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Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Short Battery Life?

The higher power consumption is the main reason of the short battery life of gaming laptops. This is because rendering high-quality graphics takes a lot of computer power.

So you should anticipate having to plug a laptop in most of the time if you want to use it for gaming. Gaming laptops are a popular choice for many PC gamers. They offer portability and performance in a single package. They have one major drawback: bad battery life.

A gaming laptop can easily burn through a full charge in just a few hours. The main reason is that gaming laptops are packed with powerful hardware. A gaming laptop needs a fast processor, a high-end graphics card, and a lot of RAM. This combination of components sucks up a lot of power.

In recent years, laptops have come a long way. They’re now more powerful than ever before and offer features that were once only available on desktop computers. But one area where laptops still lag behind their desktop counterparts: is battery life. Gaming laptops, in particular, have notoriously bad battery life. 

Let’s look at why gaming laptops have such poor battery life and what you can do to improve them.

Why Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life?

1. High Power CPU (Faster Processing Power)

In 2022, AMD’s Ryzen ThreadRipper 3990X desktop PC processor, which has 64 cores and 128 threads, is anticipated to be the fastest CPU in the world.

The 2.9 GHz base-clock and 4.3 GHz with maximum boost clock speed make multitasking smooth. Larger and faster processors (CPUs) of laptops have been one of the most important improvements in the last several years. 

This has allowed much more powerful laptops to handle demanding tasks such as video editing and gaming.  The laptop’s ” brain ” is the processor responsible for running all the software. A faster processor can significantly affect how well a computer performs.

The faster the processor, the quicker the laptop can run programs. Today, there are two main types of processors: larger and more rapid.

2. Graphics Cards (GPUs)

The graphic card for gaming has a 384-bit memory interface and 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM. A specialized processor called a graphics processing unit was first created to speed up graphics rendering.

GPUs can process a lot of data simultaneously, making them valuable for applications like machine learning, video editing, and gaming. A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a type of processor specialized for handling graphics. 

GPUs are in computers, mobile phones, game consoles, and embedded systems. They are used to generate images, videos, and 3D graphics. 

GPUs are different from CPUs in several ways. Their purpose is to process large amounts of data in parallel and to perform repetitive tasks very quickly.  GPUs have more cores than CPUs and can process data much faster. They also consume less power than CPUs. 

A GPU can be built into the motherboard of a personal computer or be found on a video card.

3. Larger Displays With Higher Refresh Rate

Most common monitors feature a 60Hz refresh rate, allowing them to display up to 60 frames per second.

The display trend is moving towards larger sizes with higher refresh rates. 

This is especially true for laptop displays, wherewe’re seeing a lot of new models with 17-inch or even 18-inch screens.  And, of course, the new crop of ultra-wide monitors is becoming increasingly popular.  But some trade-offs come with larger, higher-refresh-rate displays. 

One is that they can be more expensive. Another is that they can require more power, resulting in shorter battery life.

 So, what’s the best display size and refresh rate for you? It depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re a power user who needs all the screen real estate you can get, then an ultra-wide monitor is probably the way to go.

A smaller laptop display might be better if you’re more concerned about portability. You must ultimately determine what is best for you. But if you’re shopping for a new display, consider the size and refresh rate.

4. RGB Lighting

RBG LEDs are short for red, blue, and green LEDs. These three colors are combined in RGB LED devices to create over 16 million different shades of light.

  • Be aware that not every hue is conceivable.
  • Several colors fall “outside” of the RGB LEDs’ triangular shape.
  • Pink and other pigment hues like brown are as challenging to produce, if not impossible.

This kind of illumination can be utilised for various purposes, including creating a more aesthetically pleasing laptop. The benefits of RGB lighting in notebooks are that you can use it to improve the look of your computer.

RGB lighting in laptops is one of the most popular features in recent years. Many laptop manufacturers have RGB lighting built-in to their keyboards. 

Some manufacturers even offer per-key RGB lighting; RGB lighting is a feature that allows you to customize the color of your laptop’s keyboard. This can be done with a single color or with multiple colors. 

