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7 Important Tools To Use In Remote Learning for Free

The pandemic due to CoronaVirus 2019 has disturbed the overall peace among all the sectors of society. Industries have shifted their systems into the virtual and non-physical setting. Professors and students in schools are now inside their houses and still upholding the academic freedom of everyone.

Despite the global pandemic, students are remaining hopeful to continue their studies, now or sooner. As tasks and activities are online, digital files are important keys to achieving quality education despite remote learning. Thanks to modern technology indeed, as it made remote learning possible for free! To guide you with this new remote learning setup, don’t miss these free learning tools. Dive in to know them all today:

1. PDF to Word Converter

Activities, quizzes, homework, and other paperwork are sent to the students in a PDF file format most of the time. Professors in schools and universities prefer to use this type of file format for its convenient and stable features. What makes it challenging for students is its unavailability to be edited to answer right away in the file itself.

From doing so, it would keep a highly-similar file that makes no changes from the questions and instructions it contains. The best way to do it is to convert these files into a document or DOC/DOCX file format. PDF to word converter is an essential tool for it. You don’t need to spend on this as there are several tools for it, such as the PDFBear tool for converting PDF to Word online free. You can browse their site to enjoy their free PDF tools. It has over 20 tools that can help you edit and optimize your PDF files. 

2. Grammar Checker

The English language is the universal language, so most universities include this general subject in their curriculum. They are aiming to immerse the students in the English language and learn them right away in school. Now that learning happens at home, it would be difficult for us to check our grammar ourselves, especially that lots of subjects use the English language as a medium.

Worry no more, as there are lots of grammar checkers on the internet that would help you. Tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway, and many other online tools offer services that would assess the grammatical errors, readability, passive voice usage, and the like in your paper that uses the English language. Aside from the website, you can add them as a web extension. 

3. Infographics Creator

Infographics are powerful visual presentations that you can use to present your assignments, activities, and projects creatively, comprehensively, and informatively. What makes them extraordinary with the usual methods of presenting your work is its easy-to-understand and minimalist ideas. It has a captivating appearance that can immediately catch your readers’ attention, such as your professor or other audiences.

There are lots of infographics creators online like Canva and Stencil that you can enjoy for free. They have a huge repository of designs that you can also relish aside from creating infographics, such as creating a logo or a design cover for your portfolio. Graphics design would be confusing at first. But taking the help of these tools won’t be that bad.

4. Task Manager

Remote learning would not just be a peculiar setup for you, but undeniably, it could also be exhausting. If you are a student who also needs to help with the household chores, task managers are vital tools for you to rely on. Utilizing this tool in budgeting and managing your time with the daily tasks will be a fulfilling habit. Tools such as To-Do of Microsoft and Keep Notes of Google are great examples of this. They have those organized and systemic functions that will help to keep on track every day.

5. Academic Web-search Engines

Lots of research papers need legitimate sources of information. For example, those published and unpublished expert-written and reviewed articles and journals. In this pandemic that physical visits to the libraries would be restricted, web-search engines for academic papers could help you in your research paper. Web search engines like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Science Direct have an enormous library of journals, theses, dissertations, and articles, among others.

6. Citing Reference Tools

Academic papers such as essays, research papers, and reflection papers require legitimate references and sources. There are various academic papers, such as American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago styles. To not consume much time arranging the details of your sources, you can use reference tools such as Citefast and EasyBib from which also have a wide variety of features you can use, like spelling check.

7. Quiz Starter Packs

Here’s the bonus part: the tools that will prepare you with your exams and quizzes for you to nail them all! Tools like Quizlet and Flashcard offer an exciting and engaging feature that will allow you to memorize your notes with fun. They have this type of quiz bee-like function that lets fun and learning to merge towards effective memorization.

In Conclusion

Remote learning will be challenging at first but, maximizing the perks of the internet on finding and using learning tools that offer free services could help. Don’t let the ‘new normal’ setup of education stop you from achieving your academic goals. Start using these free tools today to boost your productivity and make tasks easier.

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