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How To Find Alternatives For a Scanner Machine?

In past years, employees could not live without a scanner machine. Scanning documents was an important process for every office worker. But time changes and it becomes an era of modern technologies. Thus let’s consider the best alternatives for a scanner.

Make Use of Special Scanner Apps

Since an ordinary scanner in the past, a large number of applications that can replace it have appeared. Using a phone scanner app enables users to process and save all documents they find necessary. Such an application makes it possible to scan documents in different formats. Making your iPhone or Android a small office is possible with the document scanner application. Also, this is a good way to boost your productivity thanks to utilizing your device at hand.

PDF Scanner App

Are you searching for the best way to scan documents and after that get greater control over the look of ready images? Then, the Scanner App will be your perfect solution. While other applications enable users to search through a range of several options to define the best fit for their images, Scanner App provides these users with the possibility to customize images completely.

The Scanner App app offers various filters for your choice and the opportunity to regulate the brightness and contrast down to the percent utilizing several convenient sliders. Then, you will be able to save ready images and after that export them in PDF format or in the form of an image.

Microsoft Office Lens

Next, the Microsoft Office Lens app is worth your attention. This application integrates into the Microsoft Office Suite more directly. This means if you utilize many Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Office Lens would be a perfect choice for you.

Microsoft Office Lens works simply as any similar application. You should scan an image, touch it up, and then export it. The discussed application supports automatic boundary detection. Moreover, it offers several various scanning modes.

You have the possibility to save the scanned item in the form of an image or a PDF. However, one of the main advantages of Microsoft Office Lens is that it enables saving scans directly to Microsoft Office format.

Adobe Scan

Although Adobe Scan is not a popular application among Adobe apps, you should still consider its installation on your device. In order to make use of this application, one should have a personal account. However, it is completely free of charge.

To utilize Adobe Scan is easy and takes several minutes. This application has an in-built boundary detection function. It enables users to automatically detect the edges of scanning objects without problems. You can touch up the edges on the rare occasions that the application makes a mistake.

The discussed app also provides users with a number of various modes, for example, “whiteboard” and “book. They make it easier to get what you desire. After you take the picture, you will be able to do several things. You can extract the text directly from the image and copy it onto your clipboard, or convert it into formats such as a PDF or JPEG.

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Google Drive

Google Drive provides users with a set of useful functions. In order to utilize Google Drive to the maximum, one should be aware of proper tips and tricks for it. If you like Google Drive more than Microsoft Word, then you will be pleased to find out the good news.

You will be surprised if you did not know that Google Docs has in-built document scanning functionality. To make use of this feature, one should open the Google Drive application on your iPhone or Android. Then, your task is to find a plus in the bottom right. As soon as you tap on it, you will be redirected to the scanning menu.

The system of this application differs a bit from other scanner machine alternatives mentioned in this article. Google Drive has automatic boundary detection, however, it doesn’t show you the process when you’re attempting to take this picture.

This means you can get images with strange or incorrect borders. The reason is that users do not have feedback until they finish taking a photo. When scans of papers or objects are ready, you will be able to save an image or series of images in the PDF format directly to your Google Drive.


Today, everybody can scan documents with the scan app and not only. Even your built-in phone or tablet camera can be one of the best alternatives for a scanner. All the discussed apps are easy to use and free of charge or offer a subscription.

Thus, no matter if you are an office employee, a student, or an ordinary user who wants to send scans to friends or relatives, it is not obligatory to search for a standard and old scanner machine. Just download one of the apps that are the most suitable for you and make use of it as a portable scanner.

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