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5 Top SEO Ranking Factors Of 2021 – A Complete Guide

Most lists of “Google SEO ranking factors” available on the internet are quite long. They include all the factors that are under the roof. Just like not every orange contains the same amount of juice. Similar, not every factor is important enough to deserve your attention.

Today will take a different approach. Instead of making you learn about 100+ factors, you’ll focus on the most dominating ones. Those that actually matter.

Here in this article, we have given the top factors that have a great effect on your website’s ranking on google. They are:

  • Backlinks
  • Content
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • User-experience
  • Page Speed

Without taking any more time, let’s start with the first factor, – Backlinks.

1. Backlinks

Backlinks are undoubtedly an essential ranking factor. But what is a backlink? It is a type of hyperlink that comes from another website’s page. In 1996, Google added this update to its algorithm. This made it clear that the quality and the number of backlinks are strong indicators of a web page’s quality.

In other words, this factor helps Google to determine if a page is worth ranking on the targeted keywords or not. Also, according to many latest studies, “backlink” is one of the most dominating Google ranking factors 2021. So if you wish to rank your website on the top pages of SERPs, create a number of backlinks to your web pages.

2. Content

Have you ever heard someone saying, “I don’t need quality content to rank my website”? Probably not! Because content is the king! The quality of your website content plays an important role in determining the rank of your website. A content that is fully optimized with target keywords holds valuable SEO power. Remember- your website should provide superior quality information to your visitors. This way, your leads will be happy to stay on your website for a long time.

High-quality website content is about creating web pages that increase time on page, lowers the bounce rate, and provides value to the user. To create quality website content, you must hire experienced SEO copywriters. They have been working for years to produce quality content for websites. By hiring them, you can ensure that everything that’s posted on your website is worth readings for your target audience.

3. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile friendliness is one of the top SEO ranking factors in 2021. Many website owners spend most of their time creating a desktop-optimized website. They ignore the fact that most of the internet searches come from mobile phones. This means most of your target audience is also mobile users.

So if you don’t wish to miss out on your lead, start working on the mobile version of your website. And for this purpose, you can hire an expert SEO agency. Creating your website’s mobile version is a challenging job. By hiring such agencies, you can ensure that your website is in the right hands.

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4. User-experience

In our list of top SEO ranking factors, the fourth one is user experience. It has a great impact on SEO. If you do not take care of the user experience, your website will not rank on google. In fact, around 34 percent of people close a website if the layout and content are unattractive. Your landing page is the first impression of your website.

And if the first impression is bad, it’s almost impossible to convert your leads into customers.

No customer means so sales, and no sales equal to decreased growth. Do you want that? Obviously not. So, focus on improving the layout of your web pages and make them as simple and classic as possible. No one likes to follow tons of links to reach one product.

5. Page Speed

Last but not the least, in the list of Google SEO factors, is the loading speed. For many years, it wasn’t considered an important ranking factor. But finally, page speed is officially a dominating google ranking factor now. As said in the above point, most of the web searches come from mobile devices. Thus, the slower your website will load on mobile, the more leads and revenue you’ll lose.

For reputed and popular brands like Amazon, just a one-second delay can cost around $1.6 billion in sales each year. If such brands are losing their engagement each second, what about your website? Don’t take such an unnecessary risk. Because some risks are meant to take you towards failure. Work on the loading speed of your website. Here are some ways to increase this speed:

  • Replace large-sized images with compressed ones.
  • If not necessary, avoid using photos on your website.
  • Only use necessary plugins.
  • Reduce the number of CSS files and JavaScripts

The faster loading speed will improve your website’s user experience, and thus Google will rank it higher.

Final Words

If you wish to rank your website on the top of your target keywords, make sure to consider these top SEO ranking factors 2021. It will not only help you achieve your desired rank but stay on it for long. And the longer your website stays on top of Google SERPs, the more leads you’ll generate.

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Author Bio:-

Rahul Vij, co-founder of WebSpero Solutions, theater enthusiast; loves to talk about digital marketing and other emerging technologies. He believes in a learning mindset and is always looking to learn something new.

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