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Maropost Marketing Cloud Services: Features and Benefits

Maropost is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that centralizes, automates, and optimizes your prospect and customer engagement across many channels, including websites, mobile apps, email, and social media. Businesses and marketers in eCommerce, media, entertainment, tourism, and travel, among other industries, are embracing the platform to increase client acquisition, conversion, and retention. Maropost Marketing Cloud Services email tools that enable you to develop and send targeted, tailored emails for each of your email campaigns. Businesses can then segment their target markets and send emails and promotions according to each segment’s unique interests and purchasing behaviors. The platform tracks which messages were and when opened and then recommends the optimal sending and includes tools for enhancing email, such as a spam checker and a deliverability score.

Maropost’s mobile marketing solutions complement the email marketing feature. This enables you to segment your market before sending scheduled text (SMS) messages in your campaigns. The segmentation options are vast, as the software takes demographic information, website behaviors, and mobile app engagement metrics into account. Additionally, you may configure in-app messages to provide personalized promotions and discounts, including in events to send push alerts.

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services provides an integrated path builder that you can utilize for segments and individuals on your contact list to streamline your entire digital marketing process. It enables you to create unique processes that take into account email and mobile marketing and a variety of triggers, such as clicked links, subscription data, and total income, to name a few. With this level of customization, you can easily sketch out each stage of a customer’s journey, aided by the platform’s drag-and-drop interface and automation options. Because all activities may be scheduled, managers can boost their output while working less.

Maropost’s Acquisition Builder may also be used to layout the process of converting site visitors into potential purchasers or subscribers. You may drag and drop customizable lightboxes to imitate your workflow and construct order or subscription forms where clients can enter their email addresses and other contact information while creating acquisition journeys.

Additionally, the software’s capacity to create dynamic and customized landing pages is noteworthy. As with the trip builder, the platform provides customizable forms and drag-and-drop lightboxes for building sites with web forms and surveys. Additionally, Maropost enables you to identify and collect information about prospects via Facebook and Twitter lead-generating forms. You can also present organic marketing content and sponsored advertisements to segmented audiences on social media.

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services understands that businesses in diverse industries operate uniquely, so it established three modules dedicated to eCommerce, travel and tourism, media, and entertainment, respectively. The eCommerce module makes effective marketing possible by leveraging conversion time optimization and real-time data capabilities. Meanwhile, travel encompasses all of the world’s places and a customer’s check-in experiences. Through the acquisition builder, the media module assists you in converting readers into subscribers and re-engaging previous readers.

Managers may plot the course of the campaign using Maropost’s extensive reports, which are updated in real-time. It keeps track of a plethora of data points, including order volume, response rates, things purchased, income, and the condition of the customer journey. In a word, you can monitor the performance of your whole sales and marketing workflows by perusing the data and making timely adjustments to enhance conversions further.

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services supports many channels and interfaces with a wide variety of third-party apps across various sectors. It is available in three pricing tiers, with the most basic subscription costing $500 per month.

The Maropost Marketing Cloud Services

1. Data-Driven marketing

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services enables you to harness audience data to reach and engage with individuals across several marketing channels in a highly tailored manner. For example, you can categorize prospects and customers based on their website and mobile application activities and actions. You may then send segmented contact list audiences automated and targeted emails, SMS messages, in-app push notifications, site content, and social network posts and adverts.

You’ll be able to send suitable bargains, promotions, and offers to the right people at the right time based on their website or mobile app engagement data, regardless of the channel they’re using. This enables you to convert prospects more easily, cultivate loyal clients, and accelerate business growth.

2. Maropost Marketing Cloud Services: Optimized Email Campaigns

The app enables you to conduct targeted and customized email marketing campaigns. Its drag-and-drop interface helps you to construct one-of-a-kind promotional campaigns without having to know HTML. You may schedule and automatically send emails to specific audience groups or individuals who have already engaged with you. You may also customize the offers, email content, or CTAs readers see based on the date and time they saw the email.

Maropost’s reporting and monitoring tools assist you in ensuring that emails make it to your recipients’ inboxes and not their spam drawers. Additionally, you can adopt and implement email deliverability best practices with the assistance of Maropost’s email deliverability experts.

3. Maropost Marketing Cloud Services and Social Media Campaigns

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services streamlines the process of interacting with and nurturing prospects and consumers across many social media. It integrates your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram campaigns to increase lead generation, conversion, and customer retention.

The platform enables you to construct social playlists and shift updates and information seamlessly between social networks. Additionally, you may segment audiences within Maropost depending on their journey’s activities and behaviors and send them retargeting advertisements on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Complete Reporting

Maropost’s reporting capabilities keep track of massive volumes of data in real-time. Managers may access critical statistics such as revenue, total orders, response rates, and the time and location of email open. As a result, you can make rapid adjustments to campaigns to maximize your business’s return on investment. Additionally, the software eliminates the guesswork associated with email sending schedules by suggesting the optimal times to send emails for each campaign.

5. Maropost Marketing Cloud Services Automated workflows

Maropost’s integrated journey builder lets you visualize a customer’s journey via the sales and marketing pipelines. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to schedule marketing emails and SMS communications, as well as automated triggers based on consumer behavior. A promotion that appears when a specific portion of the website is clicked is an example of this. You can keep track of the full operating process and initiate it by automating each stage.

6. Individually Customizable Landing Pages

As with processes, you can fully customize Maropost’s landing pages by dragging and dropping the layout’s various sections. Additionally, the platform’s versatile forms enable you to incorporate elements such as order forms with payment integrations, order summaries, checkout pages, and surveys into your website. On the other side, publishing and media organizations can use forms and landing pages to boost their subscription base.

7. Numerous Adoptions

Maropost Marketing Cloud Services offers a comprehensive library of over 500 integrations across multiple industries and expertise. This implies there is a good chance you can integrate it effortlessly with the other products you use in the office, thereby increasing the efficiency of your entire operation; apart from utility programs like as Shopify, Salesforce, and Zoho, the platform interfaces with the most major social media platforms and a robust app repository such as Zapier.

8. Multiple Channels Support

If you have any issues with the configuration, installation or functionality of the software, Maropost Marketing Cloud Services will assist you via chat or email. Phone or through their website’s ticketing system. Additionally, individuals who subscribe to the company’s Professional or Enterprise subscriptions receive a dedicated customer success manager and a deliverability manager to ensure everything is running smoothly on your end.

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