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Hiring An SEO Agency vs In-house Hiring

Who doesn’t want the growth of their company or business? Well, everybody wants to lead a company that is successful and fastest-growing. For that, SEO is the path to success. Success isn’t that easy, for that you need optimization, which comes with professional assistance.  In a large business, the website budget is also big. It holds a large team of marketers, including copywriters, developers, PPC and SEO experts, PR experts, etc., which improves the site’s marketing. Also, large businesses prefer to outsource their team for any ongoing agency.

Small businesses have a low-budget website that looks for a freelancer or a marketing agency to fulfil their digital marketing needs. But for this job, there isn’t much work, so they hire anyone full-time. 

Now, if we move onto a mid-sized business, then we get to know that their digital marketing needs are on the urge of growing. When these firms address their digital marketing tact, then they come to know about the struggle, shortcomings, and requirements like full-time, in-house hiring or getting in touch with digital marketing agencies for good relations.

Below we have listed the pros and cons of both hiring an SEO agency and an in-house SEO team, respectively. Let’s have a look!

Hiring an SEO Agency

Success comes when you find the best SEO agency for your business. It is suitable if you don’t have enough work or low-budget then don’t hire anyone for full-time. Try to choose the right SEO agency for digital marketing. 


  • Higher benchmark: SEO agencies operate with a team of people who perform the same functionalities. They can answer questions or queries that are encountered to them. With a group of experts, you can easily ask for their guidance.
  • Continuation of service: If you have an account handler who’s bored working and is about to leave the agency, you don’t need to worry. As the agency makes sure that you get someone else who can take over the work. 
  • Lower budget: Some digital marketing agencies have a team with a limit of 4 to 5 clients per person. With an extremely collaborative SEO agency, you can decrease the amount of value you are bound to spend. Even for large businesses, agencies offer cheap marketing values. 

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  • Division from internal units: In-house SEO, we can attend conferences and engage in business goals. But in the case of an agency partner, they rely on you to arrange all relevant data required for success. Also, we need to advocate for internal changes.
  • Possibility of disagreement: As we have discussed that, if a person handling your account leaves, then the replacement might face it difficult to cope up with speed and time. Employee retention is a matter of concern for the clients with the flexibility of service. 
  • Shortage of clarity: If you’re communicating with your agency partner or co-workers, then the company has a solution beforehand for digital marketing. So, they don’t have to connect to your agency partners for taking important decisions that affect the website. 

Hiring an In-House SEO

Now, we’ll check out the pros and cons of hiring an in-house SEO team.


  • Immediate passage to internal teams. SEO acts as a versatile medium that encompasses different types of work which includes designing, web development, copywriting, advertising, and PR marketing. In the case of in-house SEO, you can easily access the team and its co-workers. You can also be a part of important meetings and conversations that affect the website’s performance internally. 
  • Internal perceptibility: An in-house SEO is expected to be on the radar of non-marketing teams. An external agency supervises SEO.
  • Deep understanding of the website. In the case of in-house SEO, we know that the work is done on a single site, and the team invests its time in understanding the website and shortcomings related to the site. With time they become experts. 


  • Segregation: When there’s only one SEO handler, then it might be a bit lonely. In case of any problems, the in-house SEO team won’t be able to cope up as they don’t have anyone for advice or internal assistance. Then, you need to enhance your budget for training or to hire your new individuals.
  • Expensive: As they hire an expert with years of experience, so they’re expected to pay high. Otherwise, it would help if you waited for your brand to speed up. To be productive, an in-house SEO team should be permitted for innovation within your organization. On average, an SEO Specialist charges $53,000 per year nationwide.
  • SEO experts are difficult to spot: To create new SEO positions in your organization, you need to find the right person. Experienced in-house SEOs are in demand than fresher SEOs. In case you’re a small business firm with a low budget, it might be harder for you to find a good SEO expert. 
  • Too much to do: For small firms, there isn’t much to do, so they don’t need an agency or an SEO team for full-time due to which small companies look for an individual who knows everything, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and other relevant jobs which is perfect for a small budget.

Which one is right for you?

Are you confused between both? Then, here we have listed the reasons which one you should choose. 

Hire in-house if:

  • In case you have a big website with complicated SEO requirements which a full-time individual can fulfil.
  • Your budget is solely responsible for supporting the payroll and training of an experienced SEO individual.
  • There’s a requirement of someone who can handle SEO all alone and without any guidance.

Hire an agency if:

  • You want an expert. But don’t hire them full-time as there isn’t enough work to keep them busy.
  • It’s hard to find someone who’s experienced to do SEO on a full-time basis.
  • A reasonable budget for supporting your website. But can’t afford to keep a full-time SEO employee.
  • You know an internal stakeholder who’s willing to work and agrees to manage the agency.

So, we’re done discussing the pros and cons of hiring an SEO agency and an in-house SEO team. Now, it’s your turn to check your requirement list and choose the best for you.

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