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Top 10 Types of Creative Content Marketing and How They Work?

Times are changing and so are the ways of marketing. That said, we are bound to follow new trends. Not just to follow them blindly but to understand and strategically make use of them. “Creative Content Marketing” is new in the game. Not too new but yeah, most of us are unaware of the paradigm shift. Here, in this article, we are about to look at the answer to “what is creative marketing”. Also, we will explore different types of creative content marketing. So, without further ado, let’s hop on to the main discussion of the article. 

What is Creative Content Marketing? 

“Creative” means the portrayal of imaginative and innovative ideas. That leads to creativity. Mostly it is spontaneous but other times it can have different ways of execution. One can be creative in many domains and use it to market a business, brand, company, enterprise, or simply whatever one sells.  

Therefore, creative marketing is a procedure in which products or services are sold creatively. Mostly, content is all about words but creative content or Creative Content Marketing revolves around innovative and chic ideas. For example, one can sell products through music, designing, etc. The procedure of any creative marketing is similar to the other patent way of marketing. Means, it also has a step-to-step strategy. Those steps mostly revolve around branding and promotion. 

Top 10 Types of Creative Content Marketing – How They Function? 

The most known and effective means of marketing a product or service (in a so not conventional way) is done through the following ways. These are the typical and most acclaimed types of Creative Content Marketing. 

1. Checklists

These are the type of a list of things or actions to do. The entire list is explained in a step-by-step process. The user finds it easy to follow to get desired results. Checklists are also taken as an important way to market small businesses. What else does it do and how does it function? When it comes to other advantages of creating a checklist, it is determined by the kind of business one runs. For example, when someone wants the audience to make a DIY project, a checklist would be made to make it easier for others to follow. Furthermore, a checklist is convenient to follow after reading the list. It renders information that the manufacturers or company owners want the audience to know. 

Where can you use checklists?

Once checklists are made, they can be shared on different social media platforms. Besides that, checklists can be incorporated in appropriate places on the blog. Remember, marketing is all about several shares and engagement on posts. therefore, sharing is on different portals and avenues will help in getting viral. 

2. Podcasts 

Podcasts are not just for fun sake money-making activity. It can and it is used in marketing too. What happens when you podcast? First of all, it increases online reachability. Also, it sets your expertise that can be exhibited over a show. If and when you know competitors don’t integrate it into their business strategy, then adding it one in your plans would do wonders. It will increase the possibility and potential of growth. We always recommend you start with something small. Be a part of a podcast to make an initial presence. With time, when you grow confident, you can learn how to start a podcast of your own.

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Now the next question is, how to use podcasts for business growth? 

The answer is not too complicated but yes, it takes some time to understand the basics. For example, you can discuss pricing and land a project or communication skills with the audience. Picking a topic, however, needs some research. It is an perfect way to get a unique channel to get leads. It also positions and features you as an expert (of your particular industry or field).  

3. Infographics 

This type of content is created in a graphical form. There are two parts to it – info and graphic. Which makes us information through graphical means. So, how do people find this useful for their businesses, companies, or brands? It is all about promoting and educating an audience about the product or services in an info-graphical manner. With those posts basically, two things take place. First of all, more people get attracted, bringing in more traffic to the website (or wherever it is used). Secondly, there are more prospects of getting leads. Now the question is, what makes infographics more attractive? See, it is all about visual content, right? All such posts have information, data, or stats on how to do things better. Not just that, mechanisms, notions, percentages, etc. are also showcased through infographics. 

Why it is important?

Infographics are a pretty interesting way of attracting customers or an audience. It is again all because of the way content or information is portrayed. 

4. eBooks 

At times, we need to have a longer version of understanding. Such information or data is collected in a book format that could guide, booklet, or even a manual of using a product. However, it is all about the value you provide to the client. Also, eBooks are not a source of advertising yourself in a couple of pages. Instead, it is always about insights you want to give to the readers or audience. Another point about eBooks is that these books are not about selling directly to the targeted audience. On the contrary, it is about associating and building connections and relationships with the audience. It is so that credibility and trust are formed. Another fun fact about eBooks is that it gives ample information about your business so that leads can be channelized. You can easily say that it is a perfect example of email marketing. 

What some drawbacks of eBooks?

