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Think 5G, Think Airtel: Bringing Tomorrow’s Healthcare to Today

Digital transformation is no more just a buzzword, but an active revolution that has picked up momentum across industries. Businesses and enterprises are diligently and passionately rethinking business models and processes by efficiently harnessing the power of the latest technologies. In fact, in the past several years, many companies in various industries have embarked on their digital journey using state-of-the-art technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Robotics, but have found themselves sledding slow on this path. What can catalyse this process? Think 5G! The 5G technology is here to stay and will disrupt the way these advanced technologies are being used, making automation, operational efficiency, and innovation the core of every business operation.

That being said, Airtel has come to the forefront as the flag bearer of the 5G revolution in India, leading the country to become digital-first. Airtel is presenting a spectacular case for the 5G technology at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022. One look at the Airtel 5G booth at IMC and you’ll be intrigued to dive deep into the use cases the company is showcasing, advocating 5G for businesses.

One such landmark demonstration Airtel is presenting at IMC is for the healthcare industry. The IT sector catering to the healthcare industry is on a constant lookout for new ways to empower advanced technologies to transform healthcare delivery. 5G is the new and promised route that will make healthcare IT services and applications more connected than ever before. Without a doubt, 5G technology will broaden the horizon for telehealth, which the pandemic already taught us is the need of the hour. Not only will it significantly enhance the efficiency of the healthcare providers but will also notably impact the care receivers. At IMC, one can truly witness how Airtel’s 5G technology with high speed and low latency is all set to revolutionise the healthcare industry in India, with phenomenal telehealth applications.

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Healthcare to Today

We all have heard of mis-happenings and deaths of patients while in transit. And the frequency is increasing day by day. One important reason leading to these unfortunate instances is the ambulance, which is not perfectly equipped to provide patients with the critical care they need while on the move. 5G technology can virtually deliver emergency care services to the ambulance by remotely connecting doctors to the patients, fastening the real-time monitoring and care delivery during the golden hour. Airtel’s 5G Connected Ambulance parked at the IMC booth is just the perfect example of the power of 5G, which will take you to the future of healthcare. Enter the ambulance, there are 3 cameras that provide an uninterrupted live feed of the patient to the control room, giving the in-ambulance care provider the virtual assistance of a doctor, especially for life-saving procedures. The 5G Connected Ambulance is a great revolution in providing ICU-like ultimate emergency care to patients. Airtel has launched the 5G Connected Ambulance in partnership with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco.

As the 5G technology opens limitless possibilities in the healthcare arena, Airtel is thinking of a true healthcare revolution across the country, where everyone benefits irrespective of geographical boundaries. Airtel’ AmbuPod, the ‘Rural Mobile Clinic’ is what will make healthcare limitless in India. Rural areas in the country still lack proper connectivity and access to quality healthcare. And patients often have to travel long distances to receive preferred medical aid. Airtel’s super-fast 5G technology can help medical personnel connect virtually with people in remote areas through a mobile clinic—AmbuPod. These hospitals-on-wheels, supported by 5G are revolutionising healthcare in remote areas by providing live doctor consultations to patients. Equipped with basic and advanced life support, and live cameras, these ‘on-the-go’ clinics bring the hospital to the patient for quick and immediate medical support, when it’s not feasible for patients to go to the hospitals.

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Airtel’s 5G revolution is not limited to the healthcare industry, but its powerful wave is disrupting other sectors as well, such as advertisement, gaming, mobility, workforce collaboration, disaster management, banking, and surveillance.

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