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How To Report A User On Discord Using iOS, Android or PC

Every Discord server has its own set of technical regulations and global standards that every server must adhere to (such as not posting unlawful content anywhere). If you observe someone breaking a rule or posting anything offensive, you may choose to Report a user on discord. Reporting a message or person on Discord helps keep your server safe for everyone, including yourself.

One of the two ways to report a post on Discord is more straightforward. Here’s how you Report a user on discord using either the desktop application for PC and Mac or the mobile application for iOS and Android.

However, it is not uncommon for a minor mistake or difference of opinion to lead to a more severe disagreement. It frequently occurs in the online world, where you cannot see how your words impact others.

Follow these steps if you encounter an unpleasant scenario on Discord and want to report abusive comments or behavior.

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How to report a member to a Discord server administrator

The first step in reporting something or someone on Discord is to contact the server’s moderator. Every server is needed to have a moderator, who may be the server’s creator or a group of individuals. Mods of the server can delete messages and ban users. This indicates that they can assist in dealing with problematic users.

You can typically determine if someone is a mod by selecting their name and viewing their role; if “Moderator” or “Admin” appears next to their name, they are most likely the best person to contact. Different servers will have unique titles serving the same function.

If a crown appears next to a person’s name, they are the server’s administrator. This individual would also be a fantastic choice. If you cannot find a moderator, ask around on the server. Even if you can’t discover the person in command, someone else likely knows who they are.

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Once you have located a moderator, send them a private message detailing whom you wish to report. You may be required to give evidence that they violated a rule, such as a screenshot of the offensive content or a description of its location.

The moderator may not act on or ignore your report in certain instances. If this is the case and you believe further action is necessary, you can report the post directly to Discord’s Trust & Safety team.

How to Report a User Using the Discord iPhone App

Reporting a user on Discord is an essential process on iPhones and other iOS devices, such as iPads. The complaint procedure is more straightforward to use on a mobile device than on a desktop computer, where specific ID codes must be entered.

Thankfully, iPhones make it easy to report users on Discord. However, the speed of the process does not mean that you should report every offensive remark. It is recommended that you confirm that the person violates Discord’s rules.

Find the message you wish to report, and tap and hold the message’s header.

How to Report a Discord User on a PC

  1. Before you can get the necessary information, you must enable Developer Mode.
  2. Launch Discord on your Mac or PC and, if necessary, log in to your account.
  3. Select the gear icon near your username at the bottom of the window.
  4. Click “Appearance” in the sidebar on the left.
  5. Scroll down and select “Developer Mode” with the toggle button.

Next, you must obtain the user ID of the individual you wish to report.

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To do so, right-click their login and choose “Copy ID.” This will copy a string of numbers to your computer’s clipboard; you should paste it somewhere you can access later.

If there is a particular message you wish to report, you must obtain the message link. Navigate to the message you wish to report and click the three dots that display when you hover over it. Select “Copy Link” then. Also, paste this somewhere secure.

Once you have the required details, you may send them to the Trust and Safety Team on Discord. You must enter your email address and paste the two IDs you obtained previously into the “Description” field. Include further context in your report by specifying which rule you believe was violated.

After clicking “Submit,” the report is emailed to Discord. If they have a response to your report, they will email you.

Report Someone Using Their IDs on Your iPhone

Follow these steps if you need to report a Discord account on an iPhone:

  1. Launch the Discord application on your iPhone. Tap the profile icon located in the lower-right corner.
  2. navigate to and click “Appearance.”
  3. Navigate to “Developer Mode” and switch to “ON.”
  4. Obtain the user’s ID and the message’s ID to Report a user on discord.

To obtain the user’s ID, visit their profile, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner, and select Copy ID from the menu.

  • To copy the message ID, tap and hold the message you wish to report, then select Copy Message Link from the list.
  • Remember to paste the initial ID somewhere so that it may be copied later. The second ID you copy will replace the previous one if you do not put it first. For instance, you can use the iPhone’s Notes application.

5. After collecting the IDs, report the incident to the Discord Trust & Safety center so the Discord staff can evaluate it. In the Description box, include the copied IDs and a brief explanation of the issue.

How to Report a User on Discord using the Android Phone

  1. You must first enable Developer Mode.
  2. Start the Discord app on your Android or iOS smartphone and access your user settings by hitting the gear or profile picture icon next to your username.

Using an iPhone, select “Appearance” followed by “Advanced.” If using an Android device, hit “Behavior” under “App Settings.”

Enable Developer Mode by switching the corresponding option to the “on” setting.

Depending on the type of smartphone you have, the process for acquiring the user ID will differ slightly. But in general:

  1. Tap on the user’s icon to access their profile.
  2. Tap the three dots (settings) in the upper-right corner of the display, and then tap “Copy ID.”
  3. Copy this ID to a location where it will be safe to copy again in the future.
  4. To obtain the message link, navigate to the message and tap and hold it. Tap “Copy Message Link” on your iPhone. Select “Share” followed by “Copy to clipboard” on an Android phone.

You can then forward this information to the Discord Trust and Safety team for evaluation. Paste the two IDs into the “Description” box and provide additional information for your report at this point.

How to Report a User for Being Under 13

Most social networks restrict profile creation to users older than 13 years old. It is not always possible to prove that a person is younger than this age. Nonetheless, if you suspect someone of violating this rule, you can report them and let the Discord team handle it. However, you should be aware that Discord will likely not ban this individual until you prove their age.

How to report a suspicious user?

According to Discord, you must send them an email directly. You can also report this user using the official report form, as you would any other user. Enter the reason to the Description field and use the Attachments option if you have supporting evidence.

Enhance Your Environment

When someone is toxic or vicious in a setting where you should be making friends and having fun, you must take action. Reporting a problematic person on Discord benefits you and improves everyone else’s experience on this platform.

Why should anyone have to endure unpleasant internet comments or behavior? You would not tolerate such behavior in the real world. Therefore there is no need to do so in the virtual world.

Have you ever considered reporting a user on Discord? How did you resolve the issue? Comment on your experience in the section below.

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