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Books Begone! How do People Read in 2022

It goes without saying that people consume literature in a completely different way than they first did when books were first produced. But how do people read in 2022? Let’s take a look at the most popular items and platforms people use for reading in the modern era.

Physical books

Despite the digital revolution, physical books remain popular. In fact, according to Statista, 45% of the world’s population purchases at least one printed book a year – whereas only 23% purchase an ebook.

There is much to love about reading, and avid readers no doubt enjoy the activity of reading as much as the content itself. This means it might be hard to replace the feeling of the pages between your fingers, that new book smell, and the turning of the pages.

Ebook readers

Though printed books might win on the physicality front, one thing that avid readers will likely encounter is how much room they take up. Therefore many people enjoy both ebooks and physical books alike.

Ebooks are exactly what they say on the tin – they are electronic books. Ebooks are downloaded to ebook readers, allowing you to enjoy a plethora of your favourite books and authors on one, slimline device.

This is especially helpful for people who love to travel, as you can pack hundreds of books without sacrificing suitcase space. They also tend to be significantly cheaper than physical copies per book, making them perfect for people who consume books at an impressive rate.

Smartphone or tablet 

In addition to ebook readers, some ebooks can also be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. However, where smartphones and tablets excel is in the reading of online books, journals, and academic papers.

Another popular reading item accessed on smartphones and tablets is the ever elusive ‘fan fiction’. Though fan fiction often gets a bad rep from literary purists, it is ever increasingly rising in popularity, especially for the younger generations.

Library loans

Whilst the above has discussed books that have been purchased to read at one’s leisure, let us not forget about borrowing services. Be it a school, university, or public library, these services are accessible to most – if not all – people in the wider community.

Though libraries undoubtedly took a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, one thing kept them going – branching out into ebooks and audiobooks. Audiobooks in particular are popular for commuters and young families, allowing you to listen to the books read aloud whilst driving or on the train.

Music streaming services

Speaking of audiobooks, several streaming services have started to branch out into audiobooks, including Amazon’s Audible, and Apple Music. Unlike library audiobook selections, each book typically needs to be purchased individually, rather than borrowed. However, the convenience that audiobooks offer is well worth it for some.


In 2022, many of us use our laptops for reading, even without thinking about it. News articles, websites, and even blogs – like this one – are read directly from a laptop or PC. Thus, it would be remiss if laptops didn’t get an honorary mention in the modern reading tradition.

As you can see, like everything, books are going more and more digital. However, throughout it all, the physical book stands strong next to their electronic counterparts.

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