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Options on building your first website

With an estimated one in five organizations in the UK alone now making moves into online markets, websites that were once little more than an offshoot of successful operations have become a central aspect of both lead generation and company conversions. Considering that 76% of consumers now search for a company’s online presence before even considering a physical visit, failure to get on top here could even prevent a modern company from succeeding at all. 

That’s an obvious problem yet; whether you’ve been on the market for years or are just breaking into your field, HTML and other design considerations may not be within your skillset. Luckily, this is true of many entrepreneurs across the business sphere, and, as you can see from some of the figures already stated, that certainly isn’t stopping them from making waves here. The question is, what are the easiest options for building your first website, and which is best for your needs? 

Web Design Agencies

Web design agencies allow you to take web creation out of the house and, considering the potential setbacks of the other choices mentioned; countless companies are now choosing to take this route. Again typically centered around subscription models, hiring a website design agency is a tempting option because it frees you of web responsibility and provides an affordable way to ensure high-quality, up-to-date expertise. Admittedly, the wide array of web design agencies now on the market does mean that you’ll need to take your time when choosing the best web design company with specific experience in your industry or area of focus. Still, making sure of the right fit here can provide the best of both worlds, ensuring a dedicated team that understands what you need and the ability to take a step back while they make it happen.



  • More affordable than other options
  • Guaranteed expertise
  • Stress-free solutions
  • ●       Reliant on the right agency
  • ●       Requires some research
  • ●       Must share clear vision

In-house experts

By enabling you to share your website vision with someone who’s already seen your company culture first-hand, the in-house hiring of web experts brings obvious benefits. Unfortunately, the need to pay ongoing salaries as a result of this move and website capabilities that are generally limited to individuals working within your relatively small business circle can pose problems. That’s not to say this can’t work, but it does mean that you’ll need to ensure you can cover things like the high costs associated with this option and the need for ongoing training that keeps your experts up to date with website changes, including responsive designs, new tech developments, and so on.

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  • Personalized service
  • Company expertise
  • Web experts close to hand
  • High-cost option
  • Potentially limited skill sets
  • Time consuming

Free Website Builders

Free website builders provide a relatively easy way to create basic web templates to help building your first website. Wix, SITE123, and Weebly are just a few options worth exploring here, and each uses a basic control panel with drag and drop options for temptingly simple website creation. That said, sometimes limited capabilities, as well as the appearance of the website builder’s logo somewhere across your website, can leave big business attempts for things like eCommerce stores, etc., looking a little amateur, which could fail to gain you the recognition you deserve.



  • Easy-use templates
  • Affordability
  • Simple alterations
  • Limited capabilities
  • Not personalized to your company
  • Can look unprofessional

Content management systems (CMS)

Not to be confused with website builders, CMS like WordPress offer a complete platform for publishing your online content with pretty powerful data backing. Typically operating across subscription models, a service like this should provide the opportunity to create any website even with limited know-how. That said, despite a relatively simple starting point, many users find that CMSs like market-leader WordPress do still require some technical understanding, thus making them a surprisingly complex and time-consuming option once you get into finer design details. So You don’t need to be worried while building your first website.



  • Increased flexibility
  • Professional designs
  • Simplified tech capabilities
  • High price points
  • Requires some tech know-how
  • Time-consuming


Why Worry About Building Your First Website?

Each of these options offers an easier solution to web design than you might have been expecting, but with setbacks and high costs rife, web design agencies by far offer the most tempting option for a worry-free website. By working closely with a dedicated team with experience in your area and a desire to bring your visions to life, you can certainly find yourself online in no time.

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