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Top 7 Time Management and Planning Apps for students

In today’s wonderful time of technology, you don’t have to carry a diary with you everywhere to be productive and get things done. There is a tiny personal assistant right in your pocket that can make a list of tasks for the day, control expenses, plan shopping, manage the family budget and handle a million other important tasks and errands. This all-in-one assistant is your smartphone, and if you’re still using it only as a communication gadget, you’re missing out on a lot.

It is easy to get lost in the huge variety of useful services and Mobile apps. That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of top Time Management and Planning Apps for Android and iPhone that will make your time planning a lot easier and help you become more efficient. Our selection will be especially useful for students who always have problems with assignment planning and, for this reason, often wonder who can write me my essay for a good grade.

1. TickTick

This is our favorite! The perfect GTD (Getting Things Done) app for planning your daily activities. The advantage of this app is that you can completely customize it to your liking with various settings and options. 

The application has a built-in calendar, and you can plan everything – a reminder will be triggered at the right date and time. So you won’t forget about your visits to the doctor, the date of your quarterly report, or the school meeting. 

You can add comments, checklists, files, tags, and labels to any task and set priorities. It is very convenient to sort tasks by projects and contexts. You can even “bind” the task to a specific address, so when you walk by a store, Tick Tick will remind you to buy groceries for dinner. 

If you don’t have time to type, you can use your voice to say the tasks – so no more talking about how you don’t have time to plan. 

Special thanks to the developers for sharing your lists with others to work on tasks together. This is handy if you’re planning a family trip or running a small project at work.  

The free app has all the necessary functionality, and the premium version will please even the most sophisticated planning lovers. 

2. CoinKeeper

This is a real personal accountant on a smartphone! It helps to manage your money, record expenses and income, keep within budget, analyze expenses with detailed statistics, etc. 

If you link your bank cards to the app (this feature only works on iOS smartphones), all expenses on them will be automatically added to the app. This is convenient if you forget to enter the spent amount after each purchase. 

The app has been designed in every detail for maximum user convenience: intuitive interface, synchronization with other devices, ability to add different categories and subcategories of expenses and income, set limits, predict future expenses, etc. Be sure to try organizing your finances with CoinKeeper to stop wondering where your money is.

3. Sectograph

Do you agree that it would be handy if you could immediately see your tasks for that time when you look at your watch? The Sectograph service has implemented this feature at its best. The app transfers your plans from Google Calendar to a 12-hour clock, and instead of a linear list, your schedule becomes a clear pie chart. 

This format is perfect for those who are best at perceiving information visually. You can see at a glance what time your work starts and ends, how long your meeting, workout, or beauty treatment session will take, and when you have free time. All this allows you to have a better sense of time and use it more effectively.

4. MindMeister

The best way to plan large projects and tasks for a long period (week, month, quarter) is to use mind maps to see the whole picture without missing anything. That’s what MindMeister is for – you can easily and quickly plan even a very complex and multi-component project, such as launching a new course or an independent journey. 

Large mental maps with many branches are more convenient to make from a computer or iPad; that’s why the function of synchronization on different devices is very handy. And you can always share a link to the map with colleagues or friends and work on it together.  

5. Evernote

Do you know the situation when the number of notebooks and notes in your phone with important lists, ideas, quotes, and other information you want to save is going off the charts? Yes, you may say, but what does planning and time management have to do with it? We assure you that effective Time Management and Planning Apps is impossible in information chaos. There has to be one place where all your information – links, articles, recipes, screenshots of important documents, lists of movies and books, etc. – is stored in an organized format so that you can quickly find what you need when you need it. And Evernote is great for that.

6. Chaos Control

Chaos Control is not just a program for time management and a to-do list, but a whole system for organizing your plans and global goals. 

Bravo to the developers for the ability to structure things in the application, to build a hierarchy of sphere-target-project-action – this is the 80% guarantee of achieving the planned objectives. The app is based on the principles of GTD, which is another huge advantage. It has a special “Chaos Box” (similar to the Inbox in the Tick Tick app) where you can quickly put information that comes in, sudden ideas, and sort them out later.  

If you are a fan of consistency and clear organization of plans, you should take a look at Chaos Control! Perhaps this application will become your faithful assistant to achieve goals for many years. 

7. MyLifeOrganized

This is the tricky spaceship among other task scheduling apps! It has the widest range of options imaginable: simple list, the hierarchy of tasks and subtasks, grouping, assigning context, filtering, calendar view, recurring tasks, building dependencies, setting reminders, adding notes, tracking progress on projects, etc. In general, the complete arsenal for planning at different levels – from the usual to-do list for the day to a large-scale tree structure of tasks and goals. It will take time to understand all the program’s features, but it is worth it.

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