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Virtual Phone Numbers are not associated with a peculiar phone line, device, or location. Most banks, travel agencies, and online stores are trying to switch to virtual numbers (VN) that can receive/make calls. More financial and stable benefits distinguish mentioned numbers. This is an excellent solution that is instrumental in being accessible without endless meters of cable. The communication is performed via VoIP. Voice signals are converted into digital data packets and sent over an IP network. Both numbers and call content are increasingly moving from the traditional telephone network to the Internet.

The VN is stored on a server where an IP address is assigned. You can call it at any time, no matter where you are during incoming and outgoing calls. A stable net connection and a suitable VoIP provider are sufficient for VN usage. This dramatically saves infrastructure costs as there are no control panels, telephone exchanges, and unnecessary equipment. Internet telephony also offers innovative features such as integration with CRM and help desk systems. It is no surprise that even major telephony operators are focusing on All-IP and want to shut down their ISDN network completely. All-IP eliminates the separation between analog and digital communication technologies and integrates telephony, mobile communication, television, fax, and Internet transmission in an IP network. VPNs can be individually tailored to your needs. For example, there’s a possibility to set up a Voice Response (IVR) for your VoIP connection to refer customers directly to the correct company contact.

Virtual Phone Number

Benefits Of Virtual Phone Numbers

You may find it helpful to equip your company with VoIP numbers for a variety of reasons:

  • Regional and global presence. With low-cost national and international numbers, your employees can call both locally and internationally without physical presence. For example, a Russian virtual phone number can be ordered via the Freezvon Company that offers VNs at affordable costs and without excessive effort in the connection process.
  • Gaining trust. Customers are often reluctant to accept calls with an unknown or international area code. Improve the efficiency of your phone contacts by being reachable to your customers via a local number.
  • High flexibility. You can adapt your telephony to the company’s needs at any time. There’s a possibility to continue the VN usage in the various locations without interruption. The service makes it easy to keep business dynamic in challenging environments such as the corona pandemic. Employees can call clients from their home office as usual.
  • Cost-effective setup. You can conveniently use the online number on a laptop or smartphone due to cloud-based VoIP technology. This saves unnecessary hardware and helps to get rid of annoying cables.
  • Improve the productivity of remote teams. The right technical solutions are required for uninterrupted communication when employees are located in different offices and tasks are moved to a virtual room. VoIP not only ensures the availability of your remote commands but can also be associated with valuable features and integrations. This includes, for example, integration with call center software as well as CRM and help desk systems.
  • Cost savings. The VoIP phone system is cheaper in service and tariffs terms (in comparison to traditional telephony).

All the benefits mentioned above are essential in a case of a reliable provider choosing.

Prioritize The Best Ones

The main advantages of the IP-telephony providers are:

  • Various payment methods. Companies use different servers and currencies (including cryptocurrency) to pay for services.
  • Fast connections. All numbers are connected within a day (24 hours), and a longer time is required only for unique numbers.
  • Constant technical support. Experts try to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible.
  • Confidentiality. All customer data is reliably protected from hacking.

Use Of Virtual Phone Number By Individuals

Both companies and individuals can use VPNs. An ordinary person may need this service to create accounts on various websites, including social networks. Thus, no one will know about the real number, and you will not receive multiple spam messages on it. In addition, such a solution affords to chat without a mobile phone (only due to Internet access and support devices).

Companies offer Virtual Phone Number for personal use and business. This is the highest quality service with affordable prices. No SIM cards or expensive equipment are needed to get started. You just have to sign up on the website and pay for the service. Such numbers accept SMS, faxes, and calls only from real subscribers.

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