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Video SEO: How To Optimize The Visibility Of Your Videos

If you are struggling to increase the visibility of your Videos, in this post I will walk you through the best Video SEO tips to boost your videos’ visibility.

It’s no secret that 2021 is going to be the year of video SEO. The popularity of video SEO as a medium has gradually increased, making it the preferred kind of content for both consumers and advertisers. Brands from a variety of sectors have worked with the finest Video Production Companies to create fresh and unique films that have lifted the bar in terms of quality and engagement in recent years.

The truth is, even the finest video won’t help your products or services if no one views it! Fortunately for you, we’ll show you how to increase the exposure of your videos and have them rank higher in SERPs in this article.

Now, I understand that Google’s algorithms and SEO techniques might appear to be complicated and cryptic at times, but they aren’t! That’s why I’ve condensed all I know about SEO into simply 9 easy steps that anyone can understand and implement right now.

So, let’s get down with these tips:

Video SEO: Best Tips

1. Selecting a Hosting Platform

Let’s face it when you think of a video hosting solution, YouTube is probably the first thing that comes to mind. There are, however, a plethora of additional possibilities to explore.

My recommendation is to select a platform based on your primary marketing objectives. YouTube is the place to use if you want to increase brand recognition. Just keep in mind that once your video is indexed, all traffic will be sent to them instead of your website.

So, if you’re optimizing your video SEO to increase on-site traffic and produce new leads, consider Wistia or other video hosting services. They will enable you to host your video on your own server and enhance the number of search referrals to your website.

2. Make Your Titles and Descriptions More Effective

While there isn’t a magic formula for the ideal title and description, there are few guidelines that can help you improve your video’s metadata:

  • Concentrate on the keywords that your target audience uses.
  • Be genuine and relevant to the topic.
  • Keep it brief. Use a maximum of 55 characters for your titles.

3. Create an eye-catching thumbnail

Google will not rank you higher because of your thumbnail content, but a cool-looking image will help you spark interest and draw attention from users. This is one of the best Video SEO tips to boost video visibility that is usually overlooked.

You’ll notice that most video platforms will automatically select a screencap from your video and use it as a thumbnail, but you should create your own! Plus, your thumbnail is probably the first thing your audience will see from your video, so you better put your back into it.

Begin by selecting a representative still from your video, then adding a title that is simple to read (a shorter version of your title should work just fine). You may also include a tiny watermark with your company’s logo to notify people that this is a professional way to enhance your video SEO.

4. Provide a transcript for your video.

As Google is essentially a text database, the more text you can add to improve your video SEO, the more search engines will recognize it. This is especially handy if you’ve made a movie that is primarily text-based, such as an animated infographic.

By concentrating on the keywords that your target audience would search for, you can simply optimize your video transcriptions, just like you can your titles and descriptions.

Transcriptions are also required if you intend to share your video on social media. When going through your Facebook or Instagram feed, for example, you’ll notice that videos are played without sound by default. To improve the experience, you can convert your transcript into closed captions.

5. Video SEO: Choose a Perfect Name for Your Videos

Yes! Perhaps you’ve never given it much attention, but the file name of your video is crucial and can boost your SEO ranking.

Use keywords in your titles, descriptions, and transcriptions instead of generic titles like “video version-123” or “final cut 2021.”

6. Make Your Video Landing Page More Effective

It’s time to start working on your landing page when you’ve completed optimizing your video. You’d be shocked at how many great films didn’t rank because they were placed on a bad website. You should not ignore this best SEO tip for boosting your videos’ visibility.

Everyone has come across a website where the video looks to be hidden or so deep below the fold that you have to scroll forever to see it. If you make your viewers go out of their way to locate your video, it will logically result in a low number of views.

Make sure your movie is prominently displayed on your landing page, preferably above the fold. Also, ensure your video is conceptually appropriate to your page. If your material feels generic or unspecific, your chances of ranking will decrease.

7. Only embed one video as a top priority.

The majority of search engines index only one video per landing page. If you’re going to embed more than one video on your page, be sure the first one is the one you want to watch.

This is related to what I just said, make sure your page is centered on your best-performing video to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

8. Improve Your Video SEO and Make Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

Since more and more consumers stream their material through their cell phones each year, mobile optimization is becoming a major focus of SEO.

Fortunately, optimizing your piece for mobile isn’t as difficult as it previously was; simply ensure that your website and video hosting platform are mobile-friendly.

9. Video SEO is Only the Beginning

We’ve seen how these best SEO tips can help your videos rank higher, but it’s not always enough. Because search engines like Google and YouTube update their algorithms all the time, keywords and optimization can only get you so far.

Always aim to develop material that is both useful and beneficial to your potential consumers. Avoid spammy or clickbait methods and instead concentrate on providing value to your target audience. Make interesting movies that will receive organic likes and be shared by friends on social media.

That, and nothing else, will ensure a solid and long-lasting relationship with your audience


With more people and businesses using explainer videos, customer testimonials, and social video content in their marketing, it’s only natural to see more money invested in paid video advertising.

When it comes to increasing the visibility of your video, following the best video SEO tips isn’t enough. You must focus on technical intricacies, make strategic judgments, follow aesthetic trends, and never cease optimizing!

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