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Best Responsive web design Ireland For Developers

Responsive web design Ireland: Imagine surfing the web with your smartphone, following a series of links from one site to another, and stumbling upon a page that is displayed so badly on your device that you have to give up visiting it. One of the worst risks in this area is precise, the loss of new visits and potential new customers. Let’s see in more detail how to avoid these problems.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a particular type of web design in which the elements are adapted to the user’s behavior and environment, based on factors such as screen size and orientation of the device platform used. A series of techniques that allow the site to adapt to the type of screen from which it is viewed without creating particular versions of the pages. Before the RWD, multiple versions of the same site were often created specifically for mobile devices, with an overload of costs and production efforts and not always optimal results.

Today, thanks to new technologies, it is possible to have a single and responsive web design and, consequently, considerable advantages. It allows your users to visit it without difficulty from their favorite device at any time, which consequently leads to returns and an increase in potential customers. Visit for more details about responsive and attractive web design https://cliquedmedia.com/web-design-ireland (Responsive web design Ireland). 

It provides for simpler management: a single version of the adaptive site, instead of a series of versions optimized for different devices, will allow you to insert the contents, change them or delete them once, valid for all devices, rather than having to replicate the changes itself an unspecified number of times. The same goes for advertising campaigns to spread your website: they will not have to be multiplied, but only one will be enough—a nice saving.

Responsive website: what is it?

A responsive web design allows the layout to adapt to various resolutions (such as smartphones or tablets). Not only that of the desktop computer. A responsive web design is not a mobile version of the website itself, but it goes way beyond that. It ensures that only one site can adapt to the monitors of the different devices on which it is read. This avoids annoying movement and continuous zooming, making it easier for the user to read. New ways to communicate, connect and convert:

Did you know that live chat is the preferred means of communication for Internet users? Contacting a company via its website’s live chat is much simpler and faster for an Internet user. If a responsive web design allows a live chat function, it will enhance the communication and connection between users and owners. Going through new communication ways like live chat is, therefore, something familiar for an Internet user where your (potential) customer will be able to contact you immediately and will appreciate obtaining a personalized response to his request.

If sending an email or call is sometimes more complicated for some people who sometimes do not dare to use these means of communication, the live chat immediately seems less engaging. New technologies have made it possible for companies to use new web communication techniques to offer the best service to customers or users who visit their websites.

On the other hand, the Chabot is another of the new techniques used by companies to maintain initial contact with customers. According to pre-established criteria, it is a computer program that requests certain information from the customer so that the company can contact them and even resolve some of their doubts instantly.

Also, both in telephone calls and in messaging services, new artificial intelligence systems are gradually developing, allowing customers to immediately resolve their doubts through the web, without human intervention in the processes. All of these new communication tools offer many opportunities to businesses. Therefore, these can appear much closer to the customer by offering instant and free customer service.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

A responsive website’s layout adapts to various devices and allows for an easy and intuitive reading. Only the essential content of a site is shown, with no additional frills. The contents that we see horizontally on the computer desktop are arranged vertically, naturally to expect. The text size is large and legible, the controls and buttons are immediately accessible. An unresponsive site forces the visitor to continually move up and down, zoom in with their fingers, and continually find themselves hindered in reading. The difference is remarkable. The reader prefers a state-of-the-art website that fits its own and allows for smooth reading. Certainly not an effort for the eyes and nerves.

Why Create a Responsive Web Design?

Obviously, creating a responsive site layout takes much more time and, therefore, more costs. But when you consider how much internet traffic from mobile devices has increased over the past 3-4 years, the suggestion comes by itself. By 2015, the Gartner institute predicted, over a billion devices between tablets and smartphones will be sold. According to this source, the use of smartphones in 2012 grew by 81%. Consequently, the increase in internet traffic from portable devices is now preferred to computers for short and quick consultations. This should make us think about creating or not a site adaptable to these devices.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design Ireland

Google: Google penalizes ” non-responsive” websites by making them go down to the page’s bottom in the search results. In fact, in April 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm that rewards websites suitable to be viewed on any mobile device.

Uniqueness: when you need to work on the site, carry out technical updates or do SEO optimization, the work is done on a single site and not on as many websites as the screen size. This saves money and effort.

Fewer abandonments: as mentioned above, a site that can be navigated easily on any screen means that the user will not leave the site immediately, thus becoming a potential customer.

Positive Opinion: A user who sees a responsive web design thinks your company is innovative and in step with the times. The user, therefore, will speak well of your site both online through social networks and outside the internet. It comes to creating positive thinking about your business, thus creating potential customers.

Let’s Think About The Statistics

The increase in smartphones and tablets makes us reflect on the importance of creating “responsive” websites. In the latest research, data show how the number of people who consult the internet via mobile has exceeded those who consult it via the computer. In particular, every day, 19.8 million people surf the internet on any device, 12.5 million surf on the computer, while 14.5 million on smartphones and tablets. The high level of mobile users suggests that a visible website on this type of device is indispensable.

Not creating a responsive web design means that users who surf the internet from mobile (and there are many) will leave the site as soon as they see that navigation will not be easy. The website will lose many potential customers with consequent damage in terms of visibility on the web. Therefore, we understand that the first feature and the first advantage of a responsive website is easy navigation on mobile devices: the structure is essential with clear and intuitive navigation functions. Plus, loading times are fast.

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