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Closing your MacBook with camera cover “on” can damage the display

If you are worried about your privacy and using a camera cover on your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. You can damage the display of your laptop by closing your notebook with that cover on; Apple said on a support page on its official website earlier this month.

Apple said covering your notebook with a camera cover might cause damage because the space between the keyboard and the display is built for very tight tolerances. Covering your laptop camera could also disturb the ambient light sensor and affect features such as automatic brightness to stop working.

You could ruin your display by closing your MacBook while a camera cover is on. Mac notebooks have a camera indication light built to keep your privacy, which allows you to know whenever the camera is on.

Watch for the green light camera indicator.

The products of Apple are designed to protect your privacy and monitor your details. Innovative privacy technologies and techniques are used in Apple products and apps to reduce the amount of information we or anyone can access. And robust security technologies stop others from accessing your data except you.

Keeping your privacy in mind, the FaceTime HD camera built into your Mac machine uses a light indicator that shines green when the camera is on. And when the light is on, you will always know—using a camera indicator light as an alternate option to a camera cover to determine whether your camera is active. You can check and control what applications can use your MacBook camera.

You Can Control which apps can use the camera.

You can also control which apps can access the integrated camera as an additional security measure. You must first allow it before any app can use your camera macOS Mojave or later. In Device Preferences, learn how to control access to the camera on your Mac and see the apps allow you to use your camera and to remove or give access to an application.

If you think that the camera must be held continuously in place, Apple suggests that you select one that is “thicker than an average piece of printer paper (0.1mm)” and does not leave adhesive residue. Always remove the camera cover before closing your device if you use a camera cover that is thicker than 0.1 mm.

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