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5 Best Practical Ways to Learn SEO Fast

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. Most digital marketers would have some knowledge of SEO. Yet, they may need to fine-tune their SEO skills further to put them to practical use.

And the same holds for content marketers too. Though content is the king of a blog or website, content writers and marketers need to have enough SEO knowledge.

That way, they can ensure their content reaches the right audience at the right time whenever someone searches with the right keywords.This brings us to a question: are there any practical ways to learn SEO fast? My answer to this question is both- yes and no.

Because you can learn SEO fast if you have ample opportunities to practice the skills you acquire in the actual work environment. And no, if you’re merely going to learn theories and processes without actually putting them to practice.
Considering that you genuinely wish to learn SEO fast and put the skills into practice, there’re five practical ways to learn it fast.

In this article, I will describe some time-tested and proven methods of learning SEO fast.

Five Practical Ways to Learn SEO Fast

Actually, the term ‘fast’ can be very confusing. But in this article, I’m not speaking about ‘fast’ in terms of the actual time you’ll need to learn SEO.
Instead, I’ll be discussing quick ways and means that are practical and can help you master some SEO levels with fair ease.

1. Read About SEO

Technology, as you would know, tends to change rapidly. Therefore, one of the best and practical ways to learn SEO fast is reading about the subject online.
The Internet is a goldmine of information about various SEO processes, how SEO works, and ways and means you can use to master these skills.
Renowned digital marketing experts write many articles on SEO from their expertise and experience.

Therefore, when you read these articles, you can get valuable insights into what SEO is all about and the various processes it involves. You will also find out why SEO is necessary and relevant to date, despite advances in various search engine technologies

Therefore, start browsing for various articles on SEO and especially look for those from renowned digital marketers. This would be the first practical step towards your learning SEO.

2. Understand SEO Resources

There are several SEO resources such as SEM Rush,, and many more. These are valuable to every SEO because they provide valuable information such as keyword popularity, keyword ease or difficulty, and keyword density that should ideally go in any content you might get.

Usually, SEOs work in tandem with content writers. Therefore, one of the tasks of SEOs is also to feed these content writers with proper keywords of different kinds and their densities for use in the article.

And, of course, help the content writer ensure that the content complies with the requirements of Yoast SEO when it has to go online. Most SEO resources aren’t exactly free to use. Meaning they’re available on a subscription basis only.

However, websites such as allow basic, free usage of their SEO tools for a week if you sign-up and register for a trial. You can also master MOZ and SEM Rush, among other resources, using these free trials.

3. Take Online Courses

Nowadays, countless free and paid online courses teach various SEO processes. And often, some of them come with certifications too. Depending upon your budget, go for a free or even paid SEO course. That depends on how serious you’re about learning SEO fast because courses are the surest and the fastest way to learn SEO.
Several digital marketers also share their knowledge and expertise free of cost through their YouTube videos.

These videos will not teach you all the ins and outs of SEO. Yet, they will give you a fair idea of how various processes work and how you could go about putting these processes to work.

I would recommend you take a short SEO course for beginners if you’ve no clue about what SEO is in the first place. That way, you can get a fair idea of what kind of work SEO involves and how to perform the various processes. You can find countless such courses free of cost on Coursera and Udemy, among other places. Or you could sign-up for classroom studies, which would come at some cost.

4. Start Own Blog

The best way to learn SEO fast is also by opening your blog. Now, this might come as a surprise to you. Or you might balk at the idea since blogging requires content writing while here we’re discussing SEO. Content writing isn’t all that difficult. You can create some articles on any topic of which you’ve superb knowledge and start blogging. Since all SEO processes are usually done on content only, you can practice your SEO skills to promote your blog.

Nowadays, starting a blog doesn’t cost much. You can buy an excellent domain name and website for as low as $9.99 per month and launch your blog site. Or you can opt to open a free blog on platforms such as and, among others.
Having your blog and practicing it can be done anytime. And when your articles start ranking on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), you will know that your SEO processes are successful.

You can also use the blog to showcase your SEO skills if you’re looking for a job or freelance assignments. Therefore, opening a blog is one of the best and practical ways to learn SEO fast and comes with added benefits.

5. Join Online Forums

There’re several online forums available for SEOs. These include Quora, Facebook, and Reddit, among others. You can join these forums free and find out what seasoned SEO experts are discussing. You can get much knowledge by merely visiting these forums and reading questions and answers.

If you’ve some doubts about SEO techniques, it’s also possible to solve them through these forums. These forums take into account that there would be newbies and learners keen on mastering SEOs. Hence, experts in the field are ready to help.
At the same time, don’t forget this valuable resource known as LinkedIn.

Many digital marketers post excellent content about SEO and its processes, the latest advances, and their own experiences on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to connect with SEO professionals and read their posts too. To do so, you’ll require your own LinkedIn account.

In Conclusion

There’re some other ways to learn SEO fast. One of them is to work as an intern or trainee under an experienced digital marketer and learn the skills from them.
The other is reading books on SEO or notes given by certain offline classes, which you could borrow from a learner.

You can be assured that learning SEO fast isn’t any rocket science or difficult. Thousands of people learn SEO all by themselves by using these best and practical ways.

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