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5 Reasons Mechanical Watches Will Never Go Out of Style

As we live in an extremely fast-paced technological era, we continue to witness how the innovation of many tools, devices, and almost everything we use and see, takes over. There is no denying that either these things keep up, else they become irrelevant.

But this is not the case for mechanical watches. They were here centuries ago, and they are to stay on the course and are not going elsewhere.

The value in each piece is more than just because of the aesthetic it carries, nor the brand they represent but more of the complexity, intricate, and delicate details behind – all machined to near perfection that makes every timepiece a form of art in itself. And so, we will further discuss below five reasons why mechanical watches will never go out of style.


This already makes the real deal for the real watch enthusiasts – the pure art of craftsmanship and engineering behind every mechanical watch. 

Every piece that makes it all up like an Oris watch that has been in the industry since 1904 is handcrafted under such microscopic sizes by highly trained, specialized, and skilled people, painstakingly forming from raw materials every little detail and part, connecting and assembling each accurate sizes in their right placements, and even taking part in the creative aspect of artistically designing the overall exterior of each piece. 

Technically, mechanical watches are outdated because it has existed for centuries already. There is the emergence of quartz and automatic movements, which, by far, are more accurate and reliable regarding the timekeeping functions. While a mechanical watch could lose five to ten seconds per day, a quartz watch could only lose around four seconds in a month. 

But this is not at all the point and basis, why mechanical watches are just incomparable to some quartz watches, in terms of the value they hold and why many enthusiasts will still prefer a mechanical from a quartz watch. As mentioned, the artistry and all the craftsmanship behind each case make each timepiece special.

While some could take months to perfect and finish, others take almost a year of intensive and scrupulous labour and craftsmanship to get a mechanical watch done. Buying a mechanical watch today is therefore not about going for the leading technological advancement out there. Still, for the appreciation and sake of the love of art, crafts, the passion, and the unique stories each piece has to tell. It is like buying a part of history and a soul and taking pride in owning and using one today.

Longevity and Durability

When used properly and well taken care of, mechanical watches could be passed down to the next generation of the owner, no exaggeration. Unlike quartz watches that operate with batteries and could last only in a few years, mechanical watches do not, and they do not have microchips or circuitry either. 

Quartz watches, no matter how you preserve them, are just not built to last a lifetime. Yet, mechanical watches can be a perfect heirloom for the owner’s next generation after generation. However, just like any other piece of a mechanical engineering device or tool, these also need some occasional servicing, and owning one also means a lifetime commitment to maintaining it.


With all the perfected engineering working out behind a watch case of every mechanical watch, the visual appearance or aesthetic will certainly not get left behind. Every piece is like no other and is just made beautiful in its ways. Some are even made with a see-through back case where you can appreciate and view first-hand the innovated and refined craftsmanship and engineering that makes the mechanical watch run and work.

As each piece is like telling its own story, you cannot compare one to another, and that is why there will always be that one piece that will best resonate with a person’s style and preference.


Mechanical watches are just on another level compared to quartz watches because of the value each one possesses. They are expensive for great reasons and meticulously perfected and resulted from many hours of artistry done by only the best watchmakers. It is like owning a part of a significant tradition that compounds its value over the coming years. But when you buy the latter, you lose all the value you paid it for. This is just not going to happen for a mechanical watch.

Some reputable and known brands of mechanical watches have vintage items that have been auctioned and sold for millions of dollars – now that’s valuable!

History and Heritage

When buying a mechanical watch, you are not just buying any replaceable piece because it holds both a rich history of the past and a potential treasured heritage for your descendants. 

The watchmaking tradition has been here for many centuries, and the way these are being done now has been substantially refined and innovated since then. Even so, no mechanical watch enthusiast will ever throw away what they own, as they have the sense of somehow owning a precious item with a meaningful history.

And even when you become so old, you will still hear and see your watch ticking, realizing you have been carrying something valuable over time because of the personal affection you developed with it.

Final Thoughts

In our time, where most of the things we possess do not have value more than what they are made for, this timepiece proved and continues to prove that some things are also made to last.

Mechanical watches are not going anywhere but here to stay. It is not solely about the price, nor even the brand, per se. It speaks more of the story it has to share about the past and the story it will soon tell in the future. They’re more than just a prized possession, but a valuable piece that any owner will take with him as he walks on his journey through life.

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