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Sharp B7 Series: Picture Quality Tuning Has No Rivals?

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of the level of technology, display technology has also exploded in the last two years. Numerous new display technologies have sprung up together. For TV, the picture quality is the most important indicator for people to evaluate its performance. Consumption upgrades have made more users pay more attention to the performance of TV picture quality. It can be said that the quality of the picture directly determines the user experience.

Sharp is known as the “Father of LCD”. As the “creator” of LCD panels, Sharp’s position in this field is self-evident. Although some new technologies in the display field have impacted the LCD market in recent years, we must admit that LCD technology has decades of technological precipitation, and the reason why Sharp has stood in the TV industry for many years is largely due to its impact on LCD technology. The continuous promotion.

We know that the quality of the panel will affect the final picture quality of the TV. And Sharp has always been at the world’s leading level in the field of LCD technology, and Japanese original LCD panels are undoubtedly a golden sign for consumers.

Each panel used by Sharp TV has to go through multiple process adjustments to have a very high level of craftsmanship. The picture quality displayed on the TV side is more delicate and the color is more outstanding. Show now with AO discount code and Ao NHS discount code at Amazon Promo Code NHS

The consumption upgrade of the TV market is not only the pursuit of larger screen sizes and more intelligent functions, but the core of it still lies in the pursuit of picture quality, which is also a major pain point faced by consumers when purchasing. As a century-old brand, Sharp also keeps insight into the needs and pain points of consumers. When the 618 is approaching, Sharp will bring its main push B7 series TVs, which cover multiple size segments.

The biggest highlight of the 60-inch version is the original Japanese LCD panel. So what kind of strength does it have in terms of image quality performance? In this article, we will have an in-depth experience of this product.

Appearance adhering to the Japanese low-key and restrained design style

In appearance, the Sharp B7 series TVs have inherited the Japanese ingenuity and elegant design style. Sharp’s TV adopts a black color scheme and a 60-inch 4K LCD panel. The full-screen design can be better integrated with the living room. The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 96%, allowing users to have greater visibility on the visual senses. area.

Sharp B7 series 60-inch TV

The middle frame adopts the all-metal integrated bending forming process, and the frosting process also makes the whole machine look more textured. At the same time, the black color matching allows users to focus more on the picture when watching TV, and will not affect the viewing effect due to reflection or glare.

Japan original LCD panel logo

“Japan original LCD panel” is synonymous with Sharp’s picture quality. Sharp has always been at the world’s leading level in the field of LCD technology. Japanese original LCD panels are undoubtedly a golden sign for consumers. Because each panel has to go through multiple process adjustments to have a very high level of craftsmanship, the picture quality displayed on the TV side is more delicate and the color is more outstanding.

Sharp B series 60-inch TV back as a whole

The interface layout of the Sharp B7 series 60-inch TV is divided into two parts, the upper and lower parts, and this design is also easier to route. At the same time, the interface configuration is also very rich, basically covering the whole scene of daily use.

This TV remote control adopts a 10-key design, has a small body and a good feel, the surface is made of frosted material, and the buttons are also very sensitive. The simple and easy-to-use 10-key remote control is almost zero in learning cost, even the elderly and children can use it easily.

Sharp’s unique patented light transmission technology

It is understood that Sharp’s panel precisely controls the deflection direction of the liquid crystal molecules, allowing the TV to have higher white brightness, deeper and richer blacks, higher contrast, and better light leakage control effects. So what is the true performance of this TV’s picture quality? Below, let us pass 4K pictures, videos, and HDR video tests to analyze the picture quality of this TV from multiple perspectives such as color performance, dark details, and contrast.

  • 4K static image test
  • The display of colors and details is very good
  • Bright and dark details are distinct, and the color transition is natural
  • The main body of the picture is prominent, with a full sense of depth and no light leakage
  • 4K video test
  • The light and shadow are real and natural, the colors are vivid but not distorted
  • Under high contrast, the picture has a good sense of depth, and there is no light leakage in the dark field.
  • There is a certain sense of three-dimensionality even in white scenes
  • HDR video test:
  • The vividness of colors in HDR image quality is raised to the extreme, which is very pleasing to the eye
  • The main body of the picture is prominent, with a certain sense of hierarchy; details such as animal hair can also be restored well
  • The black field is deep and hardly any light leakage can be seen, and the halo is dazzling and the contrast between light and dark is strong

Relying on the image quality advantages of Japanese original LCD panels, the characteristics of HDR 10 technology are well stimulated. It can improve the contrast and color range of the screen display. The bright parts of the screen will be clearer, and the dark parts will have more depth, which looks distinct. The improvement of color accuracy also makes the colors look purer and brighter.

