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Benefits Of Telematics System For Vehicle Theft Prevention

Vehicle theft is one of the most crimes committed globally. The thieves turn in using a piece of highly advanced equipment such as Jammers by jamming the GPS signal, tracing the device’s performance- its ability to monitor and gather important information. Some trackers have a functionality that can help detect jamming and prevent theft or recover the stolen vehicle.

Why is Telematics System Important?

Have you ever wondered why telematics system is important? If not, then here is your answer- The telematics system is crucial because it is used in different areas. These areas can be supported by the system for tackling the problem of the people.

Thus, this system will be supporting the subscribers through various services that are used in this system. These services can be taken from the system using GPS navigation, wireless communication. The users can also interact with the TPS and ASP to obtain the correct information at the right time.

Key Benefits of Telematics For Theft Prevention

Are there any moonlight employees in your business, or is there any theft with your properties? Then try using fleet management software, as the fleet tracking technology can help you eliminate the worry and minimize the risk.

Having some tools designed to protect the assets from external theft and internal issues potentially saves some hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Most fleet managers can attest to the problem of theft and employee misuse of the equipment. Using the proper telematics tool, one can protect your brands’ assets from any liabilities.

1. Asset Tracking

Having asset tracking software during business hours can be tricky; this is especially true when a person manages the equipment, supplies, and tools at multiple sites in various locations; one can also create custom landmarks and geofences that help you track your assets within their boundaries. You can use the map through the satellite and the street view options and use the vehicle grouping to manage the large fleets.

2. Data and Reports

You can now get the power for protecting your fleet on-demand with the data-rich, secure reporting software, which will be delivered when needed the most.

3. Are you thinking how?

Yes, the telematics solutions help in enabling schedule reports automatically or for the set of dates. The asset management reports will be providing information such as real-time temperature monitoring, safety, and speed reports by the driver and the miles driven by the state.

This kind of comprehensive data reporting system has been designed to keep you informed regarding all of your business’s moving parts. Your telematics software must include unlimited free data storage and collect infinite reports without fear of losing any information.

4. Risk Management

Removing the restlessness that comes with worrying about your assets’ status while away from your job site is priceless. Investing money in software helps prevent and recover some issues in both prevention and recovery for some problems related to theft, and moonlighting is the foundation of any excellent risk management plan.

Using telematics, one can get instant alerts to help handle the situations involved in any theft at the moment they happen. While considering the cost of the replacement, time opportunity, and effort required in covering the stolen or damaged property, proper protection is critical.

5. Geofences

What does the geofence do?

Creating geofences around your worksites is a great way to track the equipment within a specific boundary. The geofences will help you in allowing you to use the telematics software for creating invisible boundaries around the selected area on the map.

One can also set up the notifications, and the alerts for monitoring are within your geofences 24hrs per day. The geofences can also be expanded at the map locations you want to set off-limits to the drivers.

The software uses the real-time alerts received by anyone in your fleet who violates the boundaries that are set. The Telematics software will allow you to create a geofence with the custom shapes, assign the user’s permission and alerts, and enable and schedules breach reports.

6. Vehicle Tyre Theft

A system and the method for detecting the missing vehicle tire notified the user about the vehicle’s potential vehicle theft. This method can be carried out by the system that involves seeing that a tire is missing from the vehicle.

As the tire pressure monitoring system has been integrated into the GPS vehicle tracking system, it provides new tire management for fleet managers, company bosses, and end-users human safety, cybersecurity and helps in enhancing the productivity of tires uses the prolong the tires life to lower down the maintenance costs on tires.

7. Vehicle parts protection

For Instance, when the driver goes for some nature call or any other work while getting out of his vehicle, and when there is any vehicle theft, one can find the vehicle using the tracker.

Not only the vehicle, but it also monitors each part of the vehicle. It helps to know the driver’s behavior, speed, brake system, monitors the fuel.

8. Fuel Theft alerts

Are You Worried About Fuel Theft?

Telematics helps in showing the accurate data of the fuel despite any outside environment. Isn’t it more interesting? One can even monitor the fuel level reading through the smartphone or the web. It provides excellent stability, high reliability. It also helps in providing a fuel log and cost per KM reports. Thus the driver cannot try to have any malpractices. These fuel alerts will be helping to improve the fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Technology is developing every year, and the system developers use it in many aspects of life. The Telematics system is growing in different parts. It seems that it provides more services in human lives. It makes the file faster and reduces accidents in the vehicle, monitors the patients at home.

However, when the system doesn’t have sufficient methods to encrypt the customer’s information, it creates a problem. In this case, the customers will lose their private information at the system’s developers’ use and lose money. Likewise, telematics organizations tend to lose their customer because of losing the reliability of their system.

The organizations must be aware of the security requirements while they tend to start producing the system so the system might not have a significant security issue.

People need to understand the telematics system, which encourages them to use it because each design will provide several services for them.

For Instance, truck tracking is very important since the vehicle is under monitoring. Nevertheless, some drivers do not like this service because it is easy to find a vehicle.

The telematics organization needs, All in all, and the telematics organization needs to explain their system and increase its security features needsThe telematics organization.

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