First and foremost, these are a slightly expensive version of creating marketing. But you should not get scared because what it gives, in the end, is quite beneficial. 

5. Memes and GIPHYs or GIF

Memes and GIF have set in the trend. It is not a recent development in the creative content marketing domain. These are the most acknowledged and shareable sort of content because of the messages it portrays in “graphical interchange format”. Most memes are of famous scenes in a movie with an insightful and entertaining message. Both memes and GIF are used more funnily so that audience can relate to the message. 

What is the use of GIF and memes? 

Using it in the email to keep the conversation on a lighter note, GIF and memes are used. This brings in humor and allows the audience to resonate with the business’s nitty-gritty. 

6. Videos 

The main reason to grab the audience’s attention is to get attraction, high conversion rates, leads, engagement, and eventually a customer. This process is only possible when you use different types of creative content marketing tactics. Videos are said to play an important role in the world of digital marketing

Businesses and brands are getting more traffic and lead by incorporating videos in different social media platforms. When and if anyone creates videos, it helps in bringing awareness of the brand too. 

How can you use a video in a business model? 

It is said and believed that when a visitor comes to any official website and stays there for a longer time, buying from the site increases. So, keeping that in mind, when you have videos on the site, there are higher chances of the visitor turning into a customer. However, conveying a message in the most meaningful and valuable manner is a must. You need to know and understand the taste of videos the audience likes to watch. Keeping videos short but complete information about what you sell keeps the audience happy. Longer videos consume more attention which the audience tends to ignore. Product demonstration, how they work, and deciding on buying something from your site could be the topics of the videos. 

7. Interviews 

Another higher type of Creative Content Marketing is “interview”. With this type of content, you give the best information to the new buyers. Are you thinking how? When you take interviews of experts and professionals of the same field it gives ample information and awareness to the audience. Likewise, when you take testimonials from satisfied clients and customers you give an edge to the new ones; because it gives credibility and trust to your company or brand. Interviews are the best way to position your products or services. 

What are the ways of using interviews in the plan? 

here is what you must remember if and when you are planning to incorporate interviews in your campaigns. First thing first, going live from your official accounts would be amazing. Recording interviews and then uploading them on the official YouTube channel is another way of incorporating interviews. Take an interview, then transcribe it and use both in your official blog or website. 

What should one remember at the time of the interview? 

Always remember that the interview gives some sort of information about the company or brand to the audience. Also, select topics that would bring leads to the business. 

8. Blogs 

Small businesses use blogs to get known in the market. It increases search engine optimization that brings in traffic. Inbound marketing helps anyone with a limited budget. Therefore, blogs on a website have greater chances of getting on the first page of a search engine. Besides bringing in traffic and landing you on the first page, blogs help maintain a relationship with the clients and leads. It is a must to provide valuable information based on which your company or brand is considered reliable. Concisely, written information is always looked for. However, knowing which are the best topics to address in the blogs section is another must. After doing keyword research and writing on those topics that provide additional information, you will achieve ranking on a search engine, get more leads, and audience or prospected clients will start believing the business. 

9. Social Media Posts

Social media platforms allow business owners to have a business account. There are two types of accounts – free and paid. You can opt for any according to the budget and business plan. What happens when you create an account on social media and inform others about a product or service you sell? Well, it gives an insight into the company or brand. Also, there is an option of repurposing content from the website for posts (in social media). 

What are the advantages of sharing posts on social media? 

Social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) are the perfect means to get your posts viral. If not viral then at least something where you can get more shares, engagement, and likes. Through social media platforms, one can connect with potential clients and customers.

10. Case Studies 

Case studies are another essential type of Creative Content Marketing. Case studies are the customers’ stories that demonstrate how your business has helped them. Businesses use case studies for marketing strategies to show how their services helped their customers—or to show the application of their services and products. And customers like case studies because they helped them to understand your services and products easily. To make your business trustable, provide the case studies in which your customers described the general use of your services or products.

When you examine and write case studies for your company, choose those customers’ case studies from whom your business has benefited the most. And assign those customers who are willing to share their stories for the case study. You can display case studies on your company’s website as well as your blogs, eBooks, and social media. Also, promote your case studies with the help of your salesmen. If your salesmen find the similarity between your past customer, the one featured in your case study, and the new one—whom the salesman is talking, he can provide the new person with the case study to better understand your business.

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