In addition, to make the overall screen brightness more uniform, Sharp TV uses cutting-edge optical control technology to greatly reduce the brightness difference between the center and the surroundings of the screen, truly express every detail, and bring a stronger sense of the scene. Use Bargain Fox discount code At NHS Discount Code

The sound quality is not inferior to rivals of the same level on the market

Although TV display technology has been iteratively upgraded, and the pictures we see are getting closer and closer to reality, the sound quality performance is becoming less and less satisfactory. At present, Chinese consumers have a higher pursuit of product quality. For TV products, while ensuring the performance of picture quality, sound quality has gradually become an indispensable and important experience link.

According to the official introduction, the Sharp B7 series TV has built-in audiophile Dolby Audio audio decoding, which can refine the sound. The treble is clear and transparent, the midrange is delicate and full, and the bass is deep and sweet, which can increase the user’s sense of presence and surround.

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Users can adjust the sound mode or customize the sound effect settings according to their preferences

Although I am not an audio professional, I can hear the bass and show good motivation. For the midrange, the timbre of the instrument shows roundness and the vocals are full. The treble performance is clear and transparent, but the details are slightly insufficient. In addition, the big scenes of the movie can bring shocking effects. This kind of sound effect is sufficient for ordinary home use scenes and has surpassed most competitors of the same level on the market.

Smart application, a new experience for large-screen entertainment in the living room

In terms of smart services, Sharp’s B7 series TVs are equipped with quad-core CPUs and 2GB+16GB large storage. They are also equipped with the Taitum system to ensure smoothness and stability while making the system more compatible and taking into account security attributes.

The overall interface adopts a flat design, and the UI style is simple and easy to use. All content sections can be displayed in front of you by horizontal pulling, reducing the level, and making the operation logic simpler. The small content modules in each content section are concentrated in one screen, which looks more intuitive and reduces unnecessary cumbersome steps.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of content resources, Sharp B7 series TVs have luxurious film and television content resources, a large number of legal film resources, cinema blockbusters, online hits, and popular variety shows. It can be said that the entire network of high-quality film and television resources is exhausted.

In terms of intelligent voice, Sharp B7 series TVs can deal with almost all the questions we put forward, not only answering such as streaming, quickly identifying and pushing out content, movie search, combined condition search, volume adjustment, etc., almost all operations can be controlled by voice, The recognition rate and speed are also very good. In addition, it also has interaction with other application scenarios, such as querying the weather, ordering food, and checking routes. Use Currys discount code and Currys NHS discount code https://www.nhsdiscountcode.co.uk/store/currys/

The concept of large-screen living room entertainment is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and Sharp has also brought consumers a new experience of large-screen living room entertainment. Sharp B7 series TVs have a built-in upgraded version of national karaoke, which perfectly adapts professional karaoke functions to the TV, bringing new ways to play in the living room entertainment.

Breaking people’s usual K song form and connecting to the Internet can break through the limitations of time and space, and realize K song experience with family and friends at home. With the support of the upgraded version of National K Song, users can easily experience the home-style music scene in various ways such as pinyin search, singers ordering songs, and scanning codes to order songs.

Evaluation summary:

As a century-old legendary brand in the TV field, Sharp’s ability in screen and image quality tuning is unquestionable, and after in-depth tests, the B7 series TVs have opened our eyes. As a product in the price range of 3000-5000 yuan, to allow more consumers to experience the high level of Sharp TV, the Sharp B7 series 60-inch TV does not hesitate to carry the Japanese original imported LCD panel, which is the biggest for consumers. Sincerity.

It has exceeded our expectations in traditional areas such as audio and video quality, appearance, and craftsmanship, and it has not lost the same level of products in terms of system UI and content layout. It can be said that the Sharp B7 series TV is the ultimate cost-effective product that is worth starting during the 618 periods.

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