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5 WAYS TO Boost your Instagram Discoverability Using SEO

Instagram is an app that is leading the world towards connecting it on a larger scale. It has over a billion-population sharing and playing a part in the life of each other. Over a million people use it daily to get to know what is going around the globe and more about current issues, affairs, trends, and news. It is such a versatile platform that helps in the growth of an individual’s recognition and personality. But as it positively affects everyone’s life, at the same time, it also supports different business and creative influencers to create a mark in the world.

To get that recognition, you must first recognise the Instagram community by using different techniques and tools. The most accurate and well-known method is SEO optimization. Nearly all the social media platforms are using it to make their visibility more prominent.

What is SEO? 

SEO means search engine optimization. Nowadays, social media websites are so developed that they have the tool to analyze everything. They can track the app’s performance and assess every individual’s details using their social network. And they also offer a piece of complete information in the form of statistics to let people have full awareness of their performance.

This system makes your discoverability on Instagram more visible to the world, which is a huge plus point to make yourself or your business brand more popular. In this way, your profile can reach a much bigger audience. SEO optimization helps you create a more noticeable profile to the Instagram app, making it more discoverable for people.

5 ways to boost your Instagram discoverability

These are 5 ways to make your Instagram discoverability more accurate and visible:

1. Optimization of your Instagram profile:

The most initial step of optimization is to make your profile more SEO-accurate. Because that is the first encounter of a person with you or your brand, they know who you are and what you are presenting.

Some Useful Tips:

Make your username more common, easy to search so that everyone can find it. This will let the Instagram app show your profile whether people are searching for something else.

Make your profile photo more attractive and fun. It is human nature to tend towards the things that make them happy, having a good impact on them.

Make your account public and set it as an Instagram business account. By switching it to a business account, the Instagram app will make it visible in different people accounts or during their stories on their own

Write a bio that grabs the audience’s attention, and you can also add an accessible link in your bio. Having a bio full of impactful thinking will let your audience take a keen interest in it. Having an accessible link is very important because if people cannot reach out to you, they will get cranky and ultimately leave your page, which is not a good thing, so keep the link simple and accessible.

2. Usage of primary and secondary keywords

The primary keywords are beneficial to make visible on Instagram. Use the kind of primary words that are more common so that if people search for something else that is also a word included in your keywords, the Instagram search bar will also show your account name. With an attractive profile image, they will be tempted to open your account.

The secondary words are the ones that you use in your bio. They are the primary words shortcuts. This is the right way of SEO optimization, which lets your profile be more visible. This is a trick that allows the Instagram app to make your idea more visible because they detect it as a critical profile due to the proper use of keywords.

3. Operate hashtags as keywords and encourage tagging

Hashtags are the most modern modification of social media apps. The statistics have shown that it will increase your recognition. A great way to boost your Instagram discoverability is to use more hashtags and treat them as keywords for your account and work. Hashtags are the new trend in the social media community, and people like to create a new one every time they post a picture. Sometimes a specific hashtag can get hyped up, and in the end, everyone has started using it. So, try to add hashtags to let people have their creativity in them as much as possible.

Tagging people is also an SEO way to make your profile more noticeable. Because as you reach out to more people, it will make your circle broader. The Instagram app will make people pick up this activity, and it will let the people reach you on their own. A chain of events occurs, meaning that when you tag someone, they notify and then tag you, and then more people get to know about you, the chain goes on. This is a very potent option for Instagram discoverability.

4. Track down your profile analytics

A better way to get more satisfactory results is to know whether your tips are working or not and if they are not so that you can make a change in it. This can happen when you study your profile analytics to see the progress and the downfalls to be up to date. It is a potent technique developed by the Instagram app.

It lets you have a good account of your profile performance in a certain period. For example, you can track how many people visited your profile for how much time and how many people liked, shared, or commented on your photos, etc. All this information is there for you to have a clear image of how your profile is performing.

5. Stay clear on the black hat SEO security

SEO optimization works wonders for your profile but only when you do it in the right way. Suppose you try to steal someone else’s ideas or keywords. In that case, the Instagram app will get alerted. It will cause black hat SEO security authorization, which causes permanent damage to a limit that the app system can get your account cancelled.

This is the latest security strategy launched by the Instagram app developers to save people’s original content while also finding those who try to steal it.

To save yourself from this is to make your content yourself; you can still get inspiration from other accounts but not the actual information.

How SEO helps you boost your Instagram discoverability?

These are a few ways to boost your Instagram discoverability using SEO techniques. They all will help you make your Instagram profile more visible and accessible, leaving you with a vast audience to entertain. Getting your account SEO to optimize will be a remarkable turnaround for your brand; it will then be well spread, and more people will get to know about it.

This will help you to develop your account to reach a higher level. The Instagram app always thinks great for its user, making more opportunities for them that will enable them to benefit themselves, and all these ways are pretty favourable for the followers. In the list, SEO makes at the top one due to its great success.

Why is Instagram discoverability important?

Instagram discoverability is vital due to certain aspects. The first one is that if the Instagram audience is unknown to you, how will they get to know your content? That’s why discoverability is essential.

If people are not aware of your ideas and profile, how will you spread the content you want people to see and admire?

Another significant thing is that if your Instagram account is a business account, you want people to reach you and make your brand more popular and profited. Everyone wants their creativity or handwork to get appreciated.

If you are unable to reach people, they will also become unable to contact you. SEO optimization is a smart and quick way to attract people to your Instagram profile by getting recognized by the Instagram app itself.


The article gives you a brief description of what SEO optimization is, how it works on Instagram. All the above-mentioned 5 most brilliant ways to give your Instagram account discoverability a boost. By following these simple ways, you will be fully SEO optimized on your Instagram account. All these ways are relatively easy to adapt; keep the content real and authentic. If you want to reach the people, then it will happen.

To some people, SEO optimization is just a waste of time that it does not work. The statistics are significant proof that it works and people are getting more recognized by this method for those people. Their business or the creative talent they are presenting is getting known, and people are reaching them to appreciate this, which boosts their confidence much more, which lets them enhance themselves more.

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