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Important Facts About Instagram You Should Know

If you are the type who tends to get a rush with tweaking the exposure and saturation of your latest photo on your iPhone, or in case having a small heart with a number that is double-digit next to it makes your real heart skip a beat, then you are likely part of the craze on Instagram. 

The app, which is suitable for photo sharing and editing, is currently more the rage than before, but it was popular from the word go because, 18 months after it was launched in San Francisco in a warehouse, Facebook got hold of it for $1 billion. 

Monthly users of Instagram are over 200 million, and the number keeps on rising. The app got updated recently to include a host of features for editing in addition to the filters. It now has features such as tweaking contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, shadows, highlights, and sharpness and also being able to add a custom tilting and vignette or having to shift a photo 

Apart from the new options, there are other Facts About Instagram which you need to know before you decide if you will buy Instagram followers or not. 

7 Important Facts About Instagram

Suggested users worldwide

Instagram can choose users to feature every week under the users’ suggested tab, which you will find by clicking on settings then finding people to be followed, then Instagram suggested. Getting on that list might lead to many new followers and likes, but you will need to attract the attention of Instagram first. 

Users for personal suggested

With the current update on Instagram, whenever you click to follow someone who is new, Instagram can suggest 3 more users who are similar to the one you followed. By using several common hashtags, especially the ones which are popular such as #love on your photos, you will end up grouping your pictures with the same category and increasing your chances to show up on more users on the list of suggested users.

New tab for explore

The tab for explore is now based on an algorithm that is calculated by the type of photos and users that you generally tend to interact with through likes and comments. If you have a desire for an algorithm for Instagram, it would be able to allow you to see the photos from those of random places or models in Kenya; it will be able to show photos from friends and friends of friends and photos which have the hashtags that you commonly utilize.

The feature for airplane mode

It is possible to switch on your mobile phone to airplane mode for filtering photos without the need to post. In such a mode, the phone doesn’t connect to the wifi or 4G and thus, the pictures will not be posted but the photos which you edit will end up being saved in your camera roll. It is something that Instagram is taking up from the other photo editing apps. It is trying to be on top of the photo editing game.

Instagram direct

If you happen not to need to share sure masterpieces on Instagram with all the followers you have, you can send whatever picture to particular users by using Instagram direct. You will have to click the icon you will get in the top right corner on the home page.  

It is ideal for the days when you have already posted your picture for food to Instagram, and then you end up coming across an ice cream, a delectable sundae, or a hamburger that is juicy and has to share it with someone else. It is perfect for avoiding various foodstgram per each-day shaming list. 

Comments on comments

To reply quickly to the comment which someone has made, you will have to hold after tapping on their username and it will end up appearing in a new comment box. You can also swipe on the left of whatever comment and click on the arrow, which is gray in color, to reply very fast that way also. Just in case you are clicking @ and then writing the username happens to be too much a struggle for you. You also have an option of deleting the comment by going ahead and swiping the left also.

Statistic app for Instagram

To add to the editing apps that are very popular from which you can share photos you have edited, you need to check out GramPro, a complementary app to Instagram. It allows you to view clear charts, metrics, and graphics that display your Instagram history, giving you information that is quite useful, including the users who like the majority of your posts and those who unfollow or unlike you.

Are you impressed with how Instagram works? You can do yourself justice by getting more followers by publishing stories as well as new content formats. Instagram is known to roll out new features frequently, and as a marketer, you need to make a point to ensure that you follow the platform so that you know the up-and-coming formats available.

An example of that is stories which started as a competitor to Snapchat. But at the moment, it is known to be one of the most popular features on the platform. The benefits of having to publish the stories frequently happen to be two-fold. 

Apart from having to skip the line of the feeds of your followers by being able to show up on their home page whenever you post a new story, you will also remind them that you are creating content regularly and that will make your followers follow everything and share it with their friends who might then become your followers as well.

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