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The Importance of a Visitor Management Software

Visitors have always been a vital part of running a business. Visitors are walk-in customers, potential client contractors, job applicants, meeting with partners, and anyone who is not employed in the company.

For busy facilities, how can they ensure that their visitors get a pleasant experience each time they went to their premises? This aspect is the reason why visitor management is critical to have.

In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages of visitor management software, how they can help facilities, especially the busy ones, and why customer visits benefit your organizations.

  • Walk-in customers.
  • Potential client contractors.
  • Job applicants.
  • Meeting with partners.
  • Anyone who is not employed in the company.

For busy facilities, how can they ensure that their visitors get a pleasant experience each time they went to their premises? This aspect is the reason why visitor management is critical to have.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of the visitor management system, how they can help facilities, especially the busy ones, and why customer visits benefit your organizations.

Why is Visitor Management Important?

Many businesses may have overlooked the visitor management system and assume that their staff will treat every visitor well once they enter the premises. Also, they thought that the reception area is not that big deal due to the poor definition of visitors. In the earlier part, we stated that a visitor is an integral part of an organization’s success. It is because a visitor can be a business partner, a job applicant, a potential client, or even a delivery guy that will bring your most anticipated document needed for a project.

How you treat and manage your visitor plays a vital part in your brand identity. Having an efficient visitor management plan will give your visitors a pleasant experience that makes them feel that your organization values them; you are efficient, organized, and welcoming.

Streamlines the Check-in Process

Today, most of the workplace’s departments and divisions have gone digital, except for the visitor’s experience. Many companies still welcome and manage their visitors with a simple lobby pen and book. But for a fast-paced facility where people need to finish a task in just a matter of minutes, it could be inefficient.

With a visitor authentication and management system, visitors use an electronic logbook to input their details to only take a few clicks. The main advantage of having an e-logbook is that they are conveniently searchable even with thousands of records. When you need information about who often visits, how long they have seen, and who they call, you can effortlessly search these data.

Visitor Management Plan Provides Wayfinding Directions and Maps

Bustling facilities like healthcare, schools, and corporate buildings welcome many visitors each day. Even if some of them have a receptionist, a visitor may hesitate to ask them if they see that they’re entertaining others. This case will lead your visitor to figure out where they are going or may wait longer in your lobby area.

That is the primary purpose of the visitor management system.

Visitors can access the web app or download the mobile application to view the go. Your visitors are like mice in a maze. With extensive and crowded facilities, it can be challenging for them to find out how to navigate the place. By giving a detailed and straightforward wayfinding solution, your visitors will take a step towards a positive and satisfying guest experience.

Helps You Analyze Different Visitor Management Strategies to Maintain the Workplace’s Security

The invention of security cameras such as CCTV helps businesses protect and monitor their facilities. However, it cannot provide the protection your company needs when dealing with unwelcome visitors. Suppose you are still using the manual and traditional way of a visitor management system. In that case, you might be losing a tremendous amount of time and risk the protection of everyone in your building.

A visitor register software keeps a record of people who comes in and out of the facility. The best thing is you can create an unwanted list within the system, so if one on the list enters your facility, a notification will immediately send to you so you can take action right away.

A Visitor Management Solution Serves as an Effective Contact Tracing Tool

When visitors enter a workplace, they may be bringing the deadly virus into the premises. But before they knew it, they already went to many different areas and talked to many people on your premises. As the protocol mandate, you need to execute the contact tracing on top of your busy schedule and immediately. The worst part is that the process of contact tracing can be time-consuming, challenging, labor-intensive, and intrusive – requiring meticulous, systematic implementation and follow-up. When virus contamination happened in a workplace, a company might close its facility to stop the spread of the deadly disease.

But when your facility has a visitor registration system, anyone who is not part of your organization needs to check-in when entering the lobby. Also, a visitor management solution allows you to view who was in your facility and when. With just looking at the system’s records, you can quickly carry out the contact tracing without interfering with your team members’ workflows, and you can go back to your tasks right before the requirement gets submitted.

Additionally, some of the excellent visitor management system advantages are it can help you address the risk of contamination in your area. Right at the entrance, your visitors must undergo temperature scanning, biometric scanner, and the system also notify you and the guest if they are not wearing a face covering.

A Visitor Management System for Office Ensures Legal Compliance

Now more than ever, requiring visitors to give their details is highly essential. However, doing such a policy with a mere lobby book and pen may lead to leaked information and violate the legal bodies’ regulation. Some of these regulatory bodies are the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the customer’s data privacy rights.

With a visitor registration system, you can inform your guest what the purpose of getting their data is, where you will use it, and the guarantee of its protection from misuse, all included in the compliance requirements. Using such an efficient system will remove your headache of possible penalty and stress that may destruct you and your facilities’ work.

Accommodates Deliveries

One of your visitors is the delivery people that brings you package, food, parcels, and essential documents. Even if you are expecting their arrival, they also need to check-in within the visitor register software. But suppose they don’t want to it or need to go immediately. In that case, you pre-register them using the visitor management system buy and delivery option within the system to not perform the whole check-in process next time.

Final Thoughts

Managing a busy facility needs a lot of focus, careful planning, supervising, etc. Your lobby area also needs the same function. Fortunately, there is a visitor management system for offices that will help you manage them efficiently.

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