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Best Features of PDF Bear And How You Can Use Them

Nowadays, the need for electronic devices and digitized files are on the rise. PDF converters, cloud sharing services, and other services similar to these have only grown in popularity and demand over the years. Consequently, lots of online file converters have popped up. Like anything else, some file converters stand above the rest. 

One such online file converter that stands out among other file converters is PDF Bear. With excellent accessibility, convenience, and ensured privacy, PDF Bear is easily one of the best websites you can use to convert files to other file formats and edit PDF files. With this, here are some of PDF Bear best features and how you can utilize them. 

Convert PDF to PDF

PDF Bear convert PDF to PDFA tool lets you convert PDF files to the PDFA file format. Though PDF files are incredibly convenient, they are not optimal for long-term file storage and archiving. That’s where the PDFA file format comes in. This file format is excellent for long-term archiving and encryption, making it all the more important. 

PDF Bear PDF to PDFA Converter is elementary to use due to the website’s streamlined and organized user interface and concise instructions. However, some may find the conversion process quite vexing. Hence, here’s how you can use the PDF to PDFA file converter in less than 5 minutes. 

Using the PDF to PDFA File Converter

First off, open PDF Bear on your browser. PDF Bear is compatible with any browser on any operating system, so this should not be a problem. Once you have PDF Bear opened, look for the ‘convert PDF to PDFA’ icon and click on it. This should redirect you to the page you will be using for the conversion process. 

Once you’ve been redirected to the page, click or tap on the ‘select files’ icon and select your files. Please make sure that they are in PDF format. Once you have selected your PDF files, you can now start the file conversion process. This should only take a few moments, and once it has finished, you are now free to enjoy and download your PDF file. 

Word to PDF Converter 

Nowadays, lots of people use Microsoft Word for typing in documents and other things of the like. Due to how easy Microsoft Word is to use, it is great for typing in documents, writing essays, and other similar activities. Due to how widely used it’s become, the need for online file converters that offer Word to PDF conversion services is also in demand. 

PDF Bear just so happens to offer this service for the low price of free. Its necessity and accessibility, and efficiency easily make it one of PDFBear’s best features. Using this tool is also very easy, yet sometimes some people may find the instructions somewhat confusing. With that, here’s how you can use the Word to PDF Converter. 

Using the Word to PDF Converter

To begin, open PDF Bear on your browser. Once you have PDFBear’s website open, search for and click or tap on the icon that says ‘ Word to PDF.’ Like the process for converting PDF to PDFA files, doing so should redirect you to the page that will be used to convert your Word documents to PDF. 

Once you have arrived at the file conversion page, click or tap on the ‘select files’ icon and choose the files you will be converting to PDF. Make sure that the files are in Word format. Once you have done that, you can now start the conversion process. This should only take a few seconds to less than 2 minutes. Once the conversion is over, you can now enjoy your new file.

Excel to PDF Converter

Just like Microsoft Word, lots of people use Microsoft Excel’s spreadsheets to keep track of business expenses, as well as storing and organizing data. Though the Excel file format is useful, sometimes people need to share the document with others without editing it. This is where the Excel to PDF converter comes in.

The Excel to PDF converter that PDF Bear offers is just like the services above– extremely efficient, accessible, and easy to use. It is excellent when you have to share a spreadsheet with other people who should not edit it directly. This, paired with how easy it is to use, makes it one of PDFBear’s best features.

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Using the Excel to PDF Converter

There are only a few steps to converting Excel files to PDF, and the conversion process should only take a little bit of time out of your day. The conversion process is similar to that of the services mentioned above, except that instead of using Word files or PDF files, you will be using Excel files. 

Select the Excel file you want to be converted to PDF and start the conversion process. Again, the conversion should only take a few seconds to 3 minutes, depending on how big the file you will be converting is or your internet speed. Once you have finished the conversion process, you are now free to share your PDF file with others via email or via a link. 

Why Use PDF Bear? 

If there are so many file conversion websites to choose from, why go with PDF Bear? Firstly, PDF Bear offers lots of services free of charge. This alone makes it one of the best websites you can use to convert files. Not only that, but the file conversion process is also straightforward and swift. 

PDF Bear also ensures quality conversions and user privacy, making it an excellent website for file conversion. Its privacy policy ensures that all files that have been uploaded are deleted from their servers after an hour, and the software it uses for converting files is state-of-the-art. 


Though there are many great websites out there made for file conversion, PDF Bear is easily one of the best, if not, the best websites you can use for file conversion. Offering lots of services, user privacy, and accessibility, PDF Bear is a convenient one-stop-website for any of your file conversion and editing needs.

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