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5 Proven Methods to Increase Google Reviews

Google reviews are not only a reflection of a company’s performance. They incentivize user purchases, give social proof, increase the conversion rate, and enhance the brand’s reputation. And: Reviews will be one of the most influential ranking elements in 2022. Therefore, some individuals purchase Google reviews to boost their positive ratings. The search engine ranks companies with numerous positive reviews higher than negative ones. It should be a component of any effective SEO plan to generate more Google Reviews for your business. We demonstrate which strategies have been effective and which businesses should pay attention to. Furthermore, they are simple to execute in practice. Why then disregard this possibility?

1. Ask For A Google Review

Regarding Google reviews, the direct method is sometimes the quickest: request a Google rating from your consumers. To accomplish this, businesses should provide their customer support representatives with clear instructions on accessing them. To accomplish this, you should outline a procedure and identify potential conversation starters. This assists them in hitting the right note. Companies can help customers:

  • in business in person,
  • by email using a targeted campaign,
  • “Rate us” cards are included in the customer bundle.
  • via QR codes,
  • through pop-ups on the site or
  • via CTA on the webpage

Ask for a rating. In addition to mastering “how,” businesses must also master “when.” For example, an ideal time to ask for google reviews is after a consumer has started referring a new customer, is spending much time on the website, promoting your business on social networks, has ordered an item for the second time, or—the apparent time—when a user has purchased a product or received your service.

Customers should also be given clear directions for submitting a review. Short bullet points help to guarantee that reviewers are not discouraged by the procedure. It will require a few mouse clicks and minutes.

Link To Your Google Reviews

An apparent connection to your company’s Google Reviews page serves two purposes:: Since users can read Google Reviews from previous customers with a single click, it verifies the legitimacy of your company and website. It provides clients with a direct method of providing feedback on your brand. A graphic button that connects to the reviews and a clear CTA such as “Read our Google reviews” or “Give us feedback so we can continue to improve our service” is ideal for this purpose.

Respond to Feedback

Whether negative or favorable, online reviews provide social proof for your business. Therefore, it is essential to respond to both types of thinking. This demonstrates that your company’s ears are constantly open. And according to research by Harvard Business Review, reacting to Google Reviews results in more and better reviews. Since customers believe it is worthwhile to provide feedback because the organization receives it.

Show The Importance Of Google Reviews

Customers sometimes need to discover how valuable reviews can be for a firm. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you communicated this value to customers. You can do this, for example, by outlining how you use the reviews or what particular added value they offer for your organization. You must choose the appropriate wording to explain to users that their reviews make a difference. This drives them to leave a Google review.

Improve Your Customer Service

Only excellent customer service results in positive Google Reviews. Consider where you can begin to improve the purchasing experience, the product, or the service. According to a McKinsey study, 70% of shopping experiences depend on how customers are treated. Outstanding customer service distinguishes a company from its competitors and motivates users to discuss your brand, make suggestions, and write positive reviews.

4 reasons why online reviews are crucial for the success of your local business

Find out why online Google reviews are becoming increasingly significant when picking local craftspeople, service providers, and physicians. In tandem with the Internet’s expansion, various rating platforms have emerged. They also provide buyers with guidance and security when making online transactions.

Why are online critiques so important?

1. Reviews Are Modern Word Of Mouth: When searching for local businesses, products, and deals, 85 percent of consumers rely on online reviews and recommendations from friends and coworkers.

2. Importance of Google Reviews: The importance of a review’s quality while making a purchase decision. Before selecting a supplier, nearly half of all consumers demand a minimum 4-star rating.

3. Local search results are being used less and less to access websites: Google My Business is rarely visited on company websites. You can add important information about your business to Google MyBusiness. Therefore, clients can find a substantial amount of the desired information through local searches. Therefore, a visit to the website is frequently no longer required. In order to attract customers, you must rely on something other than your website. Google already requires that your listing be well-designed. Reviews are one of the most effective methods for this.

Also, see the top three advantages of content marketing for small businesses.
If your listing does not contain this vital information, searchers will not visit your site. You will then review the competition’s offerings. Be careful to include all pertinent information in your listing and solicit feedback.

4. Reviews contribute to rankings: The importance of online reviews grows when it comes to the criteria that impact search engine rankings. Orders are substantially influenced by research. Listings with more ratings receive more clicks, and people engage with them for longer.


Online testimonials are growing in importance. Google Reviews are frequently the single differentiating factor between you and your competitors. They ensure that your local listing on Google, Bing, and other search engines stands out from the competition because clients are more inclined to choose an electrician with an average rating of 4.3 stars than one with an average rating of 3.8 stars.

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