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5 Best cameras for freelance fashion photoshoots

When you use photos to represent your products/commodity on a website or other marketing techniques for your business, you want to show your clients and other website visitors the exotic look of your products. You want to create a mirage that they feel like they’re witnessing a real thing before purchasing it.

For this, you don’t require an expert photographer to click such high-quality images for you because you can do that professionally all by yourself by following some norms on how to shoot the best pictures. And get the best cameras to do so.

For the best quality camera, your budget depends on how much you are willing to spend. So, let’s go through some of the essential factors to consider when buying a camera in this category.

Camera Types

1) DSLR cameras: Let’s take a look at a 35mm DSLR, which means a camera with different lenses. In this category, you’ve many options to choose from that require you to invest in lenses. 

The most significant advantage with DSLRs is their expandability: they let you scale to better and even stronger lenses over time if you require them.

2) Point & shoot: If you are low on budget & don’t want to invest in interchangeable lens cameras, then you can go for a high-quality “point & shoot” version. There are various options to choose from here, with a wide variety of excellent optics and features available.

3) A mix of the above two: If you want to employ the scalability of DSLRs with the simplicity of a “point & shoot” camera, then hybrids like “mirror-less” are also there.

This one is like a DSLR not having the mirror, which means that when taking pictures, you will have a digital display as you get in a point-& shoot or a mobile camera instead of a mirror-reflecting viewfinder.

Check out: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 instant camera

While these cameras are smaller in size and lighter in weight than DSLRs, their prime limitation is smaller imaging sensors (leading to loud noise and digital grain occurring in low-light situations) and very few options to change lenses because most of them use very vivid mounting systems.

 What is the role of Megapixels?

Most people believe a huge pixel number is advantageous. In reality, additional pixels only create more noise because a particular sensor can only encapsulate a set amount of data.

Although more megapixels will make printing bigger images easier, if you aren’t printing your clicks, there is no requirement for higher numbers of megapixels. We suggest saving money on megapixels and re-investing it to buy more powerful lenses.

Does Camera’s ISO Rating Matter? What are the best cameras?

Other than pixel number, ISO rating is another much-considered factor when looking for the most suitable cameras for the purpose. It highlights the imaging sensor’s sensitivity to light.

For example, it takes more cameras light to take a shot in candlelight than using sunlight. Although some very high ISO ratings can make shooting photos in darkness even more straightforward, this feature also has a downside. More ISO will create more noise.

Our recommendation: Get a camera that works just fine with high ISO. Ultimately, the prime goal is to set your ISO rating to keep it low enough to fulfill your needs. For any Product Photography in the Studio, we suggest using between 50 to 100 ISO at the most because you can rely on the lights in the Studio to get your work done.

Shooting outside in the open, you can adjust the ISO and shoot up to 1500 to get a much brighter image.

It’s advisable to pay more attention to lens selection than camera models as the latter changes every year; lenses are updated slower. For example, it took Nikon took nearly 8 years to make an updated version of their popular lens 24-70 f2.8.

A light does not change concerning how much time passes. So, unless you break your lens, the lens will always remain a great asset to you.

When purchasing a lens, note its focal length and aperture. Focal length refers to the zoom. Usually, we suggest those lenses that don’t have a zoom because:

  • They fall into lower pricing ranges;
  • They provide sharp focus as compared to zooming lenses;
  • Your feet are the best zoom available; there’s no need for zooming!

Another crucial thing is that number after “f” — governs the camera’s aperture. The smaller this number, the more the aperture opens up to allow light in, and vice versa. 

With a more giant hole, it simply means that less of your target object is in focus. This is yet another setback while clicking pictures. Have you ever noticed those online photos of cute puppies in blurred backgrounds? Those out-of-focus points are called “bokeh.” For more focus depth, go for a camera with a higher f-stop.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to lenses: when you are shooting lots of small or minute details, a macro lens is better because it allows you to focus on closer objects than ordinary lenses.


  • Buy the best out of your set budget;
  • Conduct your homework well.
  • Don’t let camera ads fool you; get a camera for your needs!
  • The situation you’ll be clicking photos in matters; go for excellent ISO ratings.
  • Camera lenses are more of an investment; don’t treat them like an expanse.

Our Advice & Top-Pick:

Canon and Nikon cameras are the types that are mainly used. People admire their best lens libraries. We do suggest they’re worth a try for you as well.

We would recommend for Studio shooting the Sony Alpha &R IV or the Nikon D850

If you’re planning to start a professional product photography studio from zero, we suggest the cameras below depending on your budget and specifications:

Camera Price
Sony a6400 $998
Canon T7i $990
Nikon D850 $1000
Canon EOS 5DS $2500
Sony Alpha 7R IV $3498
Fujifilm GFX 100 $9999
Fujifilm GFX 50R $4499
PhaseOne XF IQ4 $52000
Hassleblad X1D II 50C $5750
Hassleblad H6D-400C $47995


Finally, note that a great camera is only half the journey. Shooting your high-quality photos is the next step! Keep it here for advice on how to shoot the best images. Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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Check out: Nikon Z50, small and lightweight camera with an APS-C sensor

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