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Do You Really Need a 4k Monitor To Edit 4k Videos?

It makes sense to acquire a larger display if you want more room to work on your computer. However, finding a solution is the issue.

A safe bet resolution should be at the top of your list of features to review. Still, with me, let’s proceed to the decision-making stage.

There is no type of work that is not suitable for these displays. This is especially true if you have ever questioned that a 4K display is necessary for editing 4K footage.

The use of these high-definition monitors is the finest alternative. As soon as we can, we’ll react to the inquiry, “do you really need a 4k monitor to edit 4k videos.”

We’ll make this simple for you. We’ll divide this down based on how well it works for video editing and what you want from it. By the end of this article, you’ll determine Why is it a better choice and does monitoring matters for editing purposes? Even better, you’ll know it is the best choice for you.

What is the 4k resolution?

Screen resolution is represented by the number 4K. A resolution is measured in pixels. And the small colored dots that make up a picture are called pixels.

The size of the screen has nothing to do with the resolution. It all depends on how many pixels are actually there on the screen. A screen’s ability to display more color and light fluctuation depends on its pixel count.

In comparison to a 1080p display, a 4K monitor will provide much superior quality and experience because 4K offers four times the resolution of 1080p for every pixel. For quite some time now, 4k has been the subject of discussion in the video. But what precisely is it?

While having a 4K monitor can improve the editing experience and accuracy because it enables you to view the film in its original resolution.

In very simple terms, it refers to a display resolution of 4096 x 2160 megapixels. High Definition TVs with 1080p resolution consist of two million pixels (1920 x 1080), while a 4K TV has over eight million pixels (4096 x 2160). Therefore, Picture clarity is improved by 4 K, approximately four times higher resolution than 1080p.

Does a monitor matter for video editing?

If you’re a professional video editor, a monitor is as necessary to your set-up or process for video editing as the computer itself.

Even the largest laptop displays cannot match the bigger perspective you get from the huge screen of an external monitor, even if laptops with strong enough processors and graphics cards may be used to edit films.

Not to add that monitor rather than laptops are significantly more likely to have 4K resolution for gaming. Although a TV has the same size as a monitor and has just as many pixels as an external display, if not more, televisions are not designed for productivity activities like video editing.

What features do I need in a 4k monitor for video editing?

When selecting a 4K monitor for video editing, then there are several other considerations that you need to keep in mind. Some of these are, in fact, even more, important than the resolution for video editing:

Color accuracy: A good monitor will display colors as they are intended to be seen, which is crucial for video editing.

High resolution: A 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) is essential for displaying your footage in its native resolution.

High contrast ratio: A high contrast ratio will help you distinguish between the subtle differences in dark and light areas of your footage.

Wide color gamut: A monitor with a wide color gamut will display a larger range of colors, which is important for accurately displaying different hues.

Large screen size: A larger screen size will provide more space for editing timelines and multiple windows open simultaneously.

Adjustable stand: An adjustable stand allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and pivot of your monitor, making it easier to find a comfortable viewing angle.

HDR support: HDR (High Dynamic Range) support will provide more vivid and accurate colors and highlights, enhancing the viewing experience.

Uniformity correction: Uniformity correction will help ensure that the monitor displays consistent colors and brightness across the entire screen.

What are the benefits of having a 4k monitor for video editing purposes?

The larger screen on a 4k display is its major advantage. When you zoom in 100%, you can fit more of your artwork on the screen since there are more pixels accessible.

You may frequently need to zoom out to fit the movie to your screen because 4k only translates to about 8 megapixels. Working with full-resolution RAW films on a 4k screen is significantly simpler thanks to the increased resolution’s ability to reduce this and offer greater clarity compared to lower resolutions.

In the past, 4k displays have cost significantly more than monitors with lesser resolutions. As a result, they frequently have included additional high-end features.

This is less of a problem when 4k becomes more widely used and more cheap screens hit the market. To make sure it is appropriate for your application, you will need to pay closer attention to the other elements the screen offers.

What are the downsides of having a 4k monitor for video editing?

A higher resolution is always better, but there are several downsides to working with a 4k monitor. A more powerful graphics card will be needed to minimize performance degradation because running a 4k display demands a lot of processing power.

A greater resolution would be preferable if money were not a problem, but 4k displays are also more expensive.

If you wish to use your monitor for activities other than what was intended, such as gaming, where rapid refresh rates and low reaction times are necessary, your graphics card may not be able to keep up, or the monitor you choose may be a better option for gaming.

Color management and resolution are given precedence on video editing monitors above refresh rate and reaction time.


  • Is a 4K display required for graphic design?

No, a 4K display is not necessary. This may be a common misunderstanding in the design community, in my opinion. It depends on the kind of job and graphic design you produce, as well as your level.

  • To watch 4K YouTube videos, do I need a 4K screen?

No, a 4K screen is not necessary to view 4K YouTube videos. A 4K display is advised, nevertheless, to properly enjoy the greater resolution and visual clarity of 4K films. You won’t be able to view the full degree of detail that 4K delivers if you play a 4K movie on a screen with a resolution of 1080p or lower. The video will still play, but it will be scaled down to fit the monitor.

  • Do I need a 4K display to edit photos?

Yes. Editing on an HD display is simple. A decent 4K monitor is even more crucial if you plan to color grade the film.

  • If I edit, should I use 1080p or 4k?

It depends on the particular demands you have and the project’s requirements. Editing in 1080p will be sufficient and save you storage space and processing power if your final product is in that resolution.

However, editing in 4K could be required if you want the freedom to trim or zoom in on video or if your finished product will be in that resolution or higher. Remember that 4K editing necessitates a more powerful machine and more storage.

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