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Best Ways to Improve Your iPhone Security

The smartphone is used for multiple purposes and has all the necessary data in it, which is associated with our personal and professional life. If you want to secure your iPhone and looking for better ways for this purpose, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you all about “How to Improve your iPhone Security.” Let us start our discussion. 

Ways to Improve your iPhone Security

Following are the ways to enhance your iPhone Security: 

  • Use 2-factor authentication 

2-factor authentication is one of the best ways to improve the security of your iPhone. It provides an extraordinary level of security to your Apple account. Using this setting, your Apple account needs a unique code with your password for logging in from an unknown device. 

After you enable this setting, a person who has your password cannot log in to your Apple account without your mobile or computer. 

  • Set a strong password 

People have all their data on their mobile phones, so; they do not want someone to access this data. Set a strong password to prevent others to access your personal data on your mobile phone. If you want to make your iPhone secure, then you should set a strong password.

If you want it more secure, then you should disable all the settings to unlock your phone, like a fingerprint, face ID, and others. You should only enable a strong password to unlock your phone. 

  • Decide what to show on your lock screen

Every smartphone gives the facility to users to decide what they want to make accessible and show on their lock screen. If you do not enable this setting, then your iPhone’s lock screen and the display will show too many things that enable an unknown person to access your data without your password. To enable this setting, open the “Touch ID” or “Passcode menu,” it will poke more options. Locate the “Allow Access when locked” option and view the features that are available to show on the lock screen. You can disable “Reply with the message, Notification, and many other settings.” It helps you to make your lock screen secure.

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  • Remove lock screen widgets and clear notifications from the screen 

Notification pop-ups on the screen can leak our sensitive data or information, while widgets reveal our interests. You should remove lock screen widgets and reduce notifications from the screen. It increases the level of security on your device. 

  • Allow Automatic Updates

Device’s operating systems and apps on the mobile both have updates that have security and privacy solutions. Allowing automatic updates make sure that the app gets some more security functions. 

To do this, you should go to setting > App store and then enable “App Update.” To enable automatic updates on the operating system by default, you should open “Setting,” then go to “General” and check the option “Software Update.”

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  • Use a virtual keyboard 

The virtual keyboard is the latest facility. The security benefit of the virtual keyboard is shown by the fact that major companies like Paypal and Amazon give virtual keyboards with their checkout process, which enable safe transaction. Our credit cards and transactions include our personal and sensitive information that can be secured using the virtual keyboard.

A virtual computer is also recognized as an “Interactive keyboard,” which is a device that enables people to input onscreen text without typing anything. A virtual keyboard is completely computerized, and only the user can regulate it, so it adds an extraordinary security level to your mobile phone. One of the most recommended virtual keyboards is Fleksy Keyboard. Fleksy is one of the most in-demand virtual keyboards and has many benefits. If you want to take this virtual keyboard, then you should visit their official website and check the proper functioning.

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