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Best Online Notepads To Edit Your Blog Posts

Notepads are usually available in your Windows or Mac, but sometimes you might need an online notepad. A notepad enables you to write anything in text form. Writing manually on paper is taken over by notepads these days. People require software like MS word when writing multiple types of tasks. The advanced technologies have made the job easier by introducing notepads. These tools are available online and offer numerous useful features to edit your simple text quickly.

The most incredible part about these tools is that you don’t need to install them to edit your files. Moreover, they are available for free and do not require sign-up or registration. In this article, we have mentioned the five best online notepads to edit your blog posts.

5 Best Online Notepads

Blog posts are usually surrounding interesting and popular topics, so they should be written in such a way as to entertain people and urge them to read the whole blog post.

A nice blog post will help you build your site, get more audience and readers, hence boosting the profits.

These five tools will help you to edit your blog posts efficiently.


The onlinenotepad.io tool is on the top of our favourite picks because of the incredible features it offers to its users. The tool is available online for free.

It does not require any signup and can be easily accessed by anyone. This is very easy to use and understand.

This tool could be the best option to edit your simple text efficiently. The phenomenal features of this tool include;


  • No Login

A lot of your time and effort is saved because of the no login feature. You can open the tool anytime and access it without the need for any signup.

  • Upload

The tool offers two ways to enter your text for editing. You can either simply copy-paste your text in the given input box or upload the file.

  • Download

The output edited file can be downloaded from the tool. This feature allows you to use the file further and keep it safe.

  • Word and Character count

The tool shows you the word count of your text. Moreover, it also has the option to show the detailed character count.

How to use this tool?

The tool is very easy to use and does not require any professionalism. Follow the below-mentioned easy steps to edit your file.

  • Copy-paste or upload your file
  • Choose the download or saved notes option.
  • Click more to check the word count and character count.


The editpad.org is designed to edit all your simple texts easily. It works synonymously with the MS word notepad.

The tool is available online for free and can be accessed by anyone at any point throughout the world without the need for any signup or login.

Let’s discuss a few features of this tool.


Being one of the best notepads, Editpad.org offers several amazing features to its users to make it easier for them to edit their text according to their preferences.

  • Word Count

The online notepad allows you to keep a check on the word count of the text. You can also convert the words into pages.

  • Plagiarism Check

The most incredible feature of this tool is its plagiarism check. You can check the plagiarism in the edited text and remove it.

  • Grammar Check

While publishing a blog post, it is important to note any grammatical errors to rank your blog on search engines. This tool checks the grammar in your text.

  • Paraphrase

While editing, the tool also offers you to paraphrase or summarize your text in the same input typing box.

How to use this tool?

The tool does not require any rocket science login and is easily accessible by everyone by following these steps.

  • Create the text online or copy-paste your text in the given input box
  • Or upload file from your computer
  • Choose any features you want to edit your text accordingly


Brackets is an advanced text editor that makes it easy to design your blog posts. It will help you to develop a creative blog post by providing its features.


A few of the incredible features that this tool offers are mentioned below.

  • No signup

It does not require any signup and can be accessed by anyone easily. Moreover, it is very easy to use and understand.

  • Word count

The word count can be viewed while editing your text. It will help you to maintain the word limit.

  • Download file

You can download the file on your device.


The online notepad is easy to use and does not require any registration. It also has offers an optional free account option so that you can use it anywhere on any device.

This device is simple yet powerful.


  • Autosave

The tool allows an autosave option for the text.

  • Revise and delete

You can edit and delete your text.

  • Survey and order

Survey your edited text and arrange it properly.

  • Optional free account

This tool offers to make an account that can be used on any device and your files will remain saved.


The online notepad offers incredible features but requires login.

You can sign up on the tool or download it to access it anywhere and on any device.


  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Access anywhere
  • Limitless notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Special character support


A blog post needs to be posted regularly and every day with a new and creative idea. It’s important to write a simple yet attractive blog post that might get difficult sometimes. The online notepads have made it an easier task. You can use these tools anywhere, anytime, to edit your text. These tools offer numerous incredible features to edit your blog post efficiently.

We have shortlisted five of the best notepad tools. Review the article to get your hands on the most useful online tools to edit your text creatively.

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