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Top 4 Domain Privacy Tools and Services

Domain privacy is among the most crucial website security elements to take care of. It safeguards domain owners’ data from the public eye and prevents threats actors from exploiting it. 

Most domain registrars provide the domain privacy service on users’ accounts. While each has its own way of keeping domain owners’ sensitive information private, forwarding emails is among the most common practices.

This article discusses the five best registrars that provide domain privacy tools and services. Let’s dive right in.

Before we go in any further, don’t forget to check your domain registrar. You may find domain privacy tools and services on your dashboard.

Each registrar has its way of naming its domain privacy menu. Some may straight up label it Domain Privacy. Some others may choose to bundle the menu with other domain security settings and charge a premium price.  

For example, a domain registrar may combine domain privacy tools with WHOIS protection and domain locking services. Therefore, it may use a more generic name for its domain privacy tools and settings menu, like Domain Protection.

Additionally, some registrars recommend activating their privacy settings during the domain registration checkout process. Therefore, be sure to check it to ease the process.

1. Namecheap

Besides offering affordable domain registration, Namecheap also equips every registered domain name with a free domain privacy service.

Provided by WithheldforPrivacy, Namecheap’s lifelong domain protection hides users’ sensitive information, including:

  • Full name.
  • Business name.
  • Street address.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.

Apart from that, Namecheap packs free DNSSEC for users’ domain names. It authenticates domain names’ IP addresses to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Thus, the tool helps protect users from getting redirected to phishing sites. 

Users can find their list of registered domain names on its dashboard and see which ones have domain privacy activated. By hovering over the shield icon on the Product column, users can ensure their domain name privacy settings are active.

2. Google Domains

Despite still offering a beta version, Google Domains is among the most reliable domain registrars on the market. One of the reasons is that Google Domains offers easy integration into the other Google services, like Google Search Console and Google Workspace.

Google Domains cares for its users’ personal data by providing Privacy Protection. It’s a free domain privacy tool users get as they purchase. This feature safeguards users’ sensitive information to prevent spam and identity theft. 

Apart from that, this domain registrar supports two-factor authentication. It’s a login security hardening that requires users to provide additional information aside from their passwords. Hence, preventing unauthorized logins.

Like Namecheap, Google Domains also equips users with DNSSEC. On its dashboard, users can find a one-click installation to the Google-powered DNS.

3. Cloudflare Registrar

There’s no doubt that Cloudflare offers one of the best website security hardening services on the market. Unsurprisingly, Cloudflare Registrar also gets its place among the top domain registrars for going the extra mile in providing privacy tools and services.

With every domain registration, Cloudflare has activated the WHOIS protection by default. Once the step is complete, it will ask users to set up a two-factor authentication app, like Authy, to harden their login security.

Cloudflare prioritized backend security features. These programs help secure users’ domain accounts behind the scenes. Apart from that, Cloudflare also packs native DNS, CDN, and SSL services to ensure excellent website security and performance.

On top of all, users don’t have to worry about hidden fees, as Cloudflare includes its domain privacy services in every registration. 

4. is considerably the best registrar on the market. Apart from having a friendly interface, it allows users to register their domain names using the top domain extensions, such as, and .org.

In terms of domain privacy tools and services, grants:

  • WHOIS privacy. The registrar provides forwarding email services and keeps users’ personal data from being exposed to the public.
  • DNS management. Helps with minimizing redirects and preventing users from landing on a fraudulent website.
  • SSL certificates. Improve site visitors’ trust in having a business with a website by providing an encrypted connection.
  • Malware protection. provides an additional SiteLock integration to ensure the site’s health.

With that said, charges an extra $8.99/year for WHOIS privacy protection. Similarly, the compulsory SSL services and malware protection features also come with fees.


You’ve learned five top tools and services to keep your sensitive information related to your domain name secure. Here’s a short recap:

  • Your domain registrar. Study your dashboard to find a potentially hidden domain privacy option. 
  • Namecheap. Offers free lifetime domain protection and DNSSEC. 
  • Google Domains. Provides the Privacy Protection option, Google-powered DNS, and two-factor authentication. The easy integration into the other Google products can be another attractive deal. 
  • Cloudflare Registrar. Packs an advanced domain privacy service by prioritizing backend security. Other valuable features include default WHOIS protection, two-factor authentication, native DNS, SSL certificates, and CDN integration.
  • This registrar offers WHOIS privacy, easy DNS management, SSL certificates, and malware protection. However, users need to pay for the service on an annual basis.

Keep in mind that the best domain registrar isn’t the one offering the most features. It’s the one that’s perfect for your site’s needs. Therefore, consider your site’s requirements when choosing the related tools and services. 

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