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Does Email Marketing Have Any Impact On Your Search Engine Optimization?

In the world of digital marketing when there are so many different strategies available to you, it’s always worth looking for ways in which two or more methods can be used to complement one another – for example, using video marketing to increase social media engagement. But what about email marketing and search engine optimization? Is there any correlation?

Email marketing and SEO – Is there any correlation?

While email marketing itself doesn’t really have any impact on your SEO, the opposite is true. A well-strategized SEO can indirectly bolster your email marketing efforts. Here’s how:

Using search engine optimization to get your email marketing off the ground

OK, so before you can have any success with your email marketing, first you need to attract as many new prospects to your email list as possible. Of course, how can you effectively bolster your email list without buying a batch of random cold emails?

By attracting them to your website and successfully enticing them to subscribe!

With a well-optimised search engine optimization campaign strategized by a reputable and established third party digital marketing agency, you shouldn’t have any trouble climbing the rankings and increasing your organic website traffic.

Now, on your website you should offer a free, high-value eBook above the fold (e.g., “20 expert tips for successful local SEO in 2023”).

This will effectively serve as a “lead magnet”; for those who aren’t quite ready to make a purchase, they might wish to explore the free resource and see if there’s anything they can put into practice.

What this eBook will effectively do however, is highlight the agency’s authority and demonstrate how much work is involved with running a successful local SEO campaign.

Not only that, but website visitors will only be able to obtain their free resource by giving their email address and subscribing to their email list.

This approach to combining SEO and email marketing can benefit you in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Secure extra traffic that doesn’t instantly convert.
  • Demonstrate authority.
  • Give away free value and establish trust.
  • Convert website visitors who need a little more convincing.
  • Expand email list.

Email marketing with your new-found subscribers

Now that your email list is growing rapidly thanks to the combination of your awesome SEO campaign and the beautifully designed, highly authoritative eBook on your website, you’ll have lots of new subscribers to market to.

Once in your email list, you can email them regularly with high-value information, VIP offers, promotions and discount codes, and so much more.

By effectively keeping your brand alive in their eyes, you can keep paying customers loyal and often upsell them, while also nurturing those who weren’t quite ready to make a purchase.

In this case, you can see that SEO and email marketing have the potential to be incredibly powerful when combined!


Either way, you should almost certainly have a search engine optimization strategy in place for your website. This should be treated as the backbone of your wider digital marketing efforts and is critical in expanding your online awareness and attracting as many organic, ‘ready to spend’ customers as possible.

Then, put together an enticing lead magnet with a well-crafted email marketing sales funnel to follow, and you’ll be well on your way to dominating online and outshining the competition.

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