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Router Tips To Have Fast Wi-Fi During Work From Home 

The tumultuous covid-19 waves have left us in the middle of nowhere. Nonetheless, we’re trying to recover from it in our ways. We’re preparing ourselves for unprecedented circumstances, asunder from this, we’re adopting different strategies to engage ourselves. Moreover, when visiting the workplace, we prefer to work from home. Also, understand better following this guide by routerlogin.one.

 Hence our dependence on Wi-Fi has enormously increased amidst this global pandemic. Thereby the need for uninterrupted Wi-Fi has grown. So we’re listing out some router tips to bolster your Wi-Fi speed: 

1. Peerless Location of Router: Signal is only coming when you’re standing right next to your Router, then you need to change its location. Place the Router in the heart of your house, away from walls and electronic gadgets.

As the Router location plays an important role in Wi-Fi speed:

2. Time to time check its frequency: The higher band gives you faster speed & comes across a few glitches from other wireless devices.

3. Cut your Wi-Fi from unused gadgets: When you’re not using your gadgets or devices. Disconnect your Wi-Fi from these devices. This will gradually increase the speed of your device. As the lesser connection your Router will have, the more momentum it will derive to your device. 

4. Ensure timely up-gradation of the Router: Upgrading always gives you excellent speed without much interruption in between. If you work in a room, routers paired with repeaters can broadcast signals to far ends that can increase the speed of your device. Hence, improving the speed of your Wi-Fi or getting a good signal strength repeater is very profound to use. 

5. Examining your gadgets is equally essential: Sometimes our Wi-Fi works fine, but the problem comes with our devices. Hence we forget to check on our devices and start scrutinizing [MS1] the Wi-Fi. Therefore taking a timely check on your PC is also important.

6. Instate the Raider: If your Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough, it could invite some unwanted guests to your Wi-Fi device. The aftermath of these unwanted guests can cause some harmful effects on your video chat or web series you’re currently binging. So beware of the raider. 

7. Switch ON and OFF your Router once in a while: Whether it’s your Router, device, or gadget, everything needs rest after a certain period of working. Hence switching on & off can boost their speed once again. But do it when you can afford to remain without the internet for a few minutes.

8. Change Wi-Fi Channel: If you and your neighbour have the Router using the same Wi-Fi channels, then it can create chaos in your signal. So switching to a different channel can help you in getting good internet speed. Unlike other devices, Wi Fi has different channels which can act as a panacea in need.  

9. Secure your Wi-Fi with a password: Securing your Wi-Fi is very important. A good password to your Wi-Fi can keep the hackers away from your device. Also, the fewer people are connected to your device, the more speed your device will provide. 

10. Reaching out to your ISP:  This is the last option that you’re left with when you’ve tried everything. Because sometimes, things are out of our reach, and only a professional person can help in solving our issues.

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Thus these were some impeccable and straightforward solutions that can boost your Wi-Fi speed. As long as we stick to these solutions, we’ll face very few or no issues regarding the Router, its speed. Considering the current scenario, Wi Fi has become the basic need for survival. And if we face some flaws while using the Wi-Fi, it makes us fretting. We’re already suffering due to Covid-19. Let’s not create extra obstacles in our way. 

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