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5 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Beginners

One reason to improve your performance in Apex Legends is the effect on your squad. Imagine that you’re the cause of failure for your team every time you play a match. They’ll probably want to drop you and pick someone who has something to offer. So, if you’ve found yourself in this position often, that means you’re doing badly. Even though you might fail one or two times before mastering the game, it shouldn’t be a recurring experience. 

So, let’s help you a bit with the 5 tips and tricks you need to improve your gameplay. But we recommend investing in Apex Hacks to shorten the learning curve of a bot. That way, you can offer something good in your squad. Keep reading to learn more. 

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Better Gameplay

Land in safer spots. If you’re a bad player, that means you die even faster than you land. So the first tip you must practice today is to land in safer zones to avoid quick death first and loot safely. Before you drop from the flying vehicle, make sure you’re not joining others to land the same place because that will jeopardize your existence. Instead, allow them to land and choose somewhere farther from them and start looting. 

We understand that pro players often choose the spots with better gears and weapons. But you’re not them. So, avoid them and search other places for med kits, armor, ammo, backpack, etc. You can also find these items scattered all over the place. So, don’t worry because you landed farther from others. But loot very fast so you can be equipped before running into the unfriendly folks. 

1. Understand the Characters First

One of the reasons you’re performing poorly is the choice of Legend you make. Don’t choose a character you don’t understand, or you’ll end up fooling yourself. Every Apex Legend is unique. They come with ultimate ability, passive ability, and tactical ability. You probably know all these by now. But if you’re choosing a Legend based on your excitement about his ability effects, you’ll make many mistakes. Instead, choose a Legend based on the play style you’re good at. 

For instance, if you’re aggressive, you can choose Wraith, who likes to take the enemies by surprise and is not afraid to confront them. However, the best Legend for aggressive play is Octane. But if you’re someone who plays more defensively, choosing Gibraltar might do you good. Also, choosing Bloodhound is a great idea, so is playing Wattson, Bangalore, or Caustic. But it will be an error to select a legend and expect him to play what he is not. So, practice with many and always pick a suitable one for you.

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2. Change Your Positioning

Good positioning matters a lot when you’re not performing well. The place you shoot from can either cause your death or victory. The first thing to avoid is open spaces, as they’ll make you vulnerable. Enemies can flank you from multiple sides, thereby eliminating you earlier. Instead, try to use cover as much as you can to protect yourself. ‘

Another thing about positioning is targeting the high grounds. We have discovered that if you’re playing a First-Person shooter game, especially the Battle Royale mode, securing a high ground will be a fantastic strategy. Such positions enable you to spot the opponents from every direction. Also, it allows you to score many headshots on the enemies than when you’re at the same level. So, if you can, make sure you find a building top, hills, etc., to set up and kill more. 

3. Know How To Play As a Team

If you’re not a good player now, it’s best to be a great team player. Don’t go looking for heroic escapades when you can’t hold down your fort. Instead, plan with the good guys in the squad and follow their lead. Don’t take decisions that will alienate you from the team, and don’t face fights alone. Instead, stay in touch with others so they can know where you are and what you’re doing. Also, avoid fights when you’re alone so that you can protect your head. Then don’t wander too far and learn to share gear with the others. 

4. Don’t Use a Weapon You Don’t Know.

The excitement of firing five bullets in succession can often deceive gamers into using a gun they don’t understand. That’s why you end up playing all the time badly. Please, take time to study the weapons to identify the one you can handle. Pay attention to their spray patterns and recoil systems. 

That way, you can use a weapon that matches your playstyle. For instance, Apex Legends use Pistols, LMGs, Shotguns, Sniper rifles, etc. Take your time to know these weapons before playing. At least you will understand that shotguns are best for close-quarter confrontations, but you must never use Mozambique shotgun because it is very terrible.

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Don’t feel bad because you’re not playing very well in Apex Legends. Instead of that, spend time reading this article and implementing the tips and tricks we have shared. Also, grab the hacks that can simplify your game and understand the Apex Legends before playing any of them. 

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