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Keep Your Home Network Secure with Verizon Router

Your security is the primary priority of Verizon. Unprotection of your home network may lead to identity theft, hacking your personal information, or the infection of harmful software on your gadgets. Below are recommendations on how to strengthen the security of your home network.

Keep control of your security software.

Updating your security software is a crucial element to ensure the security of your home network. Make sure your Internet security software has the latest update.

Keep Secure Your Verizon Router Login Credentials.

Your Verizon Router comes with a default login and encrypted password for better securely. You may find current credentials on the router manual provided by the company and customize your credentials.

Important Points to Secure Your Home Network

Change the Default Verizon Router login password.

Using a device connected to your Verizon home network, update the password for your Router:

  1. Go to using a web browser.
  2. Use the admin password to log in to your Verizon Router.
  3. Admin is the Router’s name. On your Router’s label, you’ll find the default administrator password.
  4. Replace the existing admin password with a strong, easy-to-remember one. Follow the comprehensive instructions in your Router’s on-screen or user handbook.

Change Both the Wi-Fi Access And Verizone Router Password

  1. If you have a Fios Quantum Gateway or Fios Advanced router, it comes with a unique Wi-Fi name and a strong password, which you can find on the Router’s label.
  2. To secure your home Wi-Fi, you should change your Wi-Fi name and use a strong password for any other routers.
  3. Choose an extended, unique mix of numbers, letters, and symbols to create a secure password to protect your Wi-Fi network. Your password should contain at least 12 characters.

Place your Verizon router in any suitable location to get maximum coverage.

By positioning your wireless Router near the middle of your home, you can limit the chance of your wireless network‘s signals reaching your neighbors. In most homes, your Router’s wireless signals can reach up to 150 feet and up to 300 feet in open areas.

Furthermore, many routers can lower the broadcast power, making it more difficult for someone to pick up your Wi-Fi. For more information, consult the advanced settings section of your Router’s user guide.

Turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use

If you’re going on vacation or will be gone for a lengthy amount of time, you should consider turning off or removing the power wire to your home router. This will restrict your network from being accessed.

Turn on firewalls to Get Maximum Protection

A firewall is a security system that helps safeguard your computer and sensitive data from unauthorized access while also alerting you to hazards that are occurring right now.

A built-in firewall on your Router will assist safeguard your entire network from outside threats. If it isn’t already, set it to auto.

To enable security on your computer or devices, turn on the firewall that comes with your operating system.

Turn off WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup)

WPS allows you to connect your Wi-Fi network to your devices quickly and efficiently. WPS can be connected to the Router in a variety of ways.

The Push-Button:

Press the WPS button located On your Router. Push the button on your device after two minutes, and you’ll be connected.

The Pin Method:

A WPS PIN of eight digits is written on the sticker of your home router. To establish your Wi-Fi connection, enter that PIN into your devices.

Note that anyone who has physical access to your Router can use WPS to access your network, even if encryption is enabled. You can disable WPS to prevent this access.

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