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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Buying Oris Watches?

Oris Watches were first-ever introduced in 1904. It is another Swiss watch brand that offers a wide variety of timepiece collections. They have been existing for centuries and are best known for their distinctive red rotor, symbolizing this timepiece’s brand’s mechanical nature. Yes, there are many luxurious brands of watches available in the market, but why should you invest in an Oris watch? Unlike those brands, Oris brand offers the most affordable price (well-priced) consisting of watches they produce. Here are the top six reasons that may convince you to buy. Check this out!

Reliable mechanical watches

The brand Oris Watches is one of the independent watch companies best known for producing mechanical watches in the market. They’re using both traditional and modern methods in creating mechanical timepieces—a Swiss tradition. 

They are a Swiss brand.

The best luxurious watches in the world all originate in Switzerland, a Swiss trademark. It is not just something a timepiece brand can directly put a label on every product. Before finally recognizing a Swiss-made, there are high qualifications and standards that a brand needs to pass. Take note that even a watch is made in Switzerland. It doesn’t mean they’re already Swiss Made except if they go through a test to check high-quality and Swiss-made materials. Let’s now dive into the five reasons why you should invest in Oris watches.

An Oris brand has over a hundred years of experience

Knowing that the company launched Oris in the market way back in 1904, it has already experience producing high-calibre watches for a decade. It only proves how valuable all of their timepieces are. They always make sure to stick with their goal, creating watches that will last longer and will offer a lifetime of enjoyment to the owner.

Oris exudes innovation

Since the brand first-ever released a timepiece, they have popularly known the watch’s brand that uses classic design and innovation in movement. All of their beautiful watch design is popularly known as functional and timeless. Thus, you’ll never regret putting your money into purchasing a timepiece that will last longer.

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 Great Value

Suppose you start thoroughly looking at all of the features of luxurious watches today. In that case, you’ll find that it’s difficult to beat the design that Oris watches have. They are timepieces with a classic design and a reputation for being Swiss-made. It is challenging to find high-tech watches with very affordable prices like Oris. Once you watch the market and compare all the luxurious brands, you’ll know why and understand what we mean.

Oris is an independent watch company.

What makes Oris remarkable and standouts from the rest of the prominent brands is that they are watchmakers of their own. They aren’t part or members of any larger brand group. All of their timepieces are considered timeless and do not bend to the current trends.

Bonus: 6 Tips How to take care of your Oris Watch

Clean your Oris Watch at least twice a day

One of the common negligence of a watch owner is letting their timepiece in dust and grime build up every day. Since Oris timepieces come with a classic Swiss face feature, it is more prone to dirt to build up, having a slew surface area. You can use any soft cloth to gently clean all the watch areas at least twice a day.

Check your Oris Watch’s water resistance.

Don’t ever forget to check the water- resistance’s capacity of your watch. Never make a problem that you’ll scratch the back of your head at the end of the day. Buying an Oris watch requires a lot of money; though this brand is best known for being the best, still it’s better to double-check.

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Avoid too much exposure to sunlight.

Since Oris watches are best known for their durability, there is no need to worry about exposure to sunlight for too long. But don’t ever try leaving your watch on the table under the sunlight for a long time; it can lead the colours to fade. Make sure to place your watch in the shade.

Avoid exposure to strong chemicals.

This is much more a pressing concern to put extra care to your luxurious watch away from any strong chemicals. When you’re wearing a newly Oris watch, don’t ever use bleach or any cleaning solution. Consider checking the chemical components of aftershave and perfume as well.

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