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8 Must-have Integral Mobile Apps in 2021

Technology has introduced several new mobile apps to the world of mobile phones that can easily be downloaded and installed. However, there are also some apps that are included in the built-in features of a mobile phone. You don’t need to download these mobile apps from anywhere but they are already integrated into your home screen by the manufacturers. These mobile apps are self-protected and can never harm your data and device at any cause. Some of them are as follows.


It is used for text messages and doesn’t require an internet connection. All the other types of messaging apps that are downloaded from the Play Store have online access and send and receive messages without the internet but the integral messaging app is completing an offline medium of communication. But you cannot carry out pictures and videos and other social sharing with these mobile apps.


Nowadays, most people use Snapchat cameras but it cannot overcome the importance of in-built cameras. Especially in iOS and androids, the integral cameras have wide pixel capacity and have the ability to zoom in to objects without blur image even from a kilometer away. These camera apps have many more exceptional features like themes, smile-click, palm-capture, auto blemish remover, skin toner, etc.

Gallery/ Photo Store

The Purpose of the gallery app is to save your camera clicks and all the pictures, videos, animated gifs, and stickers that you send or receive on chatting apps. They also store screenshots and the images that you download from Google or received from Bluetooth, etc. Gallery app has its own editing options which help you in making slideshows, crop, cut and paste photos, trim videos, and much more.


The clock is another inbuilt app that you can use to set alarms even more than one alarm at a time. Other than showing time on screen, it also has features to set timers and use the stopwatch. This feature is also used in game app development to keep players aware of the time consumed and boost their performance.


It is also an integrated app on all smartphones. It seems like a real calendar and marks the dates for all the important international occasions. It also allows the users to save the dates of their special days and birthdays of their loved ones for the reminder and notifies the user when the date comes.


The calculator is a basic app that is available on almost every digital device for instant calculations and estimations. It can resolve both simple and algebraic sums. It also has a history option in which your previous calculations are saved so that you can check what your estimation result was.

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Google Apps

There are different inbuilt mobile apps that are associated directly with Goggle. These mobile apps need an internet connection for browsing.

● Chrome

The chrome search engine is integrated into the form of an app by the mobile developers for the feasibility of users. In this app, the user can open more than one tab at a time just like Google chrome on PCs.

● Maps

Google map is also another form of an inbuilt mobile application that helps you find locations, search places and explore routes in the city. It’s one of the most essential elements for travel

● Play Store

This app gives access to thousands of other mobile apps that are used around the globe and allows you to download them within some clicks.

● Play Music

It enables you to download and save songs, create their playlists, and have offline access to them.


This time, everyone wants access to all these mobile apps at every second and even more. These integral applications are the must-be components in mobile application development upon which all functions, features, and performance are based.

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