movies or TV shows. As such, platforms need not require anyone to travel, buy tickets, get cramped between strangers, or even buy snacks that are expensive than tickets. These merits inclined the interest of the viewers towards online platforms such as 123movies

Viewers’ thoughts on online movie platforms

As the platforms provide greater flexibility both before and after watching a movie, viewers are happy to move towards online. Studies have portrayed in the year 2020 alone, the streaming time of the viewers has been waxed almost by 75 percent. Users very favor this director-to-viewer approach as they provide easy accessibility of movies or TV shows one likes. The ocean of options available in online platforms such as 123movies is another reason that allures the viewers towards them. 

The primary factor that defines this sudden shift of movie experience is “ease of accessibility.” People will be sure that the movie they will watch is the movie they plan to watch, as there are no problems with ticket availability. People tend to prefer online platforms because the choices are copious, which lets the users watch whatever film their mood expects. Zero control over movies and zero control over showtimes which are commonly seen in online platforms like 123movies, are the reason for the surge in online platform users. 

Cause and effect

The proliferation in viewership is balanced with both merits and demerits. While detractors of novelty and change might engender some disputes regarding the sudden surge in predilection towards online platforms, it is an act of negligence to change. The world was never the same, so must the humans. There may be side effects to the online platforms such as addiction, obesity, or fading sociableness, but the reduced cost one can outweigh these can spend on entertainment, which eventually is necessary. 

Controlled involvement in such platforms is advisable. Platforms like 123movies provide users to watch movies on their time, not on the platform’s time. Freedom can be misused, so one must be careful in approaching such platforms. The users must meticulously weigh the requirement and priorities to eschew the hidden risks. 

Even with a bountiful risk, online platforms are still considered essential. With myriads of movie collections and TV shows, the users can be sure they could watch something! Online movie platforms play a great role in safeguarding people mentally in times of quarantines. As entertainment is a phenomenon people could not live without, it is ineffable how human minds could have been affected without online platforms like 123movies.

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