You can even create animations and patterns with RGB lighting. It’s also relatively inexpensive to add RGB lighting to a laptop.

5. Multiple High-speed Fans

One of the primary factor that contributes to laptop failure. When your laptop starts to overheat, it’s important take action to prevent damage to the internal components. 

One way to help keep your laptop cool is to use multiple high-speed fans. These fans will help to circulate the air and keep the temperature down.

There are a some things to keep in mind when using multiple fans: 

  • Make sure that the fans are the same size. 
  • Make sure that the fans are compatible with your laptop. 
  • Make sure that the fans are positioned correctly.

Using multiple fans is a great way to keep your laptop cooled and prevent overheating. One of the most common complaints about notebooks is that they can get very hot quickly. 

One way to combat this issue is use multiple high-speed fans on your laptop. Doing this can keep your computer cool and prevent it from overheating.

This is especially true when using your laptop for gaming or other resource-intensive tasks. 

Laptops are one of the most commonly used electronic devices today. They are portable, lightweight, and have a long battery life, making them ideal for use on the go.

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6. Louder Speakers

In most circumstances, playing music louder than normal will deplete the device’s battery life more quickly than usual.

If you’re a laptop user, you’ve probably had the experience of your computer’s speakers sounding terrible. This is usually because most laptops have awful speakers. 

But there’s a way to fix that: by getting louder speakers. There are a few things to considered when looking for louder speakers for your laptop. 

  • You’ll want to ensure that the speakers you’re considering are compatible with your laptop. 
  • You’ll want to think about how loud you need the speakers to be. 
  • You’ll want to consider the price. 
  • You’ll want to ensure that the speakers you’re considering are compatible with your laptop’s make and model. 

You can usually find this information on this manufacturer’s website. As for how loud you need the speakers to be, that’s entirely up to you. If you need a bit of a boost, you can probably get away with something that’s not too expensive. 

But if you need a significant increase in volume, you’ll probably have to spend a bit more money. Finally, you’ll want to consider the price. Loudspeakers can range in price from a few to thousand dollars.

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7. Playing On Too High Brightness:

The short answer is yes; increasing brightness uses more battery power, and decreasing brightness will reduce battery usage.

We all know that playing games on our phones can be a huge battery drain. But did you know that playing at high brightness can damage your battery? 

According to a recent study, playing games at high brightness can shorten the lifespan of your battery. 

The study found that playing at high brightness can cause your battery to degrade faster and that the degradation is more severe the higher the brightness is set. 

A smartphone’s screen consumes more energy than any other component, so reducing your screen brightness is the easiest way to cut down the battery drain.

So if you wants to prolong the life of your battery, it’s best to play on low or medium brightness. You can also try turning off some of the graphics-intensive features in your games to help save battery life.

How Long Should A Gaming Laptop Battery Last?

On average, gaming laptop batteries will last between 2-4 hours. However, this will vary depending on the type of game you are playing, the graphics settings you are using, and how bright your screen is set.

A variety of factors determine a laptop’s battery life. The most important factor is power consumption, which is determined by the type of processor, graphics card, and other components in the laptop. 

However, other factors affect battery life, such as the screen brightness, the number of applications running in the background, and even the age of the battery. 

The average lifespan of gaming laptops is roughly three years, but with proper care and maintenance, you can expect them to last at least five years.

This article will look at how long you can expect a gaming laptop battery to last under different conditions.

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Gaming Laptop?

 There’s a way to fix that and extend gaming laptop battery life:

  1. It would be better to buy a better gaming laptop. …
  2. It would help if you closed any applications you are not using. …
  3. Reduce the brightness of your display as much as possible. …
  4. Make sure your battery performance slider is set to high. …
  5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned off if possible. …
  6. Make sure all USB peripherals are unplugged or turned off.


In this post, we discussed why gaming laptops have bad battery life. We covered the main reasons, including the powerful hardware, the large screen size, and the high-quality graphics. We also looked at ways you can improve your laptop’s battery life. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop of good battery life, check out our list of the best gaming laptops with long battery life.

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