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Why Instagram Ads are Important for eCommerce Business

Currently, Instagram has a notably high user engagement rate that is nearly one billion. This diverse online platform has huge marketing potential. It is high time when you utilize this platform to showcase your products to increase conversion. 

Retailers are always trying to reach a wider audience with their marketing efforts and grow their businesses. If you are not using social media platforms such as Instagram, you are missing out a lot. Instagram Ads have so much potential because it is flooding with active users. 

In this article, we will mention why Instagram Ads are essential for your eCommerce business in 2021. 

Instagram Ads and statistics 

Right after Facebook, Instagram is a leading social media platform that has a vast marketplace. Between 1 billion active users, 600 million users are active monthly, and 400 million users are active daily. Moreover, the platform includes 150 million daily Story users, and 4.2 Billion likes are shared. 

We hope these numbers are a clear indication that your eCommerce business needs to be on Instagram. If you look closely, you will notice that your competitors are already on this platform. Top 100 Global brands use Instagram to expand their marketing efforts. 

You will be amazed to know that 53% of Instagram users follow their favorite brands. The user’s engagement with brands is higher than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

Instagram is an image-centric platform that mainly focuses on eye-catching visual content. Paid advertising on this platform is a very effective way to grow your eCommerce business. So, as a retailer, you can achieve three fundamental objectives via Instagram Ads:

  • Increase traffic on your website 
  • Increase your website’s conversion rate 
  • Increase the number of app installs and engagements

So Why are Instagram Ads Essential for eCommerce?

There are so many valid reasons why Instagram ads are essential for eCommerce businesses. Here, we are mentioning the reasons why you should implement paid advertising on Instagram. 

Advanced Targeting 

One of the major benefits of Instagram Ads is that it targets your audience and potential customers precisely. You can target your audience based on their behavior, interests, location, demographics, and many more from a huge customer base. 

Your Instagram ads will be displayed to the right audience, increasing your opportunity for sales. It is a great tool that you can utilize to customize your audience targeting and observe the outcome.

Raise Brand Awareness 

With Instagram Ads, you can boost your brand awareness among a massive audience. More people will get in touch with your brand because of so many active users. 

When your brand becomes familiar among people, it will get more credibility and trust in your audience. Around 90% of Instagram users follow a business where 50% are interested in a brand. So, these audiences are more likely to follow your brand if you advertise on Instagram. 

You should also try Instagram ads and post lucrative visual content to grab the attention of the audience. 

Stay One Step Ahead

Social media is growing at light speed and adding new features regularly. Instagram is also changing with the changes in the marketplace and customer’s expectations. 

Instagram is changing as a platform, with Instagram advertising continuously adding numerous features. By adding more features, this platform is getting easier for eCommerce business owners. 

Features like the Instagram story, video, IGTV enhanced targeting, etc., are helpful to uphold your brand. You can stay ahead of other platforms because it’s easy to use and feature-rich. 

Track Your Campaigns Effectiveness 

After setting up an advertising campaign on Instagram, You don’t need to wait to get the output. You can keep track of your campaign’s effectiveness on the go and get insightful information to grow further.

You can get more engagement for your campaigns by getting access to analytics information. 

You will also get detailed information about your leads, sales, and spending. This means that while using Instagram Ads, you can implement changes to get better output. 

Grow Audience via Organic Connection 

You don’t need to invest much to get audience engagement on Instagram, which is impressive. If you post engaging or eye-catching content, you will surely get enough likes and comments. 

Post something by analyzing your audience’s preference and then check the engagement output. After analyzing each post, you will understand what your audience likes or dislikes. 

This indicates that you can shape your posts according to your target audience’s taste. You can grow the audience via organic connection and uplift your brand’s credibility. 

Budget-Friendly Promotion 

You don’t need to have a big budget to advertise on Instagram because it’s a budget-friendly platform. Without spending much money, you can run a successful campaign on Instagram and reach a wider audience.

Instagram is utilizing the pay-per-click model or PPC model on their platform. You will have to pay Instagram when a user clicks on your post and goes to your website to complete a purchase. So, you don’t need to pay a dime if a customer does not click your ads. 

You need to minimize your expectations if you are spending less on advertising. But the effectiveness of Instagram ads is outstanding even on a low budget. 

Become Momentous

The visual appeal of Instagram makes it stand out from other social media platforms out there. The contents of Instagram focuses on images and videos rather than texts. 

A visually appealing content will stick around your target audience’s mind via Instagram feed. If you have a unique theme on your Instagram business profile, your customers will remember it. 

When people like your Instagram ads, they will remember and come back to your profile. This is how your conversion and sales increase with you becoming momentous. 

Other Marketing Aspects 

Instagram advertising provides you adequate information about your business campaign’s performance. These insights will help you on Instagram as well as the overall progress of your marketing efforts. 

You will find other aspects of your marketing campaigns with the insights collected from Instagram Ads. You can apply changes to your marketing effort both online and offline with the learning outcomes on Instagram. 

You can utilize the learning outcome to grow your eCommerce business on other platforms. Cross-platform promotion will let you reach more audiences and prospects than ever before. 

Final Words 

We have given enough reasons for you to consider Instagram Ads as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Paid advertising on Instagram gets you more audience, credibility, conversion, sales, and whatnot. 

Instagram Ads is constantly updating with the popular trends and will continue furthermore. So start making Instagram Ads campaigns to boost your eCommerce business right now.

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