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6 Social Media Facts That Can Surprise You.

Social Media has been enhanced as an integral part of our lives. It has made our lifestyle easier and helped people carry out various online activities and build new connections. Although social media has both accurate and adverse effects, it can be one of the most important resources used effectively and wisely. With innovations and features coming each day, social media has increased immensely and is widely used for e-commerce, businesses, networking, job searching, entertainment, etc. There are many surprising facts about social media. 

Here are 6 of them to make you more aware of Social Media facts and help you use them in the best possible way.

Easy Access to Information and News

The emergence of Social Media has indeed immensely helped people in many ways.

It helps people be up to date with what’s going on in the world. Whether it is political, international, national, sports, economic, entertainment, or any other kind of News, it is easily accessible soon after the event occurs. There are many special news websites and apps that can get crisp information about various events. You can download the stuff that interests you on social media via this important link. Apart from this, information relating to any topic is available on the internet. Moreover, people get to know various perspectives and views on the topic by reading various blogs and articles.

Social Media Users find it easier to stay connected with people and engage more in community life.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, WhatsApp have made it easier for people to stay connected. It helps get people to stay connected with their friends and family and helps them get to know new people from their area of interest. It helps to foster healthy relationships online for otherwise isolated groups of people. It allows people connect with others in similar situations and share their happy moments, worries, etc. This has also helped people combat depression, frustration, anxiety, loneliness, and other such problems. Social Media also helps people get together and attend various virtual events and connect with people worldwide.

A Good Number of New Users Are Joining LinkedIn.

According to recent statistics, more than two new members sign up for LinkedIn every second.

Over the recent years, the growth of LinkedIn has been phenomenal. It helps young budding professionals to connect with people from their work profile and further grow their network. LinkedIn helps the youth get new jobs according to their area of interest and immensely helps them grow in their career. It is also an excellent platform for freelancers to market their services, showcase their past work achievements, and get new clients.

It also helps people connect with individuals of a particular organization, talk to them, and further understand a company’s work culture and other information before applying for a position in the same company.

LinkedIn is indeed a great platform for industry professionals to build and maintain a professional network, explore new career opportunities, popularize services and build a professional community.

Instagram has approximately a billion monthly active users.

Instagram has recently gained immense popularity. It has gained a wide range of users from various categories as it is not only used for fun. Instead it has recently emerged as a platform for a wide variety of activities. It’s been used by many fashion influencers, bloggers, artists, and it is also used for commercial purposes by start-up businesses to increase their reach and also used by many companies to popularize and sell their products.

The introduction of new features like shopping tags has also opened the door for e-commerce and digital marketing. In addition, other features like tv, video, reels, stories, highlights, etc., are trendy and widely used by the users.

YouTube also has approximately 2 billion users worldwide.

YouTube is the most used platform to watch a variety of videos of different categories. People use it for fun to watch videos of their interests, learn new things, do various courses, learn languages, etc. It’s one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience and learn and create and share videos.

Youtube has also become a full-time career for many people, which helps them build their own identity, engage in brand collaborations, promote business online, and earn.

Most Facebook users created an account to stay in touch with friends and family.

Facebook is considered a great platform for users to interact with their friends and family and foster relationships. Facebook has helped users connect with their old friends and family members with whom they were no longer in contact. People used Facebook to maintain their social identity and the satisfaction of needs for social acceptance.

Social media is very important in today’s days, and if used wisely, it can help you do wonders. So keep exploring various social media facts, use them for entertainment, use them for professional purposes, and make their most productive use